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Wed 11 Oct 9am PDT (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.1 Alpha 1
    • Hold again or go?
      • kqueue not ready yet; this weekend/by Tues hopefully
      • No real movement on the pop-up blocker front (there are some patches and investigations)
      • Menu cleanup has r+; waiting on second r and sr
      • planet.m.o says Fx2 RC 3 is next Tue (Oct 17) and Fx2 release is 2 weeks: Tue Oct 24
  • What about putting l10ns into Camino source repository? (by Marcello)
    • I'd like to spend most of my efforts on the community side of Caminol10n, trying to make it better and more productive. Since I already maintain (in a very clumsy way) a cvs repository of l10n packages and text files, why not put them among Camino's source, so that the ML package might be built directly from that place?
    • Pros:
      • I shouldn't work on building and distributing, and I would not be a bottleneck as sometimes happened in the past
      • Unified Camino build more in line with Mac OS X
    • Cons:
      • The build system would need be changed
      • Moving the bottleneck to coordinating cvs checkins
      • Out-of-date translations:
        • Stale files on development branches (e.g., an out-of-date BrowserWindow.nib will hork that language) [could be worked around by keeping nightlies En-only]
        • Non-updated l10ns still in cvs across branch changes or emergency new strings on a stable branch (e.g., Pirate 1.0.x never gets updated for 1.x, or in the event string changes are needed for 1.0.x+1)
    additional pros/cons in italics by sardisson, who'd really like to see a unified Camino build nonetheless
  • l10n of license.r on dmg? Is that feasible tech-wise?
  • Tab scrolling landed on the trunk (congrats delliott!); follow-up bugs being filed
  • Tinderboxen upgrades are on build's radar (coop)
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Fixed a few more bugs, mostly non-1.1 bugs though
    • r queue fairly large with midterms and hwaara and froodian away part of the period

Specific bugs that need action

  • Bug 350331 - Pages sometimes fail to display when loaded; resizing the window fixes display
    • We have a regression range, but need more investigation
  • Bug 356242 - Make CHBrowserListener an informal protocol
    • Any reason not to do this (see bug for rationale)?
  • Bug 306396 - Don't show wyciwyg URLs in location bar
    • Is the home-rolled method OK, or do we need to pull in additional Gecko components to use the same method Fx does?
  • Bug 350732 - Going back with popup bar on screen truncates scroll view
    • Any ideas why this is not working (or why some people can repro and others cannot)?
  • Bug 355080 - prettify about:config warning in line with the error pages
    • Which proposal looks better/most in line with error pages? [1], [2]


Camino 1.1a1

Camino 1.1