Status Meetings:2006-08-21:Agenda

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Mon 21 Aug in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.0.3
    • When do we want to start, to be reasonably in sync with 1507?
      • 1507 RC1 : 28 Aug; 1507 planned release: 7 Sept
    • Camino 1.0.3? (10; 3 fixed, 1 fairly easy-to-fix, others unlikely; Bug 339167 is a top-crasher at bloglines that would be nice to kill but needs lots of help)
    • Camino 1.0.3+
  • Camino 1.1

Specific bugs that need action

  • Bug 322093 - Camino initial bookmark import APPEARS to hang and stall w/ large bookmark imports
    • We need somebody to take a look at this ASAP. Having haas happy to be coding Camino again could be a huge boon to the project.
  • Bug 320410 - Dragging a link/URL to the Bookmark Bar should pop up "Rename" dialog
    • Specifically, comment 10 and 13. What do we want to do here UI-wise?
  • Bug 313811 - New url in tab flashes blank before showing page content.
    • Specifically comment 38 and 39. Can/should we just back out the Camino-only portion (on the trunk; already backed out on branch), and if so, let's do it.
  • Bug 320528 - [meta-ish] Cmd-. (period) / Escape / Cancel button parity (And other similar cmd-./esc parity bugs)
    • Given comment 11, do we know what we can do to fix this, or how Safari managed to work around it? They use cmd-. in the nib too.
  • Bug 175651 - CJK (at least Chinese and Japanese) font Preferences changes not applied to any CJK Web page
    • This needs to be looked at ASAP for possible inclusion in 1.0.3. But really, it just screws our CJK users.
  • Possible names for Tabgroup menu item
    • We need an opinion/preference from pink as to the name of this item (part of the overall menu plan from last week)