Status Meetings:2007-02-07:Log

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12:02 <@froodian> k, I guess pink will join to lurk when he gets the chance
12:02 <@froodian> shall we begin?
12:03 <@murph> yea, sounds good
12:03 <@froodian> everybody browse to 
12:04 <@froodian> a2 continues to have a low crash rate, which is good.
12:05 <@froodian> it's mostly those two bugs (flash and downloadin)
12:05 <@froodian> smorgan has done some digging into our annoying bugs
12:05 <@froodian> anything other than what's in the bug on that front?
12:06 <@froodian> s/bug/bugs
12:06 -!- pnhChris has joined #camino-mtg
12:07 <@smorgan> nope, not yet
12:07 <@smorgan> I haven't had much time still
12:07 <@froodian> k.  still, it's nice to see any movement on those
12:07 <@froodian> 1.1b1
12:08 <@froodian>  /nick pinkerton "ship it" /nick froodian
12:08 <@froodian> :p
12:08 <@froodian> there are bugs.  they must be fixed.
12:09 <@froodian> ardissone|pre-zZz went through and tagged all the l10n related bugs with l10n
12:09 <@froodian> and that query is on the agenda page
12:10  * smorgan votes we punt 303085
12:10 <@froodian> well, since wevah seems MIA
12:10 <@froodian> I concur
12:10 <@froodian> :(
12:10 <@smorgan> And since the lock is worthless anyway :P
12:11 <@froodian> why is the lock worthless anyway?
12:11 <@smorgan> Because almost nobody understands it
12:11 <@smorgan> There have been studies
12:11 <@froodian> that's a sad state for internet security
12:12 <@smorgan> Yup
12:12 <@smorgan> So mostly that list is blocked on me, I guess
12:12 <@murph> the 2nd half of my spelling UI bugs, providing a way to switch languages, is 
               almost ready...
12:12 <@froodian> :)
12:13 <@ardissone|pre-zZz> !clone smorgan
12:13 <@froodian> the agenda asks "how many days of work/reviews yet"
12:13 <@smorgan> That's implementing the panel?
12:13 <@froodian> I'm not sure what that means...
12:13 <@froodian> ardissone|pre-zZz?
12:13 <@murph> smorgan: yeah, do you think that's the best approach?
12:13 <@smorgan> It means I mean to get my butt in gear, probably
12:13 <@smorgan> murph: sounds good
12:13 <@ardissone|pre-zZz> how many days of work/reviewing does everyone think their b1 bugs will 
12:14 -!- ardissone|pre-zZz is now known as ardissone
12:14  * froodian can review the one hanging on him today
12:14 <@murph> cool.  if the inline/editor spell checker had a way to retrieve the next 
               misspelled word, I'd be done by now...
12:15 <@smorgan> Realistically I'm the long pole here, and I can't give a good estimate right now
12:15 <@smorgan> I'll try to make more time in the next week
12:15 <@froodian> Oh, I also have my regression(s?)
12:15 <@froodian> but have to more
12:15 <@froodian> :(
12:15 <@ardissone> mhm :p
12:16 <@ardissone> we need a little bit from mento on flashblock build stuff
12:16 <@ardissone> it's not all smorgan :)
12:16 <@murph> I will do everything I can to have the spelling panel integration available for 
               review in the next two days, I really want it to make b1
12:17 <@froodian> ok.  1.0.4 will be released shortly after 1.1b1
12:17 <@froodian> and password stealing will be in 1.0.5 instead
12:17 <@froodian> (as stands the current plan)
12:17 <@froodian> the next one is pawn, so mento
12:18 <@ardissone> we've updated ludo and l10n about the state of our plans
12:19 <@froodian> ok, anything else before we move to bugs?
12:20 -!- thebot has joined #camino-mtg
12:20 <@froodian> Bug 295755 has an issue
12:20 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, --, 
                Camino1.1,, NEW, Implement Flashblock as a default 
                Camino preference
12:20 <@froodian> which is dealing with chrome.rdf cruft from CamiTools
12:20 <@smorgan> Why do we care?
12:21 <@froodian> because it won't work
12:21 <@ardissone> because flashblock won't work
12:21 <@smorgan> I understand that
12:21 <@smorgan> But they went out of their way to install something.  Why don't we just tell 
                 them to undo it?
12:21 <@froodian> because I'll have to answer "this checkbox doesn't work" email for all eternity
12:21 <@ardissone> ^^^ 
12:21 <@ardissone> and bugs
12:22 <@froodian> i mean, it's clearly not the end of the world, if we don't
12:22 <@smorgan> CamiTools users already have stuff that doesn't work, right?
12:22 <@froodian> but man, if there's a solution, I'd like to take it
12:22 <@froodian> this is even if they've uninstalled it though
12:22 <@froodian> if they tested it once for one day
12:22 <@ardissone> mhm
12:24 <@ardissone> there's no way to just wack that file once, is there?
