Status Meetings:2006-09-11:Agenda

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Mon 11 Aug 9am PDT (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.0.3
    • Shipping once Gecko gets its act together?
    • Need custom build with the super-duper bookmarks logging after we ship
  • Camino 1.1
    • RSS landing (kinda, + bugs)
    • What else do we want landed before we release Alpha 1?
      User:Sardisson/Camino 1.1 for some idea of regressions and unpolished new features
      • Start hacking on 1.1 bugs (and goals) rather than all over
  • Weekly Queue Backlog Update
    • smorgan
    • Menu cleanup is (still) blocked by a couple of patching sitting in the queues
  • Update on tinderboxen upgrades?
    • Toolchain suckage has been up lately, esp. this weekend again
      • #build got pawn to stop toolchain-sucking at one point, but is now crashing at startup with no crash reports
      • boxset was also red quite a bit due to toolchain-suck

Specific bugs that need action

  • Bug 345023 - Accidentally opening a tab group smaller than the number of tabs deletes tabs
    • What do we want to do with this? Change the behavior or add a warning or?
  • Bug 318001 - kqueue vs. FNSubscribe solution. (kreeger)
    • Which course of action to take:
    • Ditch the current FNSubscribe system now that we are on 10.3+ (granted this won't help us in future 1.0.x releases)
    • Sniff out Quicksliver and disable subscriptions to the desktop if the application is installed.
    • Any other ideas are welcome.
  • Bug 343837 - SSL2/weak ciphers disabled messages contain "(null)" instead of Camino
    • embed-replacements won't work (actually worse results now than 1.0.x)
      • Can we re-impl those three sheets for 1.1?
      • Can we get Core to do anything for 1.1/Gecko 1.8.1?
      • Can we make sure Core fixes the branding issue for Gecko 1.9?