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12:00 <@ss> Alright, if mostly everyone is here, shall we begin?
12:00 <@pinkerton> sure
12:00 <@ss> Welcome to another great meeting on a beautiful Wednesday (it's raining
            and dark here)
12:00 <@ss> Everyone please open the wiki and follow along
12:00 <@ss>
12:00 <@ss> First off, a1
12:01 <@ss> a1 was supposed to be released on Friday
12:01 <@ss> But there were some issues with connecting to the tboxen
12:01 <@ss> So mento has said either this afternoon or tomorrow.
12:01 <@mento> that's right
12:01 <@kreeger2> rainy and cold here
12:01 <@ss> As soon as that's out, checkins can land again on the branch, but until
            then we're waiting. 
12:01 <@pinkerton> ok
12:02 <@ss> Next, tbox upgrades
12:02 <@ss> coop has been working on those apparently, but nothing's really done yet,
12:02 <@ss> And, despite what that says, binus is running 10.3 still.
12:03 <@pinkerton> ha
12:03 <@ss> Our perf numbers are all off
12:03 <@ss> That's because of the tboxen not being able to reach the office pageload
12:03 <@mento> right, they're hitting a pageload server via the internet
12:03 <@ss> So they're going to another one.
12:03 <@ss> etc etc.
12:03 <@pinkerton> "yay"
12:03 <@mento> i'll see if i have a chance to set up a local pageload server on maya
12:03 <@ss> mento might run his own pageload servers on the machines...
12:03 <@ss> Right.
12:04 <@ss> And... the wiki
12:04 <@pinkerton> coo'
12:04 <@ss> There's a couple of documents on there for conversion
12:04 <@ss> Specifically for Fx and Sf users
12:04 <@pinkerton> hot
12:04 <@ss> We'd like them to exist on the new website and get beautified and such.
12:05 <@ss> Some of the language might need to change, but otherwise they should
            be a good help to anyone converting.
12:05 <@ss> Also, if someone using Intel (mento?) wants to run through the build
12:05 <@ss> Those will be the official ones on our site at some point in the
            relatively near future.
12:05 <@mento> where they at?
12:05 <@ss>
12:05 <@ss> They'll get some design though.
12:06 <@ss> Our queues are nice and full.
12:06 <@ss> Review queues I mean.
12:06 <@ss> pinkerton: Hopefully you can get some of the quick SRs?
12:07 <@pinkerton> this week is iffy, but i'll try
12:07 <@pinkerton> i'm in MV this week
12:07 <@ss> Maybe not like... Keychain Services, but some of the smaller ones. ;)
12:07 <@pinkerton> right
12:07 <@pinkerton> on my list for hotel downtime
12:07 <@ss> And the review queue is also nice and long.
12:07 <@ss> Good times.
12:07  * pinkerton weighs sr's vs. hookers
12:07 <@ss> hwaara was out of town for a bit
12:07 <@mento> ha 
12:08  * ss is going to bold that line in the Log on the wiki.
12:08 <@ss> ;)
12:08 <@ss> Zip zip zip...
12:08 <@ss> Anything else before we go to specific bugs?
12:08 <@pinkerton> one thing
12:09 -!- delliott has joined #camino-mtg
12:09 < delliott> Good afternoon.
12:09  * ss waits for pinkerton
12:09 <@pinkerton> stuart and i are gonna kick around some thoughts about either adding
                   another sr person or making it so that tiny things don't always need sr,
                   to help reduce some of the backup
12:09 <@pinkerton> nothing specific yet, but it's something i've been thinking about in
                   the back of my head
12:09 <@pinkerton> i'll keep you posted
12:09 <@ss> That sounds good...
12:10 <@pinkerton> that's all, continue
12:10 ! ss invited thebot into the channel.
12:10 -!- thebot has joined #camino-mtg
12:10 <@ss> bug 159337
12:10 < thebot> ss: Bug nor, --,
                Camino1.1,, ASSI, Disable "View Source"
                from menu/key command when source is in view
12:10 <@ss> So
12:10 <@ss> I know everyone loves the word "so"
12:11 <@ss> Basically the current patch disables "view source" on about: URIs as well.
12:12 <@pinkerton> looks ok to me. sr=pink
12:12 <@froodian> There's a good case for being able to view source on certain about: URIs,
                  especially about:credits, since it's a real live page.
12:12 <@froodian> but if you say it is so, it is so
12:12 <@pinkerton> i see no value
12:13 <@ss> bug 341278
12:13 < thebot> ss: Bug nor, --,
                ---,, UNCO, Status bar priority
12:14  * hwaara is back
12:14 <@ss> Is this something we can fix? And, if so, is it something we *want* to fix?
