Status Meetings:2007-03-07:Log

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12:09 <@froodian> alright, let's get started
12:10 <@froodian> everybody browse to 
12:10 