Status Meetings:2006-11-01:Log

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12:05 <@ss> Sorry, I got caught up
12:05 <@ss> Let's start.
12:06 <@ss> Everyone please put 
            in your Camino.
12:06 <@ss> Camino 1.1a1:
12:06 <@ss> We're still seeing that random hex crasher, which might be the random crasher we're 
            all seeing.
12:06 <@ss> (Or at least, I am)
12:07 <@ss> There's also another crash
12:07 <@ss> It's listed in the agenda.
12:08 <@ss> If anyone has time to look into those (for what little amount they can), it'd 
12:08 <@ss> I haven't been able to reliably reproduce any crash unfortunately (or fortunately?).
12:09 <@ss> Camino 1.1:
12:09 <@ss> We're down to 100 bugs, which is good.
12:09 <@ss> Very good. :)
12:09 <@froodian> w00t
12:09 <@ss> The Zoom bug is (Torben's) is now in smfr's SR queue
12:09 <@ss> Hopefully that'll get in soon as it's been requested a lot lately.
12:10 <@ss> Also, smorgan got the first part of session saving written, just needs reviews and 
            such. :)
12:10 <@ss> Hopefully for alpha2 we can get those two things in.
12:10 <@ss> Tinderboxen:
12:10 <@ss> (boxset is burning, btw)
12:10 <@smorgan> I'd like to get Safari keychain compat in for 1.1 too, btw
12:10 <@froodian> speaking of which, i know it's a little OT, but we're gonna need software soon 
                  if we're gonna have it, wont' we?
12:11 <@ss> Have what?
12:11 <@froodian> software update
12:11  * ss isn't sure he mentioned software update.
12:11 <@froodian> hence why i said OT ;)
12:11 <@froodian> but if it's going to be in 1.1 it needs to be in some release prior to that, 
                  so that it gets tested at least once
12:12 <@ss> Ah...
12:12 <@froodian> anyway, we can continue
12:12 <@froodian> just wanted to mention that
12:12 <@ss> I'm not sure if we're going to get it.
12:13 <@ss> But if we do, we'll need to integrate a lot with the m.o system
12:13 <@ss> So we might need some server-side help.
12:13 <@ss> But that shouldn't be a big problem.
12:13 <@ss> Build graphs are back for pawn (yay)
12:14 <@ss> perf data hasn't been very useful though.
12:14 <@ss> It'd be nice if we had a tinderbox that produced reliable results. Alas. :)
12:14 <@ss> And... in lieu of waiting on m.o, mento's bumping the SDK up on the tinderbox and in 
            the project
12:15 <@ss> So we're moving to 10.3.9 (and 10.3.0, where applicable) to build.
12:15 <@ss> That's on trunk and branch, but not 1.8.0 branch
12:15 <@ss> Overall, our queues did alright this week and we landed 20 fixes (although some were 
12:16 <@ss> With smorgan as an sr though, we need some more reviewers. ;)
12:16 <@ss> If anyone sees murph, he might be good to ask.
12:16 <@ss> Any other business before we move to the specific bugs?
12:16 <@kreeger> yay 10.3.9
12:16 <@smorgan> Keychain relates to queues
12:16 <@smorgan> Like I said, I'd like to get it in
12:17 <@ss> Right, Keychain is all on pinkerton now, right?
12:17 <@smorgan> It would be a big help for getting Safari users to try out 1.1
12:17 <@ss> I'm not one for setting arbitrary dates, but I think it'd be good to get a2 by the
            end of the month (November).
12:17 <@ss> With some of these new features in.
12:17 <@ss> Keychain is a big one, and session saving.
12:17 <@pinkerton> yeah yeah
12:17 <@pinkerton> sorry
12:18 <@ss> :)
12:18 <@pinkerton> i'm totally swamped
12:18 <@pinkerton> i know that's a priority, i'll make some time for it
12:18 <@smorgan> I can write the next part of the keychain stuff now I guess, but eventually 
                 it's going to have to go in; I'm just wondering if that's realistic or not 
                 before I go forward with it
12:18 <@smorgan> If it's not, it's not, and I'll write it later
12:18 <@ss> You mean Keychain for 1.1?
12:18 <@ss> I think that's realistic.