12:14 <@pinkerton> not sure if we can, we get the msgs from gecko without any indication of
                   what they are
12:14 <@pinkerton> iirc
12:14 <@pinkerton> the api doesn't give us enough info to distinguish between the two
12:15 <@smorgan> We might be able to do it dirty-like
12:15 <@smorgan> Check for starting with a protocol
12:16 <@pinkerton> ew?
12:16 <@ss> And that's the "do we want to" part of it. ;)
12:16 <@pinkerton> i agree it's a bit annoying from time to time
12:17 <@pinkerton> could be worth some cycles, but could get nasty quickly with ordering and
                   what to reset to, etc
12:17 <@hwaara> we get the nsIWebProgressListener events
12:17 <@pinkerton> i say keep it, low priority, maybe good first bug it
12:17 <@hwaara> they tell us when stuff loads
12:17 <@hwaara> so that must be different from for example onmouseoveer-text?
12:17 <@smorgan> No matter what, it seems like it should be confirmed+future over WF
12:17 <@pinkerton> yeah, not WF
12:17 -!- delliott_ has joined #camino-mtg
12:18 <@ss> Make it so.
12:19 -!- delliott has quit [Ping timeout]
12:19 <@ss> And I do believe that's it for the day.
12:20 -!- delliott_ is now known as delliott
12:20 <@ss> Short meetings are good meetings. ;)
12:20 <@froodian> lots of QA this week :)
12:20 <@ss> Yeah, lots of awesome QA.
12:20 <@hwaara> lots of UNCO bugs
12:20 <@ss> cl's been doing more.
12:21 <@hwaara> are bugs supposed to stay in unco even while everyone is discussing the bug?
12:21 <@hwaara> I see lots of debugging and stuff going on in bugs that aren't even new
12:21 <@froodian> if they're UNCO, yes
12:22 <@froodian> "Nobody has validated that this bug is true."
12:22 <@hwaara> define true?
12:22 <@hwaara> :)
12:22 <@froodian> where true can = "a real bug" or "yeah, we do want something like this"
12:22 <@froodian> depending on severity
12:22 <@hwaara> is crasher "true"? :)
12:23 <@smorgan> I've noticed that there seems to be some idea that unless everyone can
                 reproduce a bug it sits in UNCO
12:23 <@smorgan> If a dev has seen it, it's confirmed
12:23 <@froodian> yeah
12:23 <@smorgan> It doesn't have to have reproducible steps or be seen by everyone
12:23 <@hwaara> then I should confirm more, I suppose. I just never understood the exact
                procedures for camino in this conetxt 
12:23 <@froodian> but that doesn't necessarily mean that a crasher is always "true"
12:23 <@hwaara> I nkow gecko is a lot more generous about confirming
12:23 <@froodian> hwaara: or maybe you should allow bugmail from unco bugs ;)
12:24 <@hwaara> froodian: I already did, long ago, dude!
12:24 <@froodian> ah, sorry
12:24 <@hwaara> :P
12:24 <@froodian> i was working on old information
12:24 <@hwaara> I _had_ to 
12:24  * froodian backs off :)
12:24 <@murph> before we close I wanted to mention a few things I've been noticing with
               keyboard access and tabbing around the views in a browser window..
12:26 <@murph> i know hwaara's been working on a fix for not being able to loop back around
               to the URL/toolbar (top of window) after inside the browser content area, but..
12:27 <@murph> when re-ordering items on the bookmark bar, the keyboard focus loop is
               never updated..try to move around one and then tab through the row
12:27 <@hwaara> i've noticed that as well. add a new bookmark, and it wont be focusable
                before you open a new window
12:27 <@froodian> sounds like you should file a bug
12:27 -!- thebot was kicked from #camino-mtg by froodian [froodian]
12:28 <@murph> and even after hiding the bookmark bar, it still received focus when
               tabbing and you can bring up folder menus
12:28 -!- pinkerton has left #camino-mtg []
12:28 -!- froodian was kicked from #camino-mtg by froodian [bam!]
12:28 <@murph> yeah, if no one recognizes any of this i'll search myself and then file it
12:28 <@hwaara> in many other places, hiding in our world means just setting the view
                to size 0, or swapping it out of the view hierarchy without really hiding it
12:28 <@hwaara> so that might be worht looking at (how we hide it)
12:29 <@hwaara> because I think cocoa should take care of not making stuff focusable when
                they're hidden
12:29 <@murph> alright, I'll definitely check into that
12:29 <@hwaara> great
12:29 <@murph> yeah, if an NSWindow is set to autoRecalculateKeyFocus (or something like that)
12:30 <@murph> it will look at all views whenever one is added/removed
12:30 <@hwaara> make sure it's not 10.4+
12:30 <@murph> right..will do
12:32 <@ss> Alright
12:32 <@ss> Thank you all for coming
12:32 <@ss> See you next week