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12:04 <@ss> Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone
12:04 < kreeger2> word
12:06 <@ss> I'm on an unfamiliar Windows right now, so bear with me as I get used to WinFx
12:07 <@ss> So, let's begin
12:07 <@ss> First off, 1.0.3
12:07 <@ss> We were ready
12:08 <@ss> We really were.
12:08 <@ss> Then Gecko decided to land a few more last minute security fixes
12:08 <@kreeger2> oh for 1.0.3?
12:08 <@ss> So now we're waiting on one more (right mento?) then we'll be ready with the English 
12:08 <@mento> right
12:08  * ss swears he just said that.
12:08 <@ss> Awesome.
12:08 <@mento> there's one more blocking-and-reviewed thing to land
12:09 <@ss> I'm not sure what Firefox's schedule is like, but we might not make it if the release is 
            scheduled for tomorrow.
12:09 <@ss> Ah
12:09 <@ss> Then they must be pushing the release.
12:09 <@ss> That'll give Marcello enough time to finish up his stuff
12:09 <@ss> After we finish the release, I'd like to land one more thing on that branch and do 
            another build.
12:09 <@ss> And that's the logging
12:10 <@ss> mento: Would that be okay with you?
12:10 <@mento> what's the logging?
12:10 <@ss> It's bookmark code logging
12:10 <@ss> It just generates a bit more logging when the bookmark code fails
12:10 <@mento> do we have a patch?
12:10 <@ss> SO we can tell what happened
12:10 <@ss> Yes
12:10 <@mento> right, i've seen the bug
12:10 <@ss> But we don't want it in the offical release
12:10 <@mento> oh
12:10 <@froodian> mento:
12:10 <@mento> you want an unofficial build from that branch after the release
12:11 <@ss> Right
12:11 <@mento> where unofficial = official, but not 103 :)
12:11 <@mento> sure, no problem
12:11 <@ss> Awesome, thanks.
12:11 <@ss> Next up, 1.1
12:11 <@ss> RSS landed on the trunk this weekend
12:11 <@ss> A couple bugs have been filed based on the landing, but so far, so good
12:12 <@ss> kreeger2: How's RSS looking for the branch?
12:12 -!- Pinolo [pinolo@EC7FF5A8.1D45B81B.EE8A2CEE.IP] has joined #camino-mtg
12:12 <@kreeger2> i have to merge it to the branch, I was going to do it yesterday, but I was ill 
                  most of the day.
12:12 <@Pinolo> hi and sorry for being late
12:12 <@ss> Pinolo: To recap for you, we're waiting for another core patch for 1.0.3 and then we'll 
            create the build.
12:12 <@kreeger2> I'll try to do it today
12:13 <@Pinolo> ok, tnx ss
12:13 <@ss> kreeger2: Ah, well, no hurry, just hurry... ;)
12:13 <@kreeger2> ill get to it for sure by tomorrow
12:13 <@ss> Pinolo: We hope to have it ready today or tomorrow and then we'll email you.
12:13 <@ss> Release is scheduled for Thursday, as I understand it.
12:13 <@ss> (For Firefox and Thunderbird)
12:13 <@hwaara> kreeger2: are there any clashes except for the project file?
12:13 <@ss> kreeger2: Have you had a chance to look at the bugs filed?
12:13 <@kreeger2> a bit
12:14 <@kreeger2> there is 2 right?
12:14 <@ss> Yeah
12:14 <@kreeger2> the 10.3 bug and the one Wevah filed?
12:14 <@ss> smorgan
12:14 <@ss> He filed one
12:14 <@kreeger2> smorgan commented what I was going to say
12:14 <@kreeger2> oh 
12:14 <@hwaara> I file one too
12:14 <@hwaara> filed.
12:14 <@kreeger2> bug 352078
12:15 ! ss invited thebot into the channel.
12:15 -!- thebot [] has joined #camino-mtg
12:15 <@ss> bug 352078
12:15 < thebot> ss: Bug nor, --, Camino1.1, 
      , NEW, RSS selection menu looks weird when there's no default 
                feed app inserted
12:15 <@ss> So three bugs so far.
12:15 <@ss> Which isn't too bad
12:15 <@kreeger2> hwaara which one did you file?
12:15 <@ss> But it hasn't gotten extensive testing because it's not on the branch yet.