12:24 <@smorgan> I don't think we can consider blowing away the file
12:25 <@smorgan> I am not comfortable with the idea of destroying user data because we think it 
                 may be safe
12:25 <@ardissone> what other chrome packages will a user have installed?
12:25 <@smorgan> I have no idea
12:26 <@peeja> we could ask the user
12:26 <@ardissone> :P
12:26 <@smorgan> No
12:26 <@peeja> seriously, why not?
12:26 <@ardissone> they won't have a clue
12:26 <@smorgan> "Would you like to delete chrome.rdf?  Yes No"
12:27 <@froodian> "Camino has detected what appears to be a former installation of Flashblock.  
                  Would you like to overwrite this with the built-in Flashblock Camino now 
12:27 <@peeja> something like that
12:27 <@smorgan> How would we detect it?
12:27 <@ardissone> but that assumes only flashblcok
12:27 <@froodian> if there's a $PROFILE/chrome/chrome.rdf
12:27 <@ardissone> we'd have to parse chrome.rdf
12:27 <@froodian> mmm, yeah
12:28 <@froodian> :/
12:28 <@froodian> :(
12:28 <@peeja> is that bad?
12:28 <@ardissone> that file exists all the time
12:28 <@smorgan> Yeah, I have that file
12:28 <@ardissone> we have no way of knowing if it's good or bad without looking
12:28 <@ardissone> at the contents
12:28 <@peeja> but how hard is it to look at the contents?
12:28 <@froodian> I'm thinking it's way more trouble than it's worth.  Let's just post in the 
                  forum, close the bugs, and I'll make a snippet response
12:28 <@peeja> that's what rdf is for :)
12:29  * ardissone hands peeja the moz rdf apis
12:29 <@smorgan> peeja: You want us to slow down browser launch for all users for the forseeable 
                 future to fix a handful of users who used a third party utility?
12:29  * peeja cringes at the docs and backs away from the issue.
12:30 <@ardissone> "Do you have a convenient wrapper to the chrome rdf:datasource? You could 
12:30 <@ardissone> the flashblock entries from chrome.rdf by simply unasserting them."
12:30 <@peeja> for the record, i just meant to check on enabling flashblock...
12:30 <@ardissone> that what philip chee said
12:31 <@ardissone> i'm guessing the answer is no
12:32 <@smorgan> There are a lot of ways CamiTools users can break themselves; we don't check for 
                 any of the others
12:32 <@froodian> (but those other ways all require CamiTools to still be insalled)
12:32 <@smorgan> I thought the nib-replacement stuff broke things forever
12:33 <@froodian> (for the record, I do think that around 50% of long-term Camino users tried 
                  CamiTools at some point)
12:33 <@froodian> forever until they upgrade Camino
12:33 <@smorgan> The broken cache prefs too
12:33 <@froodian> yeah
12:33 <@smorgan> Where is this 50% number coming from?
12:33 <@froodian> i made it up
12:33 <@ardissone> well, people broke cache manually, too
12:33 <@ardissone> because we told them how
12:34 <@ardissone> it's all over the internet
12:34 <@froodian> like porn!
12:34 <@ardissone> it was every blog/news article's "must have" for Camino
12:36 <@froodian> ok, here's the thing
12:36 <@froodian> we barely have enough time for getting b1 out on time as it is
12:36 <@froodian> we want that to include Flashblock
12:36 <@froodian> what if we release b1 without any check
12:36 <@froodian> and if it's a huge problem, we can fix it before 1.1
12:37 <@ardissone> that's ok with me
12:37 <@ardissone> sounds like it's ok with smorgan ;)
12:37 <@murph> that seems reasonable to me
12:38 <@smorgan> Anything else?
12:39 <@froodian> Bug 337261 needs mento, right?
12:39 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, --, 
                Camino2.0,, NEW, Review dom_storage build changes on the 
                Camino/1.8 branch
12:39 <@ardissone> yeah, more poking of him
12:39 <@froodian> I think Bug 361157 needs some pink input, but we can talk about it now if 
                  people want
12:39 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, --, ---, 
      , ASSI, Opening files should open them in a new 
12:40 <@froodian> I'm taking that as a "no"
12:41 <@smorgan> I really don't think we want a pref
12:41 <@smorgan> I think we should do it, or WF it
12:41 <@froodian> I really really really don't want new window opening on me
12:41 <@froodian> s/window/window
12:41 <@froodian> grr
12:41 <@froodian> w/window/windows
12:43 <@froodian> ooh, that option sounds safe!
12:43 <@froodian> ;)
12:43 <@froodian> :)
12:43 <@froodian> ffffffff
12:44 <@ardissone> ok, it won't get copied into next week's agenda ;)\
12:45 <@froodian> alright, if nobody has anything else...?
12:46 <@froodian> Good meeting everyone, work on b1 bugs
12:46 <@ardissone> let's work hard to make b1 date :)
12:46 <@murph> take care everyone
12:46 <@murph> ardissone: will do!