Status Meetings:2006-09-18

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).

Meeting Day/Time

We decided to move the meeting from Mondays at 9am PDT to Wednesdays at 9am PDT to accommodate Mike's class schedule this fall.

Camino 1.1 Alpha 1

Overall, we decided that Camino 1.1 Alpha 1 would be released before the end of the month. The changes that need to be made are mostly specific to the new pop-up blocker including its design and any other fixes we can get in.

The main focus for the developers is now on polishing new features for 1.1 and finishing up any regressions caused by new features or by changes to Gecko 1.8.

In addition, we've asked Jon Hicks to help us with graphics in Jasper's absence. His work has already started and is progressing well.

Camino 1.0.3

Camino 1.0.3 was released after a few false starts due to Gecko incorporating last minute changes. It was released in sync with Mozilla Gecko, including Firefox and SeaMonkey 1.0.5.

No one had yet talked to Jay about talkback. Smokey will email Jay and let him know about our release. Hopefully the talkback server will be setup for us soon.

In addition, we'll run one more build of Camino 1.0.3, which will be treated as "unofficial" and will include the "super-logging" patch from the lost bookmarks bug. Any users who experience that bug frequently will be encouraged to download that build and get logs of exactly what's happening so we can determine what is going on.

Bug 340412

Bug 340412 - Protect (warn) against (accidentally) opening too many tabs

We decided to take the UI off this patch and make it a hidden pref. If demand exists to make it a pref in our UI, we'll re-evaluate and add it later.

Bug 319777

Bug 319777 - Delliott's bug (tab scrolling)

The new graphics Hicks provided are very good. We will go with an improved version of #1. The improved version should be larger; both the icon and the target area. Sam will email Hicks with this information.

Bug 352922

Bug 352922 - Override some generic strings in netError.dtd and config.dtd

We decided to checkin pre-modified files as it's an easier solution and is safer in the short term. We'll re-evaluate this on the trunk in hopes to get a better fix for the root cause of this bug.

Bug 331331

Bug 331331 - Change popup blocker's color

For 1.1, we'll focus on changing the color. Post 1.1, we'll look at changing the way the tab bar works and using an "extended" look for the notification bar.

Of the designs Hicks provided, we decided that "dark" and "dark blue" designs with icons were the best fit. That said, they were a bit too overpowering and we want something less "strong" so the content area doesn't feel washed out. In addition, we'd like the icon to better match the look and feel of the bar. Finally, the text is hard to distinguish with the new designs so we'd like to see better contrast there. Sam will email Hicks with this information.