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09:07 <@maxr> so, shall we begin?
09:07 <@maxr> ss|gone: if you join later, just cut me out
09:08 <@maxr> the first thing we need to talk about is 1.0.3
09:08 < ardissone|away> checkins are done, except relnotes and minibranch stuff
09:08 <@maxr> mento: are you able to do the minibranch today so we can get a build out?
09:08 < Pinolo> I've collected a fair amount of tranlsated relnotes
09:09 < mento> maxr: it's highly likely
09:09 < pinkerton> Pinolo: cool
09:09 < ardissone|away> :)
09:09 < mento> do we have a list of checkins we'll need on the minibranch?
09:09 -!- ardissone|away is now known as ardissone|food
09:09 <@maxr> see:
09:09 < ardissone|food>
09:09 <@maxr> under the "mini-branching" section
09:09 < ardissone|food> basically just your caceh fix
09:09 < mento> ah good
09:09 < ardissone|food> and pssobly the MathML thing since you're m-b anyway
09:10 < ardissone|food> nothing substantive
09:10 < ardissone|food> (and relnotes)
09:10 < mento> what about the search box thing?
09:10 < mento> we still want that on the minibranch?
09:10 <@maxr> it was removed from the relnotes
09:10 <@maxr> i'd say "no"
09:10 <@maxr> because it won't be in future releases
09:10 < mento> ugly crap. ok.
09:10 < ardissone|food> only if you and pink want to fight dbaron and bz :P
09:10 <@maxr> unless we want to forever take it on minibranches to come
09:11 < mento> i'd like for a real fix to land on 1.8.0 or 1.8
09:11 < ardissone|food> it looks like apple might have fized it, tho
09:11 < ardissone|food> it looked ok last i checked
09:11 < ardissone|food> and stuff has been backed out for some time iirc
09:11 < mento> annnnnnyway, the relnotes are ready for checkin too?
09:11 <@maxr> yes
09:11 <@maxr> you sred them
09:11 < mento> i sure did.
09:12 < mento> i'll do a spin, at the latest, this evening
09:12 < ardissone|food> we'll call it an RC and get everyone hammering on it
09:12 < mento> sure
09:12 <@maxr> we only have a day or two to hammer though
09:12 <@maxr> if we want to release with
09:12 < ardissone|food> the evil bloglines bug seems fixed in it :)
09:13 < ardissone|food> that's a topcrasher in 102 :)
09:13 <@maxr> as far as l10n goes...
09:13 < Pinolo> it goes...
09:13 <@maxr> Pinolo, _Tsk_: how are you looking?
09:13 <@maxr> how many translations do you have?
09:13 < Pinolo> yes
09:14 <@maxr> and how many are you missing?
09:14 < Pinolo> I can say more precisely tonight
09:14 <@maxr> alright, shoot out an email to let us know
09:14 < Pinolo> I think we have about 10
09:14 < Pinolo> including the main ones
09:14 <@maxr> that looks right to me, based on email
09:15 <@maxr> how many did 1.0.2 ship with?
09:15 < Pinolo> _Tsk_ can you answer? I'm on PC right now
09:16 < ardissone|food> speaking of 1.0.2, froodian mentioned caminol10n.mozdev is still talking 
                        about 1.0.1
09:16 <@maxr> 17, according to cbo
09:16 < Pinolo> I'll take care of caminol10n
09:16 < _Tsk_> Sure let me a minute
09:17 <@ss|gone> k
09:17 <@ss|gone> maxr: ty
09:17 < ardissone|food> i count 16 renlontes folders on the dmg
09:17 <@maxr> yw
09:17 < _Tsk_> I run trunk on my machines :-) dont have em handy
09:17 < _Tsk_> so we are missing 6 
09:17 < _Tsk_> haven't seen russian nor dk
09:17 < ardissone|food> (that includes the original en readme)
09:17 <@ss|gone> I saw russian.
09:17 < Pinolo> 16 is good, since one of the lang is british english
09:18 <@ss|gone> Russian made it to the list anyway.
09:18 < Pinolo> I'll be more precise about what we have in a few hour via email
09:18 <@ss|gone> From Igor, two days ago
09:18 <@ss|gone> Anyway, let's move on.
