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Landed on CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH

  • Bug 524752 - FIXE Partially-blocked annoying ad on covers much of t... [landed 27 Oct]
  • Bug 524330 - FIXE Polish the Resume icon [landed 29 Oct]
  • Bug 370121 - FIXE Clicking on red/yellow warning text in certificate panel ... [landed 31 Oct]
  • Bug 530186 - Make about:crashes display the report id with the Bugzilla-integration 'bp-' prefix already included [landed 21 Nov]
  • Bug 525758 - [10.6] Search field only displayed in Help menu in English [landed 30 Nov]
  • Bug 529989 - Collect email addresses and send them to Socorro with reports [landed 30 Nov]

Need to land on CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH

FIXED bugs from Camino2.0.1+ list

Need Gecko tag massage/minibranching

Land after 20x-reviews/20x-patches

bugs FIXED on trunk but which need special patches for 2.0.x

Need decision on landing

FIXED bugs that are Camino2.0.1?

  • Bug 525035 - FIXE Import button on Open panel for file-based bookmarks import

Need fixes/reviews (in-progress)

I.e., bugs we'd like to have and are most-way there

Wanted (fixes not in-progress)

  • Bug 470159 - Start to bookmark, cancel, retry hangs (or crashes [@ _objc_error]
  • Bug 524635 - Small white line through focus ring in Tabsposé view
  • Bug 527248 - Incorrect bookmark bar colors when using a display profile with non-1.8 gamma
  • Bug 521137 - Improve content of certificate failure overlay page
  • Bug 529353 - Google doesn't know what the correct language code for Norwegian
  • Bug 401256 - Cookie generation nearly continuous if Prefs set to "Ask".