12:15 <@hwaara> kreeger2: just a really minor one; we can polish the pref pane a bit
12:15  * froodian will grab that
12:15 <@froodian> i have to touch that nib anyway
12:15 <@ss> Yeah, that's froodian's
12:16 <@ss> kreeger2: Don't worry about that one. :)
12:16 <@kreeger2> yeah should I land the current RSS patch on branch or should I fix a bug then land?
12:16 <@kreeger2> that is bug....
12:16 <@ss> Land it on branch
12:16 <@hwaara> froodian: ardissone had some ideas on other stuff you can fix at the same time
12:16 <@hwaara> froodian: see scrollback in #camino
12:16 <@froodian> mhm
12:16 <@kreeger2> 352069'
12:16 <@ss> kreeger2: Land it on the branch and we can follow up with patches for these bugs.
12:16 <@kreeger2> k
12:16 <@ss> The bug Wevah filed is by design
12:17 <@ss> And smorgan seems opposed to it
12:17 <@ss> So it'll need some discussion
12:17 <@kreeger2> keep in mind most apps only use on feed per page
12:17 <@kreeger2> we sniff out ones that don't have the same name
12:17 <@Wevah> well
12:17 <@Wevah> what if i prefer a format?
12:18 <@ss> Yeah, and what format does our code lean toward?
12:18 <@Wevah> or what if ones reader-of-choice can't parse the first version?
12:18 <@Wevah> (which is a bit of a contrived example, but still...)
12:19 <@ss> Right, we'll need to think this one over a bit and decide.
12:19 <@ss> I'm not sure what the answer is yet.
12:19 <@kreeger2> Well, most pages that have .rss/.atom or whatever name there code different
12:19 <@ss> What does Firefox/IE/Safari do?
12:19 <@kreeger2> er code = feed name
12:19 <@ss> s/does/do
12:19 <@kreeger2> they only sniff out one page
12:19 <@kreeger2> er one link
12:19 <@ss> And is that a shitty experience overall?
12:19 <@Wevah> i usually add the feed type to the name, but...
12:20 <@kreeger2> well ff2 does kinda what we do
12:20 <@ss> Because if it is, we should look at fixing it in Camino.
12:20 <@kreeger2> Wevah: do you have a page that has the same names for differnet feeds?
12:21 <@ss> pnhChris probably has a few
12:21 <@Wevah> yeah
12:21 <@kreeger2> either way there are more pressing issues on RSS than that
12:21 <@Wevah> it's in the ug
12:21 <@Wevah> bug
12:21 <@Wevah>
12:22 <@froodian> so... rss.  can we move on, or are we still on this?
12:23  * froodian has a test soon ;)
12:23 <@kreeger2> ff2 only picks one feed
12:23 <@hwaara> we can discuss the specific issue in the bug
12:23 <@ss> I think we can leave it for now and discuss it in bugs and stuff
12:23 <@ss> And if no resolution is decided, we'll talk about it next week
12:23 <@ss> So
12:23 <@ss> smorgan!
12:23 <@ss> For those that don't know
12:23 <@Wevah> hee hee
12:24 <@ss> He's leaving Apple and is going to Google
12:24 <@ss> And will become a contributor (of patches) again
12:24 <@pnhChris> feed types.. .yeah.. you can easily have a few... in blog scenarios its comment to 
                  have multiple formats provided (unless you redirect through feedburner) and
                  occasionally something with other content (like a comments feed).. or full posts
                  vs. summary
12:24 <@ss> He took the Keychain Services bug, which is huge.
12:24 <@pnhChris> but happy to discuss that later if its been benched :)
12:25 <@ss> It is. :)
12:25 <@ss> pnhChris: Add your comments in the bug
12:25 <@Wevah> it's not critical
12:25 <@ss> Anyway, it's great to have smorgan back
12:25 <@froodian> :D
12:25 <@froodian> indeed
12:25 <@ss> Everyone welcome him back when you see him
12:26 <@ss> If we can get haas on some more patches, it'll be a huge string of things coming in 
            again. We'll have more developers than ever. :)
12:26 -!- BruceD [] has joined #camino-mtg
12:26 <@ss> But even still... the review queue is fairly large still
12:27 <@ss> Not too large anymore.
