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The CAMINO_1_5_BRANCH was cut from the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH on 9 May 2007, forking mozilla/camino (and mozilla/ to allow for simultaneous development of Camino 1.6 and Camino 1.5.x security releases from Gecko 1.8.1.x.

Landed on CAMINO_1_5_BRANCH

  • Bug 407533 - Camino 1.5.4 crashes [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef...] when closing Camino after closing all tabs [landed 10 Dec]
  • Bug 410376 - Welcome to 2008! [landed 31 Dec]
  • Bug 384761 - Camino doesn't set default homepage pref until the homepage is loaded [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 410290 - Update to Flashblock 1.5.5 [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 408327 - Camino sometimes crashes when using the Trash button in the Downloads window [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 410818 - Crash when using trash button in download manager [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 409538 - Opening a .url file with auto-opening of downloads enabled can cause an infinite loop [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 411599 - [10.5] Pressing tab in an editable table view starts editing the current item and prevents tabbing to the next control [landed 29 Jan]
  • Bug 398120 - Omnibus ad-blocking bug for October 2007 [landed 29 Jan]

Need to land on CAMINO_1_5_BRANCH

FIXED bugs from Camino1.5.5+ list

Need Gecko tag massage

Land after 15x-reviews/15x-patches

bugs FIXED elsewhere but which need special patches for 1.5.x

Need decision on landing

FIXED bugs that are Camino1.5.5?

Need fixes/reviews (in-progress)

I.e., bugs we'd like to have and are most-way there

  • Bug 401340 - [10.5] Update bookmark bar for leopard

Wanted (fixes not in-progress)

  • Bug 396559 - window.blur doesn't work
  • Bug 395916 - 1.5.1 topcrash [@ nsDocumentObserverList::RemoveElement]
  • Bug 350331 - Pages sometimes fail to render (blank content) when loaded


  • Release Notes (need to know what will actually land first) - Bug 414146
  • Verify that none of the core checkout tags have changed in mozilla/ since the branching (or since the last change to the 1_5 version of the file: NSPR_4_6_8_RTM)
  • Check for Flashblock and embed-replacements updates
  • Do the release checklist
  • Do the Releases:Website Checklist (ss/ardissone)