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Camino 1.0.2 will come from a new minibranch based on Gecko

Pre-branching checkins

The following Camino-only bugs need to be landed before we mini-branch:

  • Bug 336497 - Writing Spotlight metadata files for Bonjour bookmarks generates thousands of files (also fixes Bug 335163)
ref: camino1.0.2+ bugs - if FIXED, either already landed on (not on CAMINO_1_0_1_MINIBRANCH in all cases), or ML only
landed: mm

Land on the mini-branch

The following bugs need to land on the mini-branch:

  • Bug 321366 - Crash [@PR_Close].[@nsDiskCacheStreamIO::Flush()]
landed: mm
  • Bug 325964 - MathML missing fonts dialogue contatins extra space character (Camino-only)
landed: mm
landed: mm
ref: [camino-1.0] or [camino-1.0.1] not fixed/verified query plus the camino1.0.2? query above.

Land somewhere

  • Bug 336846 - Relnotes for 1.0.2
    (needs sr/make sure everything they claim is included actually lands)
landed: mm


  • Do the release checklist
landed: mm
  • Cache version should be 1.8 for Camino (Bug 325765)
landed: mm