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09:03 <@ss|work> So, everyone ready to start? A minute early maybe?
09:04 < delliott|slacking> Woah.
09:04 <@ss|work> Right
09:04 <@ss|work> So, the big news this week is that delliott finished SoC today.
09:04 <@ss|work> He's going to give us more info on things at next week's meeting. :)
09:04 < delliott|slacking> :)
09:04 <@ss|work> But 319777 just got an almost r+ from smorgan, which is good. :)
09:05 < delliott|slacking> He always says "Nearly" ;)
09:05 <@ss|work> Before we talk about 1.0.3 (which we need to do), we should go through the bugs.
09:05 <@ss|work> The next big event of the week is that dhaas is back.
09:05 <@ss|work> pinkerton: Not sure if you saw that.
09:05 <@ss|work> bug 322093 has a patch from him.
09:05 <@ss|work> He's back from Africa and he's coding!
09:05 < pinkerton> no fucking way.
09:06 < pinkerton> wow
09:06 <@_Tsk_> That's some news
09:06 < hwaara> who is dhaas?
09:06 <@ss|work> We *need* to get a review on that.
09:06 <@ss|work> It's HUGE.
09:06 < pinkerton> sweet jesus
09:06 <@_Tsk_> like always from dave
09:06 <@ss|work> hwaara: He wrote the bookmarks manager.
09:06 <@ss|work> Rewrote, I guess. :)
09:06 <@ss|work> And a bunch of other stuff.
09:06 < hwaara> ah
09:06 <@ss|work> So, someone go review that. :)
09:06 <@ss|work> That's a huge deal
09:06 <@ss|work> If we can get him back, it'd be great.
09:07 <@ss|work> We need to talk about 320410
09:07 <@ss|work> Specifically comments 10 and 13
09:07 <@ss|work> And what exactly we want our UI to be there.
09:07 <@_Tsk_> 1summon sbwooside for hhuge reviews
09:08 <@ss|work> If a couple enterprising people can comment on that bug after reviewing the comments, it'd help froodian continue forward.
09:08 < pinkerton> what is 322093?
09:08 <@ss|work> Camino initial bookmark import APPEARS to hang and stall w/ large bookmark imports 
09:08 < delliott|slacking> ss: Shouldn't it work the same as Apple-D does?
09:08  * ss|work hands pinkerton
09:09 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: It's not the same as cmd-d though.
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09:09 < hwaara> good idea delliott|slacking 
09:09 < hwaara> we could pop that up and just prefill it
09:09 <@ss|work> Feel free to comment. :)
09:09 < delliott|slacking> ss|work: It isn't really the same as cmd-D but you want to achieve the same goal
09:09 < delliott|slacking> You want to add a bookmark
09:10 <@ss|work> Sure. Next. :)
09:10 <@ss|work>
09:10 < hwaara> delliott|slacking: please comment, I like the idea
09:10 < hwaara> it'll make it a one-liner to fix too
09:10 <@ss|work> This is an issue for our trunk users only but it'll hit us soon when we finish 1.1.
09:11 <@ss|work> pinkerton: This needs a decision by you.
09:11 <@ss|work> pinkerton: Specifically comments 38 and 39.
09:11 -!- peeja|sleep is now known as peeja
09:11 < delliott|slacking> I've never seen this problem
09:11 < delliott|slacking> And I've been living in the tabs
09:11 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: I see it when I'm on trunk.
09:11 < delliott|slacking> Maybe I'm just immune to it.
09:12 < pinkerton> uh
09:13  * ss|work waits... :)
09:14 < pinkerton> well nobody is looking at it...
09:14 <@ss|work> Right.
09:15 <@ss|work> And it's ugly.
09:15 <@ss|work> Do we care now?
09:15 <@ss|work> Or do you just want to wait until we all go back to trunk?
09:15 < hwaara> isn't everyone on trunk? :P
09:15  * hwaara is
09:15 < pinkerton> wouldn't backing out the camino portion of that bug introduce security DOS issues?
09:15 <@ss|work> Potentially, yes.
09:15 < pinkerton> yet we have that now on teh branch?
09:16 <@ss|work> Well
09:16 <@ss|work> We're only backing out the Camino portion, aiui.
