Status Meetings:2006-11-15:Log

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[12:01pm] froodian: This is sam's last day at one of his jobs, so he asked me to stand in for him
[12:01pm] ss: Here.
[12:01pm] froodian:  even better!
[12:01pm] froodian: can you moderate?
[12:01pm] ss: Just running a little late.
[12:02pm] ss: I do believe so. 
[12:02pm] ss: Is everyone here?
[12:02pm] kreeger: looks like it
[12:02pm] ss: Awesome. Shall we begin then?
[12:02pm] ss: First off, do we still want to meet next week? It's the day before Thanksgiving.
[12:02pm] ss: I can do that, but what does everyone else look like?
[12:03pm] froodian: wfm
[12:03pm] kreeger: i guess it works for me
[12:03pm] murph: alright with me too
[12:03pm] ss: pinkerton, smorgan?
[12:03pm] pinkerton: ?
[12:03pm] ss: ardissone|away, if you're around?
[12:03pm] smorgan: sure
[12:03pm] pinkerton: i'm so swamped
[12:03pm] ss: pinkerton: Next week, the day before TGiving, does that still work for a meeting?
[12:04pm] pinkerton: sure?
[12:04pm] ss: k
[12:04pm] ss: Moving on... Camino 1.1 update.
[12:04pm] ss: We (mento) made the switch to the 10.3 SDK
[12:04pm] ss: That moves up a lot of bugs which got checked in (yay) for Camino 1.1.
[12:04pm] froodian:                           
[12:05pm] smorgan: All but xserve05 
[12:05pm] ss: Smokey updated the build instructions on the wiki about it.
[12:05pm] ss: Yeah, xserve05 is out of our control, unfortunately.
[12:05pm] Wevah joined the chat room.
[12:05pm] ss: I'll ping #build about it, but with the summit this week, it's not likely til next week.
[12:05pm] Wevah: oh yeah, wednesday
[12:05pm] Wevah was promoted to operator by froodian.
[12:05pm] ss: Overall, with bugs, we're down to 64 thanks to some triage and some checkins.
[12:06pm] ss: And we also got Torben's patch in (finally). That patch was getting fairly requested in various places, aiui.
[12:06pm] froodian: and was one of our most voted-for bugs
[12:07pm] ss: mhm
[12:07pm] froodian: so yay 
[12:07pm] ss: What else are we looking at for a2? I know kqueue is a big thing as it fixes a nice crasher.
[12:07pm] ss: We (QA) need to try and reproduce that other crasher that has no real information as of yet.
[12:07pm] ss: And I meant hang up there, not crasher, regarding kqueue
[12:08pm] smorgan: As smfr said, we really need someone to try to repo it with zombies enabled
[12:08pm] ss: I'm not sure if we want to put a date on it, but it would be nice if we had a target to try and hit.
[12:08pm] pinkerton: do we have any perf #s for a1/a2 vs 1.0?
[12:08pm] ss: Nope.
[12:08pm] pinkerton: yay?
[12:08pm] ss: Probably wouldn't be too hard to run the perf test a few times though.
[12:09pm] ss: perf tests*
[12:09pm] ss: I can see about doing that.
[12:10pm] ss: Maybe beginning of December for a2? It's obviously bug-dependent, but it'd be nice to target.
[12:11pm] pinkerton: makes sense if you have a handful of bugs you know you want fixed by then
[12:11pm] pinkerton: that's only 2wks, so the more specific the better
[12:11pm] ss: Yeah, mainly spellcheck and popup blocker fixes.
[12:11pm] ss: (And the two I mentioned above)
[12:12pm] ss: Also, basic session saving, which just needs SR now would be good to have in.
[12:12pm] smorgan: It got sr
[12:12pm] pinkerton: i gave it sr
[12:12pm] ss: Oh
[12:12pm] ss: I'm behind in bugmail
[12:12pm] smorgan: It just needs me to comment and land
[12:12pm] ss: So just ignore that. 
[12:13pm] ss: We also have a new log for the bookmark loss.
[12:13pm] ss:    
[12:13pm] ss: I'm not sure if it's useful, but it'd be nice to go through.
[12:13pm] smorgan: We should definitely have the popup blocker not showing up bug in a2
[12:13pm] ss: k
[12:14pm] smorgan: er, fixed in a2
[12:14pm] ss: Is taht one you were working on?
[12:14pm] ss: that*
[12:14pm] ss: I can't recall
[12:14pm] smorgan: It's done, waiting for sr
[12:14pm] ss: Ah, awesome.
[12:15pm] smorgan: pinkerton: did you look at it beyond the release?  I wasn't sure if it was just awaiting sr pending that being resolved
[12:15pm] pinkerton: it?
[12:15pm] smorgan:        bug 355808    
[12:15pm] smorgan: Popup blocker not shown for popus after pageload
[12:16pm] pinkerton: let me look again quickly
[12:16pm] pinkerton: done
[12:17pm] smorgan: Thanks
[12:17pm] ss: Awesome. 
[12:18pm] ss: Anything else before the one specifig bug?
[12:18pm] ss: (We kind of already went to a specifig bug anyway.)
[12:18pm] thebot joined the chat room.
[12:18pm] ss:        bug 353391    
[12:18pm] thebot: ss: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Camino ships 2 copies of the table images
[12:18pm] ss: Any reason we ship two of those?
[12:21pm] pinkerton: cuz we suck?
[12:21pm] ss: mmm
[12:22pm] ss: So we'll look into fixing that bug and removing a copy of those.
[12:23pm] ss: Alright... unless there's something else, that was a nice short meeting.
[12:23pm] froodian: I just want to stress the importance of fixing a2 bugs
[12:23pm] froodian: if we're going to ship by early Dec
[12:23pm] froodian: which is really soon
[12:24pm] froodian: (that's all from me)
[12:24pm] pinkerton: agreed. i think we're about the time to knuckle down on crashes and end-game polish bugs
[12:25pm] murph: I'll make sure the popup blocker doesn't have any rough edges by then.
[12:25pm] ss:                           
[12:25pm] froodian: murph: those mockups/screenies look nice
[12:26pm] ss: Sounds good everyone. See you all back here next week.
[12:26pm] murph: thanks froodian  
[12:26pm] pinkerton: l8r