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Where can I get a recent build?

You can download either a recent nightly build (which might be buggy), or a more stable release build. See above for download links.

Where can I give feedback?

See the Feedback page for ways in which you can send us comments, and participate in discussion groups.

It crashes! What should I do?

First, if you are running Camino 0.8 or later, or a recent nightly build, let Talkback do its job and send the crash report. (If you know your build has Talkback, but it doesn’t detect the crash, then that is a bug in itself.).

If you are using a nightly build, check on the mailing list to see if anyone else has reported the same issue, which could indicate that the build has a bug. If not, post to the mailing list with as much information as you can about the crash, such as:

    • When it crashed (startup, or loading pages?)
    • Whether any warning dialogs were shown before the crash, and whether there is any output on the console (run the Console app) relating to the crash.
    • If applicable, what page you were on when it crashed. Does the page have plugins?
    • Whether moving your ~/Library/Application Support/Camino folder out fixes the crash (i.e. whether it’s related to something in your profile, like prefs or bookmarks)
    • Whether a different build (e.g. a more recent nightly build) still crashes.

Mac OS X logs crash information in files in ~/Library/Logs, if you enable this feature via the preferences of the Console application, which you should do. You can then attach the Camino crash log to any communications regarding the crash. Be aware that multiple crashes will be appended to the same crash log file, so, if necessary, open the file and copy out information for the last crash only.

When I try to run Camino, it tells me that it's running already, even when it isn't.

Your machine crashed the last time you were running Camino, right? In some cases, when the app doesn't shut down cleanly, it can leave a file called lock in the profile directory (which is used to avoid two programs accessing the files in the profile at the same time). To allow Camino to run again, delete this lock file.

Why doesn't it have feature X?

Camino is still a product in development, and is not feature-complete yet. Having said that, we intend to keep Camino as simple and easy to use as possible, so are reluctant to add lots of new features. If there is a feature that you think really should be there, then give us feedback.

What happened to Mozilla's Chimera project?

For copyright reasons beyond our control, we were forced to choose a new name for the project.

Does Camino support Firefox extensions?

No. Firefox extensions rely on XUL (a user interface toolkit made by the Mozilla Foundation) to interact with the user and draw their interface. Camino uses Cocoa (an interface toolkit made by Apple) and does not support XUL.

How do I make Camino the default browser in Panther or Tiger (Mac OS X 10.3/10.4)?

Currently, the must be done using RCDefaultApp or Safari. In Safari's preferences window, click General, and change the default browser to Camino. Recent nightly builds of Camino include support for setting the default browser - on the General pane of Camino's preferences window. This support will be included in Camino 0.9.