Status Meetings:2006-11-01:Agenda

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Wed 1 Nov 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.1 Alpha 1
    • random hex string topcrasher may be the random crash many of us have seen
    • We're also seeing a fair bit of discussion about crashes involving a non-virtual thunk to nsChildView (doesn't trigger talkback) on the forum, and in bugzilla: Bug 358978, Bug 359005 smokey repro'd with that in the stack). n-v thunk's existing bug is Bug 333775
  • Camino 1.1
    • 100 bugs left
    • Zoom (Bug 155956) is close to ready for sr
    • Might get session-saving (at least some subset all the concept entails) in time? - Bug 152147
    • Still need some focus on the regressions/follow-up from earlier feature landings - User:Sardisson/Camino_1.1
  • tinderboxen
    • build graphs on pawn should be working again
    • perf data still a bit wild/high, though
    • in lieu of waiting for OS upgrades, we're switching to 10.3.9 SDK soonish (10.3.0 for pawn/boxset/binus); first trunk, then 18branch
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • heavy but moving (20 fixes this week), mostly because we're producing lots of patches :)
    • smorgan did his first few sr
    • still stretched a bit thin on reviewers (and people to sr smorgan's patches)

Specific bugs that need action

  • Bug 314628 - How do I find out what folder is being used as my Dock menu?
    ideas: change the color of the text (name) of the folder/collection and show a tooltip when hovering over? Others?
  • Bug 355490 - Need a way to access all tabs quickly from the tab bar
    I have submitted a patch (that obviously needs to be refined, so there is little value in reviewing it) but we need to come to a decision as to whether or not we are going to go ahead with this approach. For those of you not building from source, you can view the change this makes [1] I cannot make the meeting due to other commitments but would still like this to be discussed. I have given my reasons for going with this approach in the bug. delliott 02:17, 31 October 2006 (PST)
  • Bug 355033 - Keychain password prefs need clarification


  • Bugs fixed since last meeting (21) [+14 since last week] (10 bugs were 1.1-targeted; many of the others were small cleanup or steps the way to other 1.1 fixes)


  • Review (10) [-1 net since last week] (currently 1 untargeted request)
  • Superreview (12) [-2 net since last week]