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Wed 20 Dec 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Meeting next week?
  • Camino 1.1
  • Camino 1.1 Alpha 2
    • Postponed from last Friday; when?
    • kqueue (Bug 318001) - needs new patch from kreeger
    • password autofill security fix (Bug 361463) - "soonish?"
    • popup wrapping (Bug 341967) - waiting for sr
    • the worst zoom bugs — the two worst are fixed
  • Camino 1.0.4
    • Releases:1.0.4:Links
    • Basically waiting on the password autofill security fix (Bug 361463) (and then minibranching, since landing KS + that patch two places instead of one is just evil)
    • Verify this morning's 1.8.0 nightly (Intel/PPC/Rosetta) that SSL still works (see Bug 328522)
    • When?
  • tinderboxen
    • bm-xserve10 is running trunk builds (and something SeaMonkey); if we get to keep it, it would be nice to get graphs turned on
  • Bookmark loss
    • Users no longer know when they loose bookmarks due to restore; how do we get new/more data? (bug 337750 comment 49)
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Queue situation improved when pink got back from MV and partially emptied his.
    • We're fixing bugs, but the big/important bugs (spelling UI, popup UI, etc.) are either sitting in queues or not being worked on.

Specific bugs that need action

  • Bug 363633 - Use file proxy in window titlebar when viewing local files (cmd-click to show path)
    • Smorgan wants us to talk about whether we want this. I can't imagine not wanting it, it's the behavior of almost every app OS-wide.
      There are "two" parts to this bug, the proxy icon and cmd-click to show path, and they're not necessarily tied together....
  • Bug 362655 - Make "Keyboard Shortcuts" menu item pointing to online documentation
    • Do we want to do this?
  • Bug 343937 - Default "unblock popup" behavior should not include adding site to Exceptions List
    • smorgan has sample UI for the "handle like cookies" proposal, which does everything you'd want except provide an easy way for a user to add a popup to the exceptions list *after* showing the popup
  • Bug 361157 - Opening files should open them in a new window
    • Should this be tied to a pref, and if so which one?
  • Bug 350733 - Make cmd/shift modifiers work on items in the back/forward button menus
    • cl wants to talk about this
  • Bug 346803 - Make the pop-up bar accessible
    • I've been trying to make this happen. Tab chain behavior seems to depend on Bug 152987 (specifically making a NSToolbar/Item firstResponder). Can anyone offer some insight? -- murph


Camino 1.1a2

  • Blocking ? (5) [-3 net since last week] 1 FIXED
  • Blocking + (7) [+4 net since last week] 5 FIXED (1 is relnotes, the other kqueue)
  • Blocking - (1) [unchanged]

Camino 1.1b1

Camino 1.1