09:18 <@ss|gone> "We're doing good" is the point. :)
09:18 < ardissone|food> mhm
09:19 <@ss|gone> Hopefully we'll be good enough to release on Thursday.
09:19 < Pinolo> Yeah, I've archived everything from the list
09:19 <@ss|gone> If not, we might push it a day, but it looks good so far.
09:19 < _Tsk_> I don't have russian in my mbox
09:19 <@ss|gone> We'll have a build tonight that will be the "RC" and, probably, the "final 
09:19 < _Tsk_> I've just checked
09:19 < Pinolo> I'll try to get the build tomorrow morning
09:19 < _Tsk_> How logn do you guys want the RC to be tested ?
09:20 <@ss|gone> It can be pretty short. Not much has changed on that branch.
09:20 <@ss|gone> _Tsk_:
09:21 < ardissone|food> next item?
09:21 <@ss|gone> mhm
09:21 -!- cl|zzz is now known as cl
09:21 <@ss|gone> haas posted a new patch
09:22 <@ss|gone> It got r+ (thanks hwaara), but smorgan left comments again
09:22 < ardissone|food> hwaara and smorgan reviewed it
09:22 < _Tsk_> Why wouldn't he ?
09:22 <@ss|gone> With those changes, he needs some sr-lovin'
09:22 <@ss|gone> pinkerton: That's you. ;)
09:23 < pinkerton> for what?
09:23 <@ss|gone>
09:23 < ardissone|food> bug 322093
09:23 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug nor, P2, 
                Camino1.1,, NEW, Camino initial bookmark import APPEARS to 
                hang and stall w/ large bookmark imports
09:24 < pinkerton> it's in my queue
09:24 <@ss|gone> mhm
09:24 <@ss|gone> It's priority in your queue
09:24 <@ss|gone> :)
09:25 <@ss|gone> Overall, we still have lots of blockage in the review (but not superreview) 
09:25 -!- peeja|sleep [] has joined #camino-mtg
09:25  * ss|gone drops the hint for various reviewers in channel
09:26 -!- peeja|sleep is now known as peeja|inandout
09:27 <@ss|gone> Next?
09:27 <@ss|gone> Camino 1.1, which is basically being help up by the review queue.
09:27 <@ss|gone> But, in here, I can also say, everyone welcome froodian as a new CVS checker 
09:27 -!- You're now known as ss
09:27 < ardissone|food> yes, applause
09:28 < pinkerton> yay!
09:28 < Pinolo> go!
09:28 <@ss> He's already done a few checkins today.
09:28 < ardissone|food> w2hen i went to bed last night, the stats were accurate (no 1.1 checkins 
                        in a week)
09:28 < _Tsk_> clap clap
09:28 < ardissone|food> froOODian cvs will help, but reviews are still the key problem
09:29 <@ss> Yeah, they really are.
09:29  * ardissone|food becomes a broken record
09:29 <@ss> We're still waiting on RSS for example.
09:29 <@ss> smorgan must be pretty busy
09:29  * peeja|inandout looks up and claps for froodian!
09:29 < ardissone|food> yeah, he was not really around at all last week
09:30 <@ss> Before we go into specific bugs, I just want to say:
09:30 <@ss> cb.o is sucking right now, overall.
09:30 <@ss> We're working on it and should have a new host this month.
09:30 < _Tsk_> nice so you're leaving dreamhost ?
09:30 <@ss> It's being watched by some sysadmins now.
09:31 <@ss> Yeah
09:31 <@ss> So when it goes down, they get paged.
09:31 <@ss> And they call DreamHost to deal with it.
09:31 < _Tsk_> care to tell us where it's moving ?
09:31 < _Tsk_> :-)
09:31 <@ss> That doesn't solve the problem, but it helps.
09:31 <@ss> _Tsk_: It's not 100% yet and we have a couple of options.
09:31 <@ss> But as soon as it's decided, I'll let everyone know.
09:32 <@ss> Moving on...
09:32 <@ss> bug 337750
09:32 < thebot> ss: Bug cri, P2, Camino1.1, 
      , NEW, bookmarks-corrupted-n.plist often written as empty file
09:32 <@ss> We need to get that logging in soon
09:33 < cl> any chance of getting it into 1.0.3?
09:33 < ardissone|food> is is happening on 1.0.x?
09:33 < cl> yes.
09:33 < cl> most people seeing it have been on release builds.
