Status Meetings:2007-02-14:Agenda

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Wed 14 Feb 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.1
  • Camino 1.1b1
    • Feb 15 (tomorrow) - planned freeze
      do we freeze as scheduled and let these bugs and l10n freeze slip, or do we slip and get these fixes (and a solid, more complete product) out for wide testing before 1.1?
      • b1+ and b1? (11 bugs)
        • Bug 343937 - Default "unblock popup" behavior should not include adding site to exceptions list
          patch and nib awaiting review [nobody]
        • Bug 370084 - Allow for blacklisting in the popup exceptions list
          patch awaiting sr [nobody]; nib blocked on Flashblock
        • Bug 355323 - Fix followup issues with changing the color of the pop-up blocker
          patch, nib, images awaiting r/sr [mento]
        • Bug 295755 - Implement Flashblock as a default Camino preference
          awaiting build-foo [mento] and project kicking once build-foo is done [mento/ardissone]; patch has sr (minor nits)
        • Bug 368798 - "Enable Plug-ins" should be "Enable plug-ins" in Web Features
          fixed in the nib for Flashblock
        • Bug 343299 - Spell-check context menu missing Ignore and Learn Spelling
          patch awaiting sr [mento]
        • Bug 364550 - Need spelling UI to allow selection/changing spell check language
          no patch; blocked on Core bugs; maybe can land strings for CM menu/submenu items?
        • Bug 175748 - Need mechanism for creating new, blank bookmarks
          patch awaiting review [smorgan]; nib will need loving
        • Bug 368395 - Encourage the user not to restore after crash if the dialog has been thrown recently
          see below; but possibly punt
        • Bug 343942 - Audit Read Me.rtf before Camino 1.1 release
          awaiting review [ss] and sr [mento]
        • Bug 369335 - Release Notes for Camino 1.1b1
          blocked on waiting to see what all will land for 1.1b1
      • kqueue (Bug 318001) got r+ after round 7, awaiting sr [mento]
        not an absolute blocker, but since we want wide testing, it'd be good to have this fixed
      • Some regressions (Bug 369254) from just-fixed bugs appeared in the past two weeks :(
      • password stealing (Bug 361463) as well as some more Safari Keychain-compat landed Mon
  • Camino 1.0.4
    • Releases:1.0.4:Links
    • New target release date (shortly after 1.1b1, depending on Gecko, which is now set for release on the 21st?)
  • tinderboxen
    • mento fixed pawn yellow; it's been alternating green/orange since, more green than orange :)
  • Bookmark loss
    • Apparently about 2 reports/week(!) to feedback, yet no useful data (1.0.3?)
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Both remain full as we get b1 blockers patched; we remain under-staffed with reviewers. pink is on vacation this week, so "big" sr requests go to mento (others can go to smorgan, as usual).

Specific bugs that need action

1.1 (priority)

  • See list above
  • Bug 368395 – Encourage the user not to restore after crash if the dialog has been thrown recently
    • Do we want to do this for 1.1? If so, we could come up with strings and land them now, and fix the actual code after b1 freeze
  • Anything else?

Not 1.1 (if there's time)

  • Bug 337261 – Review dom_storage build changes on the Camino/1.8 branch
    • Do we want the other stuff? (global storage, comment 3)


Camino 1.1b1

  • Blocking ? (8) -1 since last week (8 have nib or string implications)
  • Blocking + (3) unchanged (1 is ReadMe audit, 1 is relnotes)
  • Blocking - (3) [+1 since last week] ("prefs slow to open since RSS", xpcom component reg, lock for location-less sites)

Camino 1.1

  • Bugs targeted at 1.1 (27) [-6 since last week] 5 of the remaining are website bugs
  • Blocking ? (15) [-2 since last week]
  • Blocking + (4) [unchanged]
  • Blocking - (5) [unchanged]
  • Bugs without target (247) [+12 since last week] we began untargeting bugs we touched that are not on the 1.2 roadmap or needing trunk changes
    The above list needs to be at least spot-audited for potential 1.1 issues


  • Review (8) [-4 since last week] (currently 1 untargeted request)
  • Superreview (8) [+7 since last week] (currently 2 untargeted requests)