09:16 <@ss|work> The core portion remains and keeps us "protected" or whatever...
09:17 < pinkerton> what does the camino portion do?
09:17 < pinkerton> sorry, i'm swapping like crazy
09:17 <@ss|work> I honestly don't know.
09:17 < pinkerton> heh
09:17 <@ss|work> It's samll though
09:17 <@ss|work> small*
09:17 <@ss|work>
09:18 < pinkerton> i have no clue what's going on
09:18 < pinkerton> i can't make any kind of decision now
09:18 < pinkerton> move along
09:18 <@ss|work> k
09:18 <@ss|work>
09:19 <@ss|work> Given comment 11, we need someone to find out how Safari does this.
09:19 <@ss|work> And how we can do it as well.
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09:19 < kreeger-away> yo
09:19 -!- kreeger-away is now known as kreeger
09:19 <@ss|work> kreeger: We're at
09:19 <@ss|work> A Cocoa person can hopefully know the answer to that.
09:20 <@ss|work> If Safari can do it, we should be able to as well.
09:20 < delliott|slacking> Are we ignoring the modifier key?
09:20 < delliott|slacking> Have people tested other modifier combos that should work on those sheets?
09:20 < kreeger> its an issue with the first responder right?
09:20 <@ss|work> kreeger: I believe so, yes.
09:21 < kreeger> someone will have to figure out how to resign first responder and when to assign it
09:21 < kreeger> that would fix that
09:21 < peeja> is there any good reason a sheet *wouldn't* be first responder?
09:21 < kreeger> if something is claiming it in the background?
09:21 < delliott|slacking> Maybe the key window is
09:22 < hwaara> isn't Cmd-. usually only used when there is some kind of progress to halt?
09:22 < hwaara> why is Esc not enough to pull up the sheet?
09:22 <@ss|work> Because, in most apps, cmd-. works as well.
09:22 <@ss|work> It's a parity bug.
09:23 < delliott|slacking> It is not critical.
09:23 < delliott|slacking> But it is annoying.
09:23 <@ss|work> Right./
09:23 < delliott|slacking> Especially if you do most of your stuff in key-combos
09:23 <@ss|work> So, kreeger will you comment?
09:23 < kreeger> yeah
09:23 < kreeger> bbias
09:23 <@ss|work> Next
09:23 <@ss|work>
09:23 < kreeger> work is crazy today
09:23 <@ss|work> That needs a review.
09:23 -!- kreeger is now known as kreeger-afk
09:23 <@ss|work> mento: It's targeted at you... ;)
09:24 <@ss|work> Basically, that bug screws our CJK users.
09:25 < hwaara> I think only mento can review that, and the flag is set..
09:26 <@ss|work> mento: Will you take a look over the next week?
09:26 <@ss|work> We want to get it in 1.0.3 if possible.
09:26 -!- kreeger-afk is now known as kreeger
09:27 <@ss|work> Right, so... let's go on a bit more and hope mento comes back. ;)
09:27 <@ss|work>
09:27 <@ss|work> Those possible menu names at the bottom are options... read the paragraph, pick your favorite(s).
09:27 <@ss|work> :)
09:28 < delliott|slacking> How is this going to work?
09:29 <@ss|work> You're going to tell me here.
09:29 <@ss|work> And we're going to talk about it.
09:29 < delliott|slacking> Oh.
09:29 <@ss|work> And come to an overall decision.
09:29 <@ss|work> Then I'm going to edit the wiki with the final one. :)
09:29 < delliott|slacking> Is a tab group a folder on the bookmark manager with tabs in it?
09:29 <@ss|work> Yes and no.
09:30 <@ss|work> It's also a "one-click" opener.
09:30 < peeja> the tricky bit, i think, is making it clear that we're not bookmarking *every tab* as an individual bookmark
09:30 <@ss|work> So when you click it, it open all the tabs in your tab group at once.
09:30 < delliott|slacking> Do we have Tab Groups in camino at the moment?
09:30 <@ss|work> Yes.
09:30 < peeja> (while making it sound nice)
09:31 < delliott|slacking> How do I create one?