12:27 <@kreeger2> im trying to do at least 3 reviews a week
12:27 <@kreeger2> if time allow
12:27 <@kreeger2> s
12:27 <@ss> pinkerton: You have a couple left.
12:28 <@ss> Otherwise there's only 8 in the review queue
12:28 <@ss> And a couple have been there forever.
12:28 <@pinkerton> i know
12:28 <@ss> Then the sr queue will be caught up.
12:28 <@hwaara> I'm tempted to just check-in the middle click patch, as it fixes a long-standing bug 
                and no one really reviews it
12:28 <@hwaara> :P
12:28 <@ss> Overall, we're looking in better shape.
12:29 <@ss> That'd be ill advised. ;)
12:29 <@hwaara> I think all sr's have looked, but no one has stamped it either way
12:29 <@ss> BruceD: Sorry, I missed you in the channel listing...
12:29 < BruceD> np
12:30 <@ss> hwaara: Why don't you request from haas and see what happens. ;)
12:30 <@ss> Anyway, there's lots of checkins needed today
12:30 <@froodian> i was gonna wait
12:30 <@froodian> for rss
12:30 <@ss> To catch up with the SRs.
12:30 <@ss> Ah...
12:31 <@ss> And, as some of you may have seen, Jon Hicks is going to be helping with design a bit.
12:31 <@froodian> :)
12:31 <@ss> He's emailed me a rough draft of a first design of the icon for the bookmark state bug.
12:31 <@hwaara> ss: bookmark state bug?
12:32 <@froodian> bug 235863
12:32 <@froodian> too fast :p
12:32 <@froodian>
12:32 <@ss> Yeah, that bug.
12:33 <@ss> Now, let's quickly go by the tinderboxen.
12:33 <@ss> They suck
12:33 <@ss> Completely suck.
12:34 <@ss> mento: pawn is crashing on startup
12:34 <@kreeger2> oh there is one thing we need to do when we get to .xcodeproj
12:34 <@ss> We pinged the build guys (rhelmer) and he got it off red, but now it's orange.
12:34 <@kreeger2> via RSS
12:34 <@kreeger2> but it can wait
12:34 <@kreeger2> it is something small
12:34 <@ss> boxset was bouncing back and forth between red and green for no apparent reason.
12:35 <@ss> We need those babies upgraded...
12:35 <@mento> ss: i know
12:35 <@mento> but i haven't had a chance to look yet
12:35 <@ss> I know the answer, but I'm asking it for smokey.
12:35 <@kreeger2> maybe we can pimp that "Mozilla Sharing Community"?
12:35 <@ss> Any new news on the upgrade front?
12:35 <@kreeger2> for tbox upgrades?
12:35 <@ss> Yes.
12:35 <@ss> We can try
12:35 <@ss> But it's doubtful
12:36 <@kreeger2> just get one of those "Family" packs of 10.4
12:36 <@kreeger2> like 5 installs or whatever
12:36 <@ss> Heh
12:36 <@kreeger2> $199
12:36 <@ss> We need the machines, kreeger2.
12:36 <@ss> Not the OS.
12:37 <@ss> Anyway
12:37 <@kreeger2> oh
12:37 <@ss> There's no news.
12:37 <@ss> So, we just have to wait it out.
12:38 <@ss>
12:38 < thebot> ss: Bug 345023 maj, --, ---,, NEW, Accidentally opening a tab 
                group with fewer tabs than currently opened removes "extra" tabs
12:38 <@ss> Everyone go read that bug
12:38 <@ss> What do we want to do there?
12:38 <@ss> We can change the behavior or we can add a warning.
12:38 <@ss> Or, we can leave it how it is (sucky).
12:39 <@froodian> all options suck imo.  i'm not sure which one i think sucks least
12:40 <@ardissone|zzZ> ^^^
12:40 <@ardissone|zzZ> i think warning prolly sucks least
12:40 <@hwaara> maybe a warning with an option to turn it off
12:40 -!- ardissone|zzZ is now known as ardissone|bleh
12:40 <@ss> I agree.
12:40 <@hwaara> in the dialog, that is
12:40 <@ss> Warning is the best option to me.
12:40 <@ss> If we put it in the dialog, we have to put it in the preferences as well.
12:41 <@hwaara> hmm
12:41 <@ss> I'd be okay with that, mind you.