09:33 < cl> that's why they're so pissed.
09:34 < ardissone|food> i think for 1.0.x we should do a custom build
09:34 <@ss> I agree.
09:34 < ardissone|food> i'm ok with it in for everyone on branch/trunk, but 1.0.x seems iffy
09:34 < cl> that's fine too, as long as we promote the hell out of it to the people who've had 
            the problem
09:34 < cl> since we'll need some serious testing on it in hopes that we find something.
09:35 < cl> (is it still the case that no one but Simon has seen it on our team)
09:35 < cl> ?
09:35 <@ss> Not sure, I thought someone else did, but I don't recall anymore.
09:35 < ardissone|food> i think so
09:35 <@ss> That's the bug that just won't die. ;)
09:36 < ardissone|food> there's been one report on 10.3.9 iirc, but everyone else in 10.4
09:36 <@ss> (The whole "destruction of bookmarks" bug.)
09:36 < _Tsk_> gotta run
09:36 -!- _Tsk_ [ludovic@183BDF58.599B7C47.C7DB8B78.IP] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.75 
09:36 < ardissone|food> should we ping smfr to look at the logging patch, or can someone else?
09:37 <@ss> smorgan probably can
09:37 <@ss> But we can have smfr sr it
09:37 < cl> i think the logging patch is already sr-worthy
09:37 < pinkerton> if someone reviews it, i can give it a rubber stamp
09:38 < cl> since the one part smorgan didn't like was removed in the latest version
09:38 <@ss> smorgan's already given his two cents on the other patch, I think it's almost there.
09:38 < cl> i think it'd be useful for someone who is fairly knowledgeable and not smorgan to 
            take a good hard look at it to see if there's anything we might have missed.
09:38 < ardissone|food> if smorgan doesn't come back tonight, can hwaara r it tomorrow?
09:39 < cl> point being, the sr on this shouldn't just be a rubber stamp :-p
09:39 < cl> (sorry pink)
09:39 < pinkerton> for logging that's already been discussed?
09:39 < ardissone|food> it's logging code tho
09:40 <@ss> Well, we'll see when we get there.
09:40 < ardissone|food> rs'ing the logging gets it in more quickly, which means more info about 
                        the bug
09:40 < ardissone|food> anyway
09:40 <@ss>
09:40 < thebot> ss: Bug 322374 cri, --, Camino1.1,, REOP, Crash [@ 
                libobjc.A.dylib.227.0.0] when clearing download list
09:40 <@ss> I want that bug closed. :-P
09:40 < cl> haha
09:41 < ardissone|food> yeah, i think we file a new bug on the new thing
09:41 <@ss> Just because things crash in libobj doesn't mean it's the same issue.
09:41 <@ss> That's totally a catchall.
09:41 < ardissone|food> yeah
09:41 < ardissone|food> is *should* be our topcrasher
09:41 <@ss> mhm
09:41 < cl> heh
09:41 < ardissone|food> (if not, there's a bad bug)
09:41 <@ss> And also, the one TB report that said he was cleaning his list was probably also 
09:42  * ardissone|food missed that one
09:42 < cl> what was it ispiked said the guy put in the TB comments?
09:42 <@ss> So, all for closing it again?
09:42 < cl> aye
09:42 <@ss> Did he say anything?
09:42 <@ss> I know I did...
09:42 < ardissone|food> mhm
09:42 <@ss> "I was closing all my tabs (everything worked fine) and then I went to clean up my 
            downloads, and it crashed. Overall, I find your browser superior to all the others, 
            so I'm not too upset, but if you can use the info for fixing things, so much the 
09:43 < ardissone|food> heh
09:43 <@ss> Are there any opposed to closing it?
09:43 < ardissone|food> and that one has no stack
09:44 <@ss> Close that baby
09:44  * ss will tell ispiked
09:44 <@ss>
09:44 < thebot> ss: Bug 308552 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Growl Integration for Mac 
                OS X
09:44 <@ss> We need to decide on that bug now.
09:44 <@ss> As much as no one wants to.
09:45 <@ss> Because we have someone that's interested in writing the patch.
09:45 <@ss> pinkerton: ^^
09:45 < cl> haha, there we go. "Tweaking Camino where your mom told you never touch a girl."