09:31 < delliott|slacking> I can see how to create a Folder in the BMM
09:31 <@ss|work> cmd-d
09:31 <@ss|work> "bookmark all tabs"
09:31 < delliott|slacking> Ok
09:31 < delliott|slacking> So it is a bookmark folder containing all the open tabs
09:32 <@ss|work> Yes.
09:32 < delliott|slacking> Then it would be a good idea to avoid using the word Tab Group
09:32 < delliott|slacking> It is confusing.
09:32 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: But it's a grouping that's different than just folders.
09:32 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: Because clicking on it once opens all the tabs.
09:33 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: As opposed to folders which just show contents when clicking on them.
09:33 < delliott|slacking> Ah, scary/
09:33 <@ss|work> Yeah.
09:33 < delliott|slacking> That is proper scary stuff.
09:33 <@ss|work> It's useful stuff, I think. :)
09:33 < delliott|slacking> It only does that open on one click when it is in the bookmark tool bar
09:33 < mento> i'm back.
09:33 < mento> i'll take a look at that patch.
09:33 <@ss|work> Awesome, thanks.
09:34 < delliott|slacking> Also, it fucks with my currently visible tabs
09:34 < delliott|slacking> If I clicked on that by accident I'd be swearing like a lunatic.
09:34 <@ardissone|away> it's incredibly useful when you want to do it ;)
09:34 < peeja> yeah, that's why i never use such things
09:35 < delliott|slacking> It should be worded Add all open tabs to a tab group
09:35 < delliott|slacking> Or soemthing similar
09:35 <@ardissone|away> and it will be fine when we grt undo :P
09:35 < delliott|slacking> Well volunteered, smokey :)
09:35 < peeja> delliott|slacking: doesn't that imply adding to an existing tab group?
09:36 <@ss|work> It does, yes.
09:36 < delliott|slacking> It seems to imply that to you, so yes.
09:36 < peeja> :)
09:36 <@ss|work> So, why don't we do this:
09:36 < delliott|slacking> Add all open tabs to a new tab group
09:36 <@ss|work> Everyone think about it and add comments to the discussion page of the bug.
09:36 <@ss|work> Err
09:36 <@ss|work> Of the wiki
09:36 < delliott|slacking> And underneath in size 72 font "SINGLE CLICK RUINS YOUR LIFE"
09:36 < delliott|slacking> ;)
09:37 < peeja> haven't we done that already? isn't this supposed to be what happens after that?
09:37  * delliott|slacking is trying to advocate double-click.
09:37 <@ss|work> peeja: I doubt anyone's looked at that yet.
09:37 <@ss|work> peeja: We looked at the overall proposal but not that specific part.
09:37 < peeja> fair.
09:37 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: You're talking about a different thing entirely, so try to stay on topic. :)
09:37 < delliott|slacking> I know.
09:37 <@ss|work> If you don't like the tab groups, that's fair enough, but that's another "bug".
09:38 <@ss|work> So, let's go back to the top.
09:38 <@ss|work> 1.0.3
09:38 <@ss|work> pinkerton, mento: Do you think we should/will make 1.0.3 by the time is ready?
09:38  * pinkerton shrugs
09:38 < pinkerton> what kinds of things are in 1807?
09:38 < pinkerton> anything we really really want?
09:38 <@ss|work> Same as in (that we missed)
09:38 <@ss|work> Security, stability, etc.
09:39 <@ardissone|away> and 1.80.5
09:39 < mento> what do we want to do for 103?
09:39 <@ardissone|away> 1805 had a big js fix
09:39 < mento> anything camino-specific?
09:39 <@ss|work> I think the big thing is... do we want to get out small fixes for our users.
09:39 <@ss|work> mento: Yeah.
09:39 < mento> do we have a list?
09:39 <@ss|work> mento: That bug you were going to look at..
09:39 < pinkerton> what's camino-specific?
09:39 < pinkerton> oh
09:39 <@ss|work>
09:39 <@ss|work>
09:39 <@ss|work> Those two
09:39 < delliott|slacking> If it is security related in Gecko then we need to ship it.
09:40 <@ardissone|away> blcary thought the 1805 js fix was important enough that he disabled access to his part of his site for Geckos less than 1805
09:41 < delliott|slacking> Do we have a build in tinderbox that is Camino 1.0.2 + most stable gecko ?