12:41 <@hwaara> maybe we can group it together with the (future) pref of warning when opening too 
                many tabs at once?
12:42 <@ss> But I'm not sure what pinkerton thinks about adding a preference for that.
12:42 <@hwaara> they are kinda related, no?
12:42 <@ss> Yeah, they kind of are.
12:42 <@froodian> I think tab groups are enough of a "power-user" feature that we can safely hide the 
                  pref to turn the warning off.  if somebody uses tab groups enough to be annoyed, 
                  chances are they can use about:config
12:42  * hwaara agrees with froodian 
12:43 <@pinkerton> we ship with a tab group on the bookmark bar
12:43 <@ss> Yep, we do.
12:43 <@pinkerton> so it's easy for users to fuck up
12:43 <@ardissone|bleh> that's the one that bites me every time
12:43  * BruceD wonders how difficult undo would be, whether to just WONTFIX until then
12:43 <@ss> Camino: We make it easy to fuck up (TM)
12:44 <@ss> Would "undo" undo all the tab changes?
12:44 < BruceD> Its a good job you trade marked it - we don't want anyone using that phrase :-)
12:44 <@ss> I thought it was 
12:44 <@ss> Err..
12:44 <@ss> I thought it was for one tab
12:44 <@ss> "Undo closing the last tab"
12:44 <@pinkerton> it seems to me like every power users wants it to replace until the one time where 
                   they don't
12:44 <@ardissone|bleh> fx has "recently closed tabs"
12:44 <@hwaara> we could undo the last few tabs too
12:44 <@pinkerton> and normal users never want it to fuck up
12:44 <@pinkerton> so in the presence of no tab-undo, we need to make a change
12:45 -!- Pinolo [pinolo@EC7FF5A8.1D45B81B.EE8A2CEE.IP] has left #camino-mtg []
12:45 < BruceD> Undo should always undo the last user action, which in this case would be something 
                like "go back in 3 tabs and re-open four tabs we just closed"
12:45 <@hwaara> pinkerton: would you like a warning?
12:45 <@ardissone|bleh> and warning is the least sucky change
12:45 <@hwaara> and then the follow-up question is: with or without checkbox to turn it off?
12:45 <@pinkerton> hwaara: a warning that nobody would read and that power users would dismiss and 
                   check the box and then fuck themselves later?
12:45 <@pinkerton> i guess it's no different from the multi-tab window close
12:46 <@ss> We could add a toggle, no?
12:46 <@ardissone|bleh> i hate the warnings, but i keep them on
12:46 <@pinkerton> are we really in the business of giving users enough rope to hang themselves?
12:46 <@ss> When you cmd-q with multiple windows open, and hit shift as well, doesn't it bypass that 
12:46 <@ardissone|bleh> no
12:46 <@hwaara> it's true, it would be better if the behavior was secure by default
12:46 <@ss> I thought there was a way...
12:46 <@ss> Maybe it's cmd-w with multiple tabs
12:46 <@ardissone|bleh> no
12:47 <@ss> And cmd-shift-w
12:47 <@froodian> ss: cl wanted that
12:47 <@froodian> but we don't do it
12:47 <@ss> Ah12:47  * ss goes back to the corner
12:47 <@hwaara> then I'd vote for making tab groups append
12:47 <@hwaara> if we're going the safe route
12:47 <@hwaara> or waiting on undo :)
12:48 <@ardissone|bleh> !summon smorgan
12:48 <@ss> For 1.1, we can append. For 1.2/2.0, we can change, but will have undo.
12:48 <@ss> Any complaints?
12:48 <@pinkerton> sounds good to me
12:48 <@ss> (Unless someone does undo before that.)
12:48 <@hwaara> won't users be annoyed if we change the behavior in every release though?
12:48 <@pinkerton> (seems unlikely)
12:48 <@pinkerton> users will be pissed either way
12:48 <@ss> (not if we get more developers)
12:49 <@ss> ;)
12:49 <@pinkerton> i'd rather err on the side of us not pissing them off by losing data
12:49 <@ss> I'll also note that SeaMonkey, unlike Firefox, is using bfcache for undo close tabs
12:49 <@hwaara> pinkerton: what does it involve in getting undo working, gecko-wise?
12:49 <@ss> And it's pretty neat.
12:49 <@hwaara> can we just retain something?
