Status Meetings:2006-11-22:Log

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12:06 < max> i don't think there needs to be a meeting today
12:06 < max> i do have one thing, however
12:06 <@froodian> i have one thing too
12:06 <@froodian> i think it can be a short meeting
12:06 -!- pinkerton has joined #camino-mtg
12:06 <@pinkerton> sorry was on the phone
12:06 <@pinkerton> phone screen
12:06 < max> i'll be covering for ss for a bit
12:06 <@froodian> max: do we know how long a bit is?
12:07 < max> unfortunately, no
12:07 < max> he was online last night for about five minutes then disappeared
12:07 < max> so no real eta on that
12:07 < max> but i will be around
12:07 <@froodian> ok
12:08 <@pinkerton> heh
12:08 <@froodian> well, it's certainly nice having you helping out :)
12:08 <@smorgan> I have a couple things as well
12:08  * froodian suspects that his thing overlaps with smorgan's things
12:08 <@froodian> so you go first
12:09 <@smorgan> Thing 1, do we need to roll a 1.0.4 for this "OMG slashdot says the haxx0rs can 
                 steal my passwordz" form-fill thing?
12:10 <@smorgan> Er, password fill
12:10 <@max> i was under the impression a 1.0.4 would happen at some point anyway
12:10 <@max> did the fx bug get resolved?
12:10 <@pinkerton> did ff fix it?
12:10 <@smorgan> Not yet, but we have to separately
12:10 <@max> we should base any decision on what they do and how they do it
12:10 <@smorgan> Because we have our own fill logic
12:10 <@max> from what i understand, they're pushing that to
12:10 <@smorgan> They didn't like my suggestion at all; it looks like they'll probably go with 
                 something like checking the realm or URL on the action
12:11 -!- kreeger has quit
12:11 <@pinkerton> right, i know we have to solve it ourselves. let's wait and see what they 
                   solve it with, and we can do the same
12:12 <@smorgan> k
12:12 <@pinkerton> rather than having competing policies
12:13 <@smorgan> Thing 2 I have is that I have keychain compatibility done, but everything is all 
                 queued up on that nspr thing.  Pink, can you push that along to whoever decides 
                 things like that (or suggest a better way to fix it)?
12:13 -!- kreeger has joined #camino-mtg
12:13 <@pinkerton> er, i can try
12:14 <@pinkerton> what's the bug#?
12:14 < kreeger> stupid chat client
12:14 <@smorgan> looking
12:14 <@smorgan> bug 360583
12:14 <@pinkerton> i think the best is to ask wanteh for review
12:15 <@smorgan> Once that's handled, I can land the KS thing on trunk, and post my latest stuff
12:15 <@smorgan> k
12:15 <@max> froodian: did that cover your thing?
12:15 <@froodian> no
12:15 <@froodian> My thing isn't really that relevant for the people in this room, but it should 
                  be known.  Smorgan's been patching up 1.1 bugs like a madman, but there's 
                  nobody to review them.  We currently have 6 untargeted reviews.  If less active 
                  potential reviewers show up in channel, we should be sure to push reviews onto 
                  them. ;)
12:16 <@max> i might be able to take some reviews, though i haven't been active in camino before 
             so you should treat them as second reviews until i get a better feel
12:16 <@pinkerton> gotta learn sometime ;)
12:17 <@smorgan> pink is the second review
12:17 <@max> he's sr
12:17 <@max> i meant two r and one sr
12:17 <@froodian> i don't think we have the manpower for that atm :(
12:17 <@froodian> i trust you ;)
12:18 <@max> heh
12:18 <@froodian> also, kreeger posted a patch for kqueue which is teh r0x0rs :)
12:18 <@froodian> and my stuff is done
12:18 <@pinkerton> if you can get another person to look, that's great, but if nobody else is 
                   around, don't fret
12:19 <@max> i'll go through the queue and see what i have time for
12:19 < kreeger> ill try and knock some down over the break
12:20 <@froodian> ok, anybody have anything else?
12:21 < kreeger> smorgan: do have a patch that needs to be reviewed more importantly than others/
12:21 < kreeger> ??
12:21 <@smorgan> Oh, wait, one other thing
12:21  * smorgan looks for the bug
12:22 <@smorgan> bug 321055
12:22 <@froodian> ( )
12:23 <@froodian> (for those of you without a 'bug' keyword, which you should really all have)
12:23 <@smorgan> What do people who haven't commented (e.g., pinkerton) think of the suggestion 
                 in comment 2
12:23 <@froodian> ;)
12:23  * smorgan had a bug keyword before it was cool
12:23  * pinkerton reads
12:23 <@smorgan> We really need to do something about our multi-opening across the board; I can 
                 do it all, but we need to pick an 'it'
12:24 <@pinkerton> i'm ok with that. consistent is good
12:25 <@smorgan> Okay, I'll go with it
12:25 < kreeger> ff2 is that way (the consistency in tabs at least)
12:26 <@froodian> motion to adjourn
12:26 <@pinkerton> one thing
12:26 <@pinkerton> happy turkey day everyone. thank you very much for participating in this 
                   product. i know it may not seem like it on a day to day basis, but your 
                   efforts are appreciated by users all over the world.
12:27 <@pinkerton> we've got a quarter of a million people who love Camino.
12:27 <@pinkerton> that's nothing to sneeze at
12:27 <@pinkerton> so keep up the good work!!!!!!!
12:28 <@pinkerton> (i'm done) :)
12:28 <@froodian> :D
12:28 <@froodian> and on that note, see you all whenever i get internet next
12:28 <@pinkerton> l8r folks. drive safe if you're traveling.
12:28 < kreeger> yes happy thanksgiving to all