Status Meetings:2006-10-04

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).


ardissone, cl, delliott, froodian, kreeger, murph, peeja, pinkerton, Pinolo, peepo

Camino 1.1 Alpha 1

We made some progress, but not really enough. We want to get a1 out before Fx2 (currently 24 Oct) and 1.1 before the end of the year. We're going to work more on the popup blocker, kqueue, and menu cleanup, and try again for next Thurs/Fri (Oct 12/13)

Fixing Core-caused breakage in Camino in a timely fashion

No one had any brilliant ideas, but we agreed we need to pay closer attention to these issues.


Someone should file a bug about updating the dates in since the dates for 1.1 and 1.2 have changed

Weekly Bugs and Queues Update

It was a pretty good week queue-wise, although we didn't fix many bugs.

Bug 303193

Bug 303193 - Make error pages look more like Camino/Aqua

We decided to go with phillipe's bullets and the old section-spacing

Bookmark Manager tooltips

Bug 315340 - show inline tooltip for fields that don't fit instead of dropped location as tooltip
Bug 355167 - Make bookmark item tooltips have title and url like bookmark buttons

We decided to do Bug 315340 (show inline tooltips) instead of Bug 355167 (title and url like bookmark buttons), with one tooltip for the location and one for the url, and only show the tooltip if that item is truncated. pink isn't sure we can do this in a Cocoa tree view, but he's OK with trying.

Bug 290212

Bug 290212 - Implement bookmark folders' "Open in Tabs"/"Open in New Tabs" with alternate menu items

No one had any good ideas on how to fix the menu updating, so pinkerton approved landing the regression-fix part and coming back to making the text reflect the state of the prefs

Bug 341967

Bug 341967 - Popup blocker notification text doesn't wrap properly

We decided to stop wrapping at a certain window size (595 px) and also to fix the minimum size of the browser window at that size, if possible (i.e., if it doesn't break small-sized pop-ups). When a window is smaller than 595px, we'll go back to truncating.

Bug 355323

Bug 355323 - Fix followup issues with changing the color of the pop-up blocker bar

We discussed the issues relating to "Aqua buttons vs. curved glass bg", indistinguishable close button and tiling problems with using images. The decision was to implement a lighter gradient in code (something similar to this) to solve the buttons/tiling issues, and to go back to using the standard grey close buttons for discoverability and consistency.

Bug 337958

Bug 337958 - Dragging folder/tab group from Bookmark Bar to tab strip should respect shift toggle cl asked for clarification and will post a new patch today (this bug blocks several shift-toggle and "cmd-as-new" bugs)