12:49 <@pinkerton> hwaara: i have no idea
12:49 <@ss> hwaara: Go read the bug.
12:49 <@ss> Next
12:49 <@hwaara> ss: :P
12:50 <@ss>
12:50 < thebot> ss: Bug 318001 cri, --, Camino1.1,, NEW, Fatal Hang on file 
                downloads to desktop with Quicksilver running kqueue
12:50 <@ss> We hate that bug.
12:50 <@ss> Because it kills our power users.
12:50 <@kreeger2> yeah... i have two options so far:
12:50 <@kreeger2> 1. Remove the FNSubscribe stuff and use kqueue now that we are on 10.3
12:51 <@kreeger2> (granted that doesn't fix any of our 1.0.x releases
12:51  * ss reads the wiki.
12:51 <@ss> Almost word for word, my friend.
12:51 <@ss> ;)
12:51 <@froodian> i say go with 1
12:51 <@kreeger2> 2. Don't subscribe to the desktop if Quicksilver is installed
12:51 <@ss> I do too.
12:51 <@pinkerton> if you need quick turnaround on things from nick jitkoff, he works at google now
12:51 <@pinkerton> so i seem him on irc every day
12:51 <@froodian> there's only one more 1.0.x release anyway
12:51 <@ss> Who's Nick Jitkoff?
12:51 <@pinkerton> the quicksilver guy
12:51 <@ss> Ah.....
12:51 <@ss> Wow
12:52 <@pinkerton> yes, all your base are belong to us
12:52 <@hwaara> everyone works at google! :)
12:52 <@ss> I think we can do this on our end anyway.
12:52 <@ss> I'
12:52 <@ss> I care less about 1.0.x
12:52 <@ardissone|bleh> it's already relnoted there
12:52 <@kreeger2> so the kqueue route then?
12:52 <@ss> As froodian said, we probably only have one, maybe two, more relnotes.
12:52 <@ss> kreeger2: Yes.
12:52 <@pinkerton> just saying if you need anything from him, i can ping
12:52 <@kreeger2> k
12:52 <@hwaara> kreeger2: sounds good
12:52 <@ss> kreeger2: If you need Nick Jitkoff, tell pinkerton. :-P
12:53 <@kreeger2> pinkerton: it appears that his subscription is a beta thing if i rememeber correctly
12:53 <@ss> And the final bug...
12:53 <@kreeger2> for quicksliver
12:53 <@ss>
12:53 < thebot> ss: Bug 343837 maj, --, Camino1.1,, NEW, SSL2/weak ciphers 
                disabled messages contain "(null)" instead of "Camino"
12:53 <@ss> mento: this part of the discussion may involve you.
12:53 <@ss> ardissone|bleh tried embed-replacemnts
12:53 <@ss> And it didn't work for that ilfe
12:53 <@ss> file*(
12:54 <@ss> And had worse results than the current state
12:54 <@hwaara> so, someone needs to fix it ;)
12:54 <@ss> (My typing sucks on this keyboard)
12:54 <@ardissone|bleh> gecko really wants to substitute 2 strings when the orig file had 2 strings 
                        to sub :P
12:54 -!- BruceD [] has left #camino-mtg []
12:54 <@ss> We have a couple of options for this.
12:54 <@ss> One: I can bitch the hell out of core
12:55 <@ss> That includes requesting blocking all over the place
12:55 <@ss> For them to fix this on 1.8.1
12:55 <@ardissone|bleh> for bailing on fixing branding for 1.8
12:55 <@ss> Two: We can reimplement those sheets for 1.1 on our end
12:55 <@ss> (The kinder method, but more work for us)
12:55 <@ss> It would also be kinder to our l10n team
12:55 <@ss> Who could then translate it.
12:55 <@ardissone|bleh> if it's possible
12:56 <@ss> Right
12:56 <@ss> hwaara: You might know if it's possible.
12:56 <@ardissone|bleh> no one who knows our secy dialog stuff has said it is
12:56 <@ardissone|bleh> !summon smfr
12:56 <@hwaara> I haven't looked enough at the bug to understand all the implications
12:56 <@hwaara> but I'd vote for "someone fixing it before 1.1"-option, if that exists ;)
12:56 <@ardissone|bleh> there might be another option, potentially
12:56 <@ss> hwaara: But "how" is the question.