09:41 < hwaara> but he is a js qa, so kinda biased no? ;)
09:41 < pinkerton> it might be nice to pick up the last few rounds of fixes, but what's the cost?
09:41 < pinkerton> l10n and release notes?
09:41 < pinkerton> chasing down localizers for another 4 weeks?
09:42 <@ss|work> That's about it, yeah.
09:42 < peeja> how much l10ning?
09:42 <@ardissone|away> relnotes will be almost nil
09:42 <@_Tsk_> yeah sorry
09:42 <@ss|work> We don't have that much l10n to do though.
09:42 <@ss|work> Right.
09:42 <@_Tsk_> the real notes
09:42 <@ss|work> So it shouldn't be as big of a deal
09:42 < hwaara> whatever sparse resources we have, imho should be spent on making some real progress (i.e., the next major version)
09:42 <@ss|work> Yeah, just the relnotes.
09:42 <@_Tsk_> is what needs to be done
09:42 <@ardissone|away> and most of what is, is copy/paste and bump a number
09:42 <@_Tsk_> If we get stable real notes early thta would help
09:42 < delliott|slacking> pinkerton: If we are just updating Camino to reflect Gecko based                            fixes then can we not pick up the Ff notes?
09:42 <@ss|work> hwaara: That's find and all, but 1.0.x is our last version on 10.2.
09:42 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: No, we can't.
09:43 <@ss|work> They have different relnotes.
09:43 <@ardissone|away> we just have a line that says
09:43 <@ardissone|away> "updated to latest Gecko sec and stab rel"
09:43 < delliott|slacking> Even for the gecko related fixes? Ok, thanks.
09:43  * hwaara wonders how many 10.2 users we have left :)
09:43 <@ardissone|away> or some such
09:43 <@ss|work> hwaara: Enough...
09:43 <@ss|work> There was a guy in here this weekend complaining about 0.8.5 on 10.1.
09:43 <@ss|work> Which is saying a lot.
09:43 < hwaara> does safari work on 10.2?
09:43 <@ss|work> No.
09:43 <@ss|work> Which is why it's important for us to work on it.
09:43 <@ss|work> Well, yes, actually... iirc.
09:43 < kreeger> safari is 10.3 and higher
09:43 <@_Tsk_> ss|work: older versiosn do
09:43 <@ss|work> But only partially.
09:44 <@ss|work> Right
09:44 < pinkerton> no
09:44 <@ardissone|away> safari 1.0.x
09:44 <@ss|work> It's a public beta or something.
09:44 < pinkerton> safari works on 10.2.7
09:44 <@ss|work> Right.
09:44 < pinkerton> and webKit is part of the os as of 10.2.8
09:44 <@ss|work> Ah
09:45 < delliott|slacking> If we had a build of most recent Camino + most recent stable Gecko then we could ship out x.y.z releases in line with the rest of mozilla (providing it doesn't screw our work) and relnotes as "Gecko related security"
09:45 < delliott|slacking> Or something similar.
09:45 < delliott|slacking> Just ideas.
09:45 < pinkerton> are we really getting complaints/crashes that are solved by any of the fixes on the 180xbranch?
09:45 <@ardissone|away> delliott|slacking: we basically do that
09:45 <@ss|work> pinkerton: We have adblocking fixes that need to be made.
09:46 <@ss|work> Specifically with Gmail.
09:46 <@_Tsk_> delliott|slacking: but we also have our own regressions
09:46 <@ss|work> (right?)
09:46 <@ardissone|away> ss|work: no
09:46 <@ardissone|away> not the gmail bit
09:46 <@ss|work> pinkerton: Scratch that.
09:46 <@ss|work> :-P
09:46 < pinkerton> :)
09:46 <@ardissone|away> it didn't land on 180 yet
09:46 < delliott|slacking> _Tsk_: Yeah, I mentioned that the Gecko stuff might cause us problems.
09:46 <@ardissone|away> we do have people on 10x complaing about ads that arte blocked in 1.8 nightlies
09:47 < delliott|slacking> ardissone|away: Is MacOSX Darwin 8.6.0 maya Dep Cm1.0-M1.8.0 the box responsible?
09:47 <@ss|work> Yes.
09:47 <@ardissone|away> also, it's possible that Gecko has fixed the bloglines crash
09:47 <@ss|work> That's true. And that's a topcrash for us.
