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QA:Release Testing:l10n covers smoketesting the Multilingual Camino package

QAing a Camino Release

Camino 1.0.6

1.0.6 RC1

Camino 1.0.6 primarily needs to be QAed on Mac OS X 10.2. Gecko changes can mostly be checked on other OS versions if needed, but Camino-specific changes (keychain) must be QAed on 10.2.

  • Check the keychain interaction on 10.2

[4:31pm] ardissone|away: ss or mento or smorgan: can you guys get a list of "things we might need to test due to non-browser-tested security changes in Gecko" for 1.0.6
[4:31pm] mento: run a bunch of js
[4:31pm] mento: see if external-app handlers work
[4:32pm] mento: test that scrollbar stuff
[4:34pm] mento: ardissone|away: maybe comb bonsai for M_1_8_0_BR and look for testcases
[4:36pm] mento: ardissone|away: yeah, there are actually some other chickens in addition to the things i mentioned
[4:40pm] mento: yup, that one's fixed (368863)


(just a dump, not sure how useful yet; these are all for external-app handler stuff)