12:18 <@smorgan> Yes
12:18 -!- mento has joined #camino-mtg
12:18 <@ss> It was planned for the in the first place
12:18 <@ss> We only moved it out because no one was working on it.
12:18  * mento unmutes
12:19 <@smorgan> ss: unless you are planning on sr'ing, it's not really your call on whether 
                 it's realistic
12:21 <@smorgan> I guess I'll go ahead and write it, and we'll see what happens.  It's not 
                 likely to rot much if at all even if it doesn't end up in 1.1
12:21 <@ss> Sounds good.
12:21 <@pinkerton> ok
12:21 <@ss> Anything else before specific bugs?
12:21 ! ss invited thebot into the channel.
12:21 -!- thebot has joined #camino-mtg
12:21 <@ss> Bug 314628
12:21 < thebot> ss: Bug enh, --, Camino1.2, 
      , NEW, how do i find out "what is being used as my 
                dock menu?"
12:22 <@ss> We need ideas on what to do there to show a folder as in use as the dock menu.
12:22 <@pinkerton> can't we change the icon?
12:22 <@pinkerton> taht shouldn't be hard to code
12:23 <@froodian> what if it's a collection though?
12:23 <@smorgan> It would have to be a badge
12:23 <@froodian> does that mean the top10 would never have its own icon by default?
12:23 <@froodian> yeah
12:23 <@pinkerton> ah
12:23 <@pinkerton> well, what about doing it only for folders displayed in the tree?
12:23 <@pinkerton> that's half the battle, no?
12:23 <@pinkerton> people trying to delete fodlers and not being able to? or did we fix that
12:24 <@froodian> we fixed that
12:24 <@smorgan> We fixed that
12:24 <@pinkerton> i c
12:24 <@smorgan> This is cosmetic
12:24 <@pinkerton> gotcha
12:24 <@smorgan> I'm not sure why we care right now...
12:24 <@pinkerton> seems low priority, given other things
12:24 <@smorgan> AFAIK it's only on anyone's radar because I touched it for the trivial menu fix
12:25 <@ss> I think it was kind of a "while you're there" sort of thing.
12:25 <@froodian> it's worth talking about bugs.  i mean, that's the whole point. ;)
12:25 <@froodian> but yeah, i think what we have now (or will have) will be fine
12:25 <@froodian> for now
12:26 <@froodian> next?
12:27 <@froodian> (though we should mention the icon badge idea in the bug)
12:27 <@ss> Bug 355490
12:27 < thebot> ss: Bug nor, --, Camino1.2, 
      , ASSI, Need a way to access all tabs quickly from the tab 
12:27 <@ss> delliott wanted us to talk about that again, though we did last week.
12:27 <@smorgan> All we need here is icon ideas, AFAIK
12:27 <@froodian> he doesn't know we did
12:27 <@ss> Ah...
12:27 <@froodian> i don't think there's anything to say that we didn't say last week
12:27 <@ss> Well then, smorgan already said in the bug what the meeting decision was.
12:28 <@froodian> right
12:28 <@ss> So that should be good enough.
12:28 <@smorgan> I've commented about the behavior in the bug, so he should know about that 
                 decision now
12:28 <@ss> Bug 355033
12:28 < thebot> ss: Bug nor, --, ---, 
      , NEW, Keychain password prefs need clarification
12:28 <@smorgan> I just thought this would be good 1.1, since we've done a bunch of pref work
12:28 <@smorgan> I can do this easily if it's green-lighted
12:28 <@ss> It's probably a pinkerton decision.
12:28 <@ss> I think most the rest of us agree. :)
12:30 <@smorgan> The main question is, does anyone see any value to the two-pref system we have 
12:30  * froodian doesn't, other than fun checkbox validation
12:30 <@froodian> ;)
12:30 <@pinkerton> heh, let me read
12:31 <@pinkerton> make it so
12:31 <@smorgan> Both parts?
12:31 <@smorgan> Boing being single pref and web-form only
12:31 <@pinkerton> yes
12:31 <@smorgan> cool
12:31 <@kreeger> lunch
12:31 -!- kreeger is now known as kreeger-lunch
12:31 <@froodian> 21 bugs since last week :)
12:31 <@froodian> (fixed)
12:32 <@ss> Anything else?
12:32 <@ss> Alright then. See you all back here next week and happy bug fixing (or triaging, or 
            reviewing, or whatever)