09:47 <@ardissone|away> we need some people to do testing on that with 180 nightlies
09:47 <@ss|work> So
09:47 <@ss|work> We just need a yay or nay really.
09:47 <@_Tsk_> might be a pots on camino update to get a few testers
09:47 <@ss|work> We really need/want that CJK fix.
09:47 <@_Tsk_> s/pots/post
09:48 <@_Tsk_> is crot00 working on the CJK fix ?
09:48 <@ardissone|away> no, waveridere
09:48 <@_Tsk_> are the japanese guys aware of it ?
09:48 <@_Tsk_> same guy/same team :-0
09:48 <@ss|work> Yes, they wrote the patch.
09:48 <@ardissone|away> but he sorta vanished after posting the patch
09:48 <@ss|work> But it needs review and such.
09:49 <@ardissone|away> it basicually works, but it has a bit of ugliness to it
09:49 <@ardissone|away> that will affect the advanced sheet lists for all langGroups
09:49 <@ss|work> So
09:49 <@_Tsk_> waverider always vanishes when I need him for japanese translation, that's no surprise
09:49 <@ss|work> I'm in favor of a 1.0.3 with, or close after,
09:50 <@ardissone|away> me too
09:50 <@ss|work> Is there anyone opposed to that?
09:50 <@_Tsk_> ss|work: I tend to agree
09:50 <@ss|work> pinkerton: ?
09:50 <@_Tsk_> could the relnotes be ready early ?
09:50 < delliott|slacking> 1807 lands on 7/9?
09:50 < pinkerton> how much will it distract resources from 1.1?
09:50 <@ss|work> Not too much.
09:50 < pinkerton> ok, then go for it
09:50 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: Yes.
09:50 < mento> i'm already distracted from 1.1
09:50 <@ardissone|away> basically only mento landing fixes that we've fixed
09:50 <@ss|work> Haha
09:50 < delliott|slacking> mento: Hehe
09:50 <@ardissone|away> :(
09:50 <@_Tsk_> When is 1.1 scheduled ?
09:50 <@ss|work> _Tsk_: WIR.
09:51 < pinkerton> "yay"
09:51 < delliott|slacking> When DNF arrives :p
09:51 <@ss|work> So, last thing
09:51 <@ss|work> Our review queue is pretty huge.
09:51 <@ss|work> :-P
09:51  * _Tsk_ rephrases it is it months or weeks ?
09:51 <@ss|work> _Tsk_: Months.
09:51 <@_Tsk_> ok
09:51 <@ss|work> pinkerton: You going to make it through your sr queue this week?
09:51 <@ss|work> froodian's been pounding out patches.
09:52 < pinkerton> ss|work: good question.
09:52 <@ss|work> And again: We *need* to be reviewed.
09:52 < pinkerton> i'm caught up with bugs at least
09:52 <@ss|work> haas would be awesome to have back
09:52 <@ardissone|away> and when the queue gets too full, there are too many deps for froodian to do more work
09:52 <@ss|work> Yep...
09:53 < pinkerton> i understand, but i have an eng review tomorrow
09:53 < delliott|slacking> Isn't Stuart a SR?
09:53 <@ss|work> pinkerton: Maybe get beng to spend some of his 20% time here? ;)
09:53 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: No.
09:53  * ss|work sighs
09:53 < delliott|slacking> Brother knocks our reviews like there is no tomorrow.
09:53 <@ss|work> All these docs we write and no one reads them...
09:53 <@ss|work> Or all the docs ardissone|away writes anyway...
09:54 <@ss|work> ;)
09:54  * ardissone|away sighs
09:54 < delliott|slacking> I can see the doc in my head
09:54 <@ss|work>
09:54 <@ss|work> "Super" Reviews
09:54 < delliott|slacking> Yeah
09:54 <@ardissone|away> the sr queue is not the only issue; the r queue is bad, too
09:54 < delliott|slacking> So... smfr and josh aren't reviewing.
09:54 <@ss|work> Yeah
09:54 <@ss|work> smfr does SRs sometimes.
09:55 <@ss|work> If it's a good enough R.
