Status Meetings:2006-11-08

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).


ardissone, delliott, froodian, hwaara, kreeger, mento, murph, pinkerton, smorgan, ss

Camino 1.1

The need to work on pop-up followups and other priority 1.1 bugs was stressed again; see below for specific bugs. 1.1a1 is also shaking out a few regressions that had gone unnoticed.

Software Update

See below.


We have the 10.3.9 SDK going on the trunk (except for a small glitch when upgrading the project to Xcode 2.x). There was some discussion over whether to land the SDK switch on the branch "this late" in the game, since SDK changes can cause changes in behavior. After a promise of lots of eyes on things, pink gave the go-ahead. This should let us fix 5+ outstanding bugs at least.

Weekly Bugs and Queues update

The r and sr queues remain clogged, and they need to drain some before development can continue full-scale. pinkerton is still swamped at GOOG.

Bug 172842 (Keychain Services) and Bug 155956 (Zoom) can't get forgotten just because they're big. Zoom was targeted at smfr, but smorgan noted he had talked with smfr, and people shouldn't target smfr right now. (smfr said he'll jump in sometime as he feels like it, but if he doesn't have time, it's likely to rot. He seems to be at the level where he can offer suggestions and pointers, but can't commit to the overhead of actually testing patches thoroughly.) Smokey updated the development/reviewing guide to reflect this. Zoom was transferred to pinkerton's queue (it and Keychain Services are both there, and both big).

We should seek r/sr help from josh if we can, to help keep things moving.

Bug 355323

Bug 355323 - fix followup issues with the popup blokcer

This bug needs a patch now (got graphics from Jon, is blocking review of murph's patch in Bug 341967) to do a blue gradient (and other issues, but mostly gradient). murph agreed to take the bug, and kreeger gave some pointers. There was some debate over what we had decided before (see comment 2 in the bug for the previous meeting decision). Bug 358686 - pop-up blocker message text is confusing should be fixed at the same time, and we agreed on a final wording.

Bug 185436

Bug 185436 - Software update for release builds

We discussed the status of software update (it's big, no one's started it, and kreeger doesn't have time right now). Given the scope of the work and the testing required, we decided it would be better use of our resources to focus on stuff with higher user impact (zoom, session saving, etc.) and regressions for 1.1. Software update was kicked to 1.2.


smorgan apologized for making the branch tree burn. We welcomed him to full-fledged contributor status instead ;) The meeting was adjourned with the admonishment to fix 1.1 bugs and land patches.