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Landed on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH

  • Bug 506849 - Omnibus ad-blocking bug for August 2009 [Landed 11 Sep]
  • Bug 509311 - Ensure that RolloverImageButton doesn't get destroyed during mousedown handling [Landed 11 Sep]

Need to land on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH

FIXED bugs from Camino1.6.10+ list

Need decision on landing

FIXED bugs that are Camino1.6.10?

Need fixes/reviews (in-progress)

I.e., bugs we'd like to have and are most-way there

  • Bug 513449 - [l10n] Translate Credits.rtf for Swedish, Dutch, Japanese [Marcello]
  • Bug 513804 - Disable Java in 1.6.x for users on 10.6, and clean up after the mess it created in 2.x

Wanted (fixes not in-progress)

  • Bug 481976 - Myspace music player does not appear (but music plays) after Flashblock
  • Bug 383988 - Unable to Set Trust Settings on New Certificate Authority