09:55 <@ardissone|away> or if it's ad-blocking
09:55 <@ardissone|away> (pink wanted nothing to do with that :P )
09:55 < pinkerton> mmm
09:56 <@ss|work> :)
09:56 < hwaara> I think reviews should be prioritized by how important the bugs are
09:56 < delliott|slacking> hwaara: Based on their target?
09:56 <@ardissone|away> smorgan basically does that
09:56 <@_Tsk_> Who would make suchj decision ?
09:56 <@ss|work> Yeah, smorgan does that.
09:56 < delliott|slacking> smorgan is a reviewing maestro.
09:56 <@ardissone|away> but part of the issue is that ian's fixes are part of the master menu plan
09:56 <@ardissone|away> individually, the're not big/impt patches'
09:57 < hwaara> if we have a huge queue, it doesn't help if for example pink starts reviewing stuff that's minor
09:57 <@ardissone|away> but they block
09:57 < peeja> won't that bitrot stuff?
09:57 < pinkerton> fwiw, i have a phone call in 8
09:57 <@ardissone|away> it does if he clears a bunch of tiny ones; then froodian can work agaoin
09:57 <@_Tsk_> I' try to do some reviews in the upcoming weeks
09:57 <@ss|work> pinkerton: We're basically done.
09:57 <@ardissone|away> (if they're the right tiny ones)
09:58 <@ss|work> _Tsk_: There are bugs for you which you should do. ;)
09:58 < delliott|slacking> Perhaps thinking about how we can solve the reviewing problem in the long term is something to wiki up
09:58 <@_Tsk_> It's been some time since I haven't done so. And I think I'll have some time to
09:58 < delliott|slacking> So that people can put some ideas together
09:58 <@_Tsk_> ss|work: I know
09:58 <@ss|work> delliott|slacking: The problem is simple... "more people"
09:58 <@ss|work> solution rather
09:58 <@ardissone|away> yeah
09:58 <@ss|work> Which is why we need to review haas' patch.
09:58 <@_Tsk_> that always was the problem
09:58 <@ss|work> Yes.
09:58 <@ardissone|away> delliott|slacking:  grab some mates when school starts again ;)
09:59 <@ss|work> Let's not rehash this again.
09:59 < delliott|slacking> ss|work: If we cannot get more people who are capable of doing reviews then it'd be nice to have a priority system or something.
09:59 < hwaara> stuff like rss is important, the cjk patch, etc
09:59 < hwaara> (imho)
09:59 <@ss|work> As has been said, most reviewers have their own priority system.
09:59 <@_Tsk_> delliott|slacking: capable is not the problem, it's more time and willigness
10:00 <@_Tsk_> hwaara: could review for instance
10:00 < hwaara> ss|work: but since the super reviewers barely even have time to read bugmail it seems, it's important that whoever pings them for reviews keep priority in mind
10:00 <@ardissone|away> _Tsk_:  he does
10:00 < peeja> well, hang on, everything has to go through sr eventually.
10:00  * _Tsk_ was away fro too long sorry hwaara
10:01 <@ardissone|away> no one's working on non-1.1 bugs right now, except delliott|slacking anyway
10:01  * delliott|slacking ducks
10:01 <@ardissone|away> :)
10:01 < peeja> this just doesn't seem like a very functional system right now, no blame indended
10:01 <@ardissone|away> rss and tabs have been getting prio all summer
10:01 <@ardissone|away> as they should
10:01 <@ss|work> Yep.
10:02 <@ss|work> The SR queue gets cleared quite a bit.
10:02 < delliott|slacking> Just put stuff in the SR queue when we know that mike is going to MV
10:02 < delliott|slacking> Problem solved.
10:04 < delliott|slacking> ardissone|away: I'm going to take on some of the 1.1 targetted patches soon.10:04 <@ardissone|away> :)
10:04 < delliott|slacking> It'll be nice to work on something that isn't the same old.
10:04 < delliott|slacking> A rest from something will be good
10:05 < delliott|slacking> And it gets work that needs to be done for 1.1 done.
10:05 <@ss|work> Alright
10:05 <@ss|work> So, we done?
10:05 <@ss|work> Anything else?
10:05 <@ss|work> Up next week: delliott's report
10:05 < delliott|slacking> :)
10:05 <@ss|work> Thank you all for coming.