09:45 < pinkerton> hrm
09:45 <@ss> Yeah, that was awesome.
09:46 < pinkerton> so if growl is installed, we'll talk to it, otherwise we'll do nothing?
09:46 < cl> right.
09:46 <@ss> That's the idea.
09:46 < ardissone|food> that's what they promise
09:46 < pinkerton> and if not, it won't annoy people? like we're not going to bundle it 
09:46 < hwaara> we should be able to weak-link the framework, right?
09:47 < pinkerton> will that require changes to tinderbox/build machines to include that 
                   framework on them?
09:47 < pinkerton> that's been one of the sticking points in the past, though that's sort of a 
09:47 < hwaara> wait, this bug's for Thunderbird
09:47 <@ss> I think we'll need to include the basic framework
09:47 <@ss> But not the full package.
09:47 < hwaara> what am I missing?
09:48 < ardissone|food> bug 283100
09:48 < pinkerton> hwaara: for downloads complete
09:48 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug enh, --, 
                Future,, NEW, Growl global notifications in Camino for 
                completed downloads
09:48 < ardissone|food> someone put in the wrong number
09:48 <@ss> Including the full package would allow users to install Growl, iirc.
09:48 < hwaara> oh
09:48 <@ss> But we're not going to do that.
09:48 < hwaara> anyway, growl integration would be better done somewhere in core, so everyone 
                can reuse it
09:49 < hwaara> if TB's gonna use it anyway
09:49 <@ss> Umm... huh?
09:49 < cl> ooh, possible sticking point...has Growl been ported to Intel?
09:49 <@ss> If we're talking about download notifications...
09:49 < hwaara> ss: bug 308552
09:49 < thebot> hwaara: Bug nor, --, ---, 
      , NEW, Growl Integration for Mac OS X
09:49 <@ss> We do those different than core does.
09:49 <@ss> hwaara: See what I just said.
09:49 <@ss> cl: Yes.
09:49 < hwaara> oh well
09:49 <@ss> "Growl 0.7.4 is released! This release provides support for Intel based Apple 
            Computers via a Universal Binary."
09:50 < cl> ah, good, never mind then. :)
09:50 < hwaara> iirc, growl integration is not many lines of code.
09:50 < Wevah> buh?
09:50 < Wevah> yeah
09:50 < hwaara> we just have to take care to weak-link the framework
09:50 < Wevah> it's not
09:50 < Wevah> yeah
09:50 < hwaara> and make it look good if it exists
09:50 < ardissone|food> seems useful
09:50 <@ss> I don't think we have any say in how it looks.
09:50 < cl> no, we don't
09:50 < hwaara> I just know that whatever colloquy does looks fugly :/
09:51 < cl> the user chooses the appearance of the growl notifications
09:51 < hwaara> and I don't think I have growl installed on the machine..
09:51 < cl> heh. well, that's because colloquy sucks
09:51 < hwaara> but they don't have any say in it, no?
09:51 <@ss> Yeah, that's why most of us hate Growl so much.
09:51 < ardissone|food> 244K for the framework
09:51 <@ss> Because of Colloquy.
09:51 < cl> they don't have any say in colloquy's use of it, no. they do elsewhere, and it 
            doesn't suck elsewhere.
09:51 < Wevah> colloquy seems to do growl badly
09:52 < Wevah> what you said
09:52 < cl> you just can't ever turn it completely off in Colloquy, which is what most people 
            would prefer to its awful implementation
09:52 < hwaara> ah, exactly
09:52 -!- Pinolo [icechat5@BD1B3C16.9B7BD553.F2A0C8DE.IP] has left #camino-mtg []
09:52 < hwaara> so, colloquy is probably bundling it with the app
09:52 < hwaara> which we shouldn't :)
09:52 < cl> yeah.
09:52 < Wevah> well
09:52 < cl> therefore, problem solved. :-p
09:52 <@ss> Let me say this once, and only once:
09:52 <@ss> Colloquy sucks.
09:52 < hwaara> heh
09:52 < ardissone|food> well
09:52 < Wevah> transmit and adium have the framework in-app
09:53 < ardissone|food> their reocmmended solution is now to bundle with it in the app
09:53 < Wevah> but their use doesn't suck nearly as much
09:53 < Wevah> i don't mind the without-installer version so much
09:53 <@ss> Alright, let's take a vote, since we're democratic like that.