12:56 <@ardissone|bleh> maybe
12:56 <@hwaara> ss: how is equal to having a patch :)
12:57 <@ss> hwaara: No, it's not.
12:57 <@ardissone|bleh> hacking us to ship branding, depending on how that wrosk
12:57 <@hwaara> because you'd need to investigate and see what's happening to know how
12:57 <@ss> hwaara: If we need core stuff to be fixed, I need to know now.
12:57 <@hwaara> afaics
12:57  * hwaara doesn't know
12:57 <@ss> Right, and we have to be sure about it.
12:58 <@ss> ardissone|bleh: Did you see timeless' comment?
12:58 <@hwaara> so what about timeless' option?
12:58 <@ardissone|bleh> no
12:58 <@hwaara> just hardcode Camino on our part
12:58 <@ardissone|bleh> i hadn't
12:58 <@hwaara> and grab the #2 string
12:58 <@ardissone|bleh> that doesn';t work
12:58 <@ardissone|bleh> that's what i tried last nighjt
12:58 -!- delliott [delliott@3BAE4F5C.964A7C50.9970C4BB.IP] has joined #camino-mtg
12:58 <@hwaara> but you didn't write that?
12:59 < delliott> Whoops.
12:59 <@hwaara> ardissone|bleh: you wrote that you substituted a bunch of strings with #1, right?
12:59 <@hwaara> (#1 = branding)
12:59 <@ardissone|bleh> ?
12:59 <@hwaara> comment 7 in bug 343837
12:59 < thebot> hwaara: Bug maj, --, Camino1.1, 
      , NEW, SSL2/weak ciphers disabled messages contain "(null)" instead 
                of "Camino"
13:00 <@ardissone|bleh> i sed'd the file to replace #$1 with "Camino" and then had embed-repl repack 
                        the new file in embed.jar
13:00 <@hwaara> ah
13:00 <@ardissone|bleh> and got blank seehts
13:01 <@froodian> -> class
13:01 -!- froodian is now known as froodian|class
13:01 <@hwaara> I bet we can experiment to find something that works
13:01 <@ss> So, we don't have an answer yet.
13:01 <@ss> hwaara: Do you want to work on it?
13:01 <@ss> hwaara: See if we can do it from our end?
13:01 <@ss> This is P1
13:01 <@ss> Because if we need Core to change, we need to know soon
13:01 <@hwaara> sure, but I can't promise about when
13:02 <@ardissone|bleh> (we needed to know 2 months ago :( )
13:02 <@ss> Yeah.
13:02 -!- andersonbm [andersonma@3845E03A.E6A4577F.4E39937D.IP] has joined #camino-mtg
13:03 <@ss> So, that's about it.
13:03 <@ss> I do want to say a couple more things
13:03 <@ss> The website is coming along. Wevah's helping me get the server setup
13:03 <@ss> That should be this week or next when we start the transition.
13:03 <@Wevah> yeah
13:04 <@ss> It should be seamless.
13:04 <@Wevah> i think all we need to do for sendmail is tweak the virtusertable
13:04 <@ss> But we'll let everyone know when it happens.
13:04 <@Wevah> we need pop and imap stuff though too
13:04 <@ss> Right
13:04 <@pinkerton> is pawn back to ok, i saw it was orange earlier
13:04 <@ss> No, it's not.
13:04 <@ss> It's crashing on startup.
13:04 <@ss> You must have been away when we had that discussion. ;)
13:06 <@ss> Besides, that we need to talk about when 1.1 alpha will be
13:06 <@ss> But I think we can do that next week.
13:06 <@ss> We're almost there
13:06 <@ss> Just a bit more cleanup and we can go alpha.
13:06 <@ardissone|bleh> "bit"
13:07 <@ss> :)
13:07 <@ss> Everyone bookmark
13:07 <@ss> Everyone bookmark
13:07 <@ss> Man, this keyboard sucks
13:07 <@ss> Anyway, follow that and we'll be on our way.
13:07 -!- andersonbm [andersonma@3845E03A.E6A4577F.4E39937D.IP] has quit [Quit: ]
13:08 <@ardissone|bleh> go forth and fix bugs on that list
13:08 <@ardissone|bleh> (and fix pawn)
13:08 <@ss> And everyone have a good week. Be productive and stuff