QA:Testing a Problem in an Old Version

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Sometimes Camino QA might ask you to test a problem you're seeing in an older version of Camino. These instructions will help you download an older version of Camino, run the old version to test your problem, and clean up afterwards.

Using these instructions, the older version of Camino will use all the same preferences, cookies, bookmarks, and passwords as the current version of Camino. If you need to test the older version of Camino with a "fresh profile", use Troubleshoot Camino with the version you're testing instead of following step 4 below.

  1. Download the old version of Camino you're supposed to test from
  2. When the download is done, quit your current version of Camino
  3. Double-click on the disk image file (e.g., Camino-1.5.4.dmg) that you've just downloaded to open it
  4. Double-click on the Camino icon in the disk image window (normally you wouldn't run Camino like this, but it saves time when testing)
  5. Test your problem
  6. Quit the version of Camino you're testing (e.g. Camino 1.5.4)
  7. Eject the disk image (select the white disk with the blue logo on your Desktop and hit Cmd-E)
  8. You can now throw away the file you downloaded (e.g., Camino-1.5.4.dmg)