09:53 <@ss> pinkerton: Feel free to override it. ;)
09:54 < hwaara> for downloads only, right?
09:54 < pinkerton> i don't want it in the app
09:54 < ardissone|food> if we can do it right (i.e., i'll never notice it) and without bloating 
                        the app, I'm not opposed
09:54 <@ss> All those in favor of including Growl as a simple framework, but not exposing it by 
            default (letting the user expose it only), say aye:
09:54 < pinkerton> we shouldn't bundle it
09:54 < cl> aye
09:54 < Wevah> afaict the framework is just for ease-of-implementation
09:54 < hwaara> aye (no bundling, weak linking)
09:54 < Wevah> it doesn't do anything if the user doesn't have the prefpane/bg app installed
09:54 < cl> (agree with pink that we shouldn't ship the full thing, just the bare minimum 
            required for support)
09:55 < ardissone|food> i don't think we're on the same page at all
09:55 < pinkerton> can we do it w/out doing anything to the build machines?
09:55 < pinkerton> or will we have to add something in any case?
09:56 < hwaara> pinkerton: yes, but they won't check if someone breaks growl-caminos
09:56 < hwaara> which is very unlikely anyway
09:56 <@ss> I think our best option is to add the 244k framework.
09:56 <@ss> It doesn't have an installer with it.
09:56 < Wevah> right
09:56 <@ss> So it won't show up unless the user already has Growl installed.
09:56 < pinkerton> seems large
09:56 < hwaara> ugh
09:56 < ardissone|food> yeah
09:56 < Wevah> what ss said about use, though
09:56 < ardissone|food> midas was less than that iirc
09:56 < Wevah> it does nothing if they don't have it installed
09:57 < ardissone|food> and we argued forever over it, and it's standard part of gecko
09:57 < hwaara> there's a dyld linker flag that is -weak_framework or something like that. I 
                wonder why we can't simply use that
09:57 < hwaara> then check on runtime if the stuff's available
09:57 < Wevah> well
09:57 < Wevah> 84 K of that is headers
09:57 < hwaara> we can ask the growl people if that is feasible?
09:57 < ardissone|food> they claim people didn't weak-link right
09:57 < ardissone|food> see the bug comment i linked
09:58 < ardissone|food>
09:58 <@ss> I have to go, but I'm for the 244k framework.
09:58 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug 308552 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Growl 
                Integration for Mac OS X
09:58 < ardissone|food> in the Tb bug
09:58 <@ss> ardissone|food: Take it away (the meeting, I mean)
09:58 < ardissone|food> we need something to tell the guy who wants to fix it
09:58 < ardissone|food> k
09:59 < ardissone|food> either 1) weak-link or 2) AppleScript
09:59 < ardissone|food> i don't think it's fair to make him develop both and we argue more later 
09:59 < hwaara> weak-link will save 244k. I think it's technically possible, but we can check 
                with the growl people first
10:00 < hwaara> probably the crashes were happening due to people strong-linking, and then it 
                wasn't available :P
10:00 < Wevah> i'm sure it's possible; we'd just have to remember to test
10:00 < Wevah> ;)
10:00 < Wevah> yeah
10:00 < hwaara> of course
10:00 < Wevah> or not doing the if (foo) check
10:00 < ardissone|food> we should be capable of doing things correctly here :)
10:00 < Wevah> or whatever
10:00 < Wevah> yes
10:00 < Wevah> we r smrt
10:00 < ardissone|food> k
10:00 < ardissone|food> so, we poke the growl folks about weak-linking
10:01 < ardissone|food> and have an a=pinkerton for proceeding if nothing gets bundled
10:01 < ardissone|food> correct?
10:01 < pinkerton> yes
10:01 < ardissone|food> k
10:02 < ardissone|food> last bug is the weird intel stuff
10:02 < ardissone|food> bad stuff with sheets and autocomplete
10:02 < ardissone|food> bug 346111, Bug 351008 (possibly) and one that sam, maxr and Wevah see 
                        but haven't filed :P
10:03 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug nor, --, 
                Camino1.1,, NEW, [10.4] javascript:alert() typed in location 
                bar doesn't close if loaded from autocomplete drop-down
10:03 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug cri, --, 
                ---,, UNCO, are you sure you want to navigate out of this 
                page hang
10:03 < ardissone|food> mento: these seem to be intel-only stuff
10:03 < ardissone|food> Wevah/maxr : can you describe your bug?
