Status Meetings:2007-01-17:Agenda

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Wed 17 Jan 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.1
    • See User:sardisson/Camino 1.1 and User:sardisson/Camino 1.1/Priority List for bugs
    • b1 is string/nib freeze for l10n
      • if you have a bug that might affect nibs or strings and it is not b1?/b1+, please b1? it
    • shooting for b1 in early Feb (15 days away)
      • b1 should also be “feature complete”
    • re-triaged the 1.1 milestone this week; be very stingy with new 1.1 targets
    • kqueue sent back for another round of work
    • making some progress on spelling UI, but issues remain (see below)
    • only 10 crashes so far in Talkback for a2; either we're in great shape, or we don't have enough testing
  • Camino 1.0.4
  • tinderboxen
    • pawn vanished again on Sunday, so no graphs
  • Bookmark loss
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • r queue is starting to look heavy again; sr in decent shape (especially considering pink's been away in MV)

Specific bugs that need action

1.1 (priority)

  • Bug 362655 - Make "Keyboard Shortcuts" menu item pointing to online documentation
    • Do we want to do this?
  • Bug 343299 - Spell-check context menu missing Ignore and Learn Spelling entries
    • If we ship this in 1.1, there won't be time to make them work properly before we ship. Do we want to ship 1.1 with broken items or no items? (right now they just make Camino not show red lines)
    • IIRC, Ignore does work. Learn will remember words, but they aren't added into the system dictionary. We have to inform mozSpellChecker to learn a word, but we could additionally tell NSSpellChecker learn the same word. The problem is that learning a word is done with an undocumented NSSpellChecker method. See Bug 365883 comment 1.
  • Bug 361463 – Address security concerns with keychain password auto-fill in forms
    • smorgan lists two possible courses of action. One requires UI and thus would need to block b1, but there are some UE issues to discuss

Not 1.1 (if there's time)

  • Bug 337261 – Review dom_storage build changes on the Camino/1.8 branch
    • Do we want the other stuff? (global storage, comment 3)
  • Bug 361157 - Opening files should open them in a new window
    • Should this be tied to a pref, and if so which one?
  • Bug 350733 - Make cmd/shift modifiers work on items in the back/forward button menus
    • cl wants to talk about this


Camino 1.1b1

Camino 1.1