Status Meetings:2006-11-08:Agenda

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Wed 8 Nov 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.1
    • Need to work on pop-up followups and other priority 1.1 bugs
      • Bug 355323 needs a patch now (got graphics from Jon, is blocking review of murph's patch in Bug 341967)
    • 1.1a1 is shaking out a few regressions that had gone unnoticed
    • Software Update?
  • tinderboxen
    • Moved to 10.3 SDK on trunk
    • Need to fix project upgrades for 10.4 PPC users (currently point to 10.3.0 SDK)
    • Need to land on branch
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • r and sr queues remain clogged
    • Bug 172842 and Bug 155956 can't get forgotten just because they're big
    • Need to drain before development can continue full-scale

Specific bugs that need action


Camino 1.1a2

Camino 1.1b1

Camino 1.1


  • Review (12) [+2 net since last week] (currently 1 untargeted request)
  • Superreview (8) [-4 net since last week]