10:04 < ardissone|food> autocomplete results never update?
10:04 < Wevah> the autocomplete table stops updating properly
10:04 < Wevah> sometimes it shows up empty
10:05 < ardissone|food> so
10:05 < ardissone|food> we need some people to look at these
10:06 < ardissone|food> (we also need the autocomplete one filed :P)
10:06 < hwaara> I would like to fix bug 342755, but dunno which way to go
10:06 < thebot> hwaara: Bug min, --, 
                Camino1.2,, NEW, Cmd-clicking javascript: links opens 
                eternally "Loading..." tab
10:07 < ardissone|food> mento: bug 346111 is definitely repro-able and has some analysis from 
                        smorgan; can you start there?
10:07 < thebot> ardissone|food: Bug nor, --, 
                Camino1.1,, NEW, [10.4] javascript:alert() typed in location 
                bar doesn't close if loaded from autocomplete drop-down
10:08 < ardissone|food> any ideas for hwaara?
10:09 < ardissone|food> :/
10:09 < hwaara> hmm
10:10 < hwaara> it would be hard to debug/fix without an intel mac
10:10 < hwaara> sounds like some weird appkit bug (possibly) that we'd need to avoid
10:10 < ardissone|food> yeah, that's why I keep pinging mento
10:10 < ardissone|food> who must be busy ;)
10:11 < ardissone|food> any other issues not on the agenda?
10:11 < cl> yes, if i may.
10:11 < hwaara> me too
10:12 < hwaara> but go first, cl 
10:12 < ardissone|food> make them quick ;) we're over an hour
10:12 < cl> i'd just like to announce that i'm (mostly) back
10:12 < ardissone|food> yay!
10:12  * ardissone|food applause
10:12 < cl> and apologise for the rather disgraceful way i took my semi-leave.
10:12 < hwaara> awesome
10:13  * cl hands the floor to håkan
10:13 < ardissone|food> hwaara: ?
10:14 < hwaara> well, I want to see bug 342755 fixed. if anyone has any ideas, please comment. 
                pinkerton, do you think you could have a quick look?
10:14 < thebot> hwaara: Bug min, --, 
                Camino1.2,, NEW, Cmd-clicking javascript: links opens 
                eternally "Loading..." tab
10:14 < pinkerton> (really busy)
10:14 < ardissone|food> !clone camino devs
10:15 < ardissone|food> ok, i guess that's it for today
10:15 < ardissone|food> mento will spin an RC tonight and we need everyone to start hammering on 
10:16 < ardissone|food> and we'll see what we can do with growl
10:16 < hwaara> also, these meetings should be summarized :P
10:16 < ardissone|food> and as always, please try to keep the r queue moving
10:16 < ardissone|food> (and ss will never let me run another meeting :P)
10:16 < cl> yeah, we need to get someone to make an executive summary :-p
10:17 < ardissone|food> ok, that's it
10:17 < ardissone|food> thanks all
10:17 < hwaara> just a small "response" to each bullet in the wiki page would do
10:17 -!- froodian|class [froodian@83682635.21741675.E64499F.IP] has joined #camino-mtg
10:17 < ardissone|food> heh
10:17 -!- froodian|class is now known as froodian
10:18 < cl> hahah
10:18 < ardissone|food> everyone, more applause for froodian
10:18  * ardissone|food applauds
10:18  * froodian is confused
10:18  * cl applauds with one hand
10:18 < ardissone|food> C-V-S, C-V-S
10:18 < cl> on IRC, the sound of one hand clapping is just as loud as with two
10:18 < froodian> :D
10:18 < hwaara> heh
10:19 < ardissone|food> hwaara: i'll make a template we can use to keep the summary info 
                        separarte from the pre-mtg comments
10:19 < Wevah> HUZZAH FROODIAN
10:19 < hwaara> ardissone|food: great!
10:20 < froodian> and I didn't even break the tree :)
10:20 < ardissone|food> :)
10:20  * froodian was worried when he had to go to class and stuff was still compiling
10:20 < froodian> so, is the meeting over?
10:20 < ardissone|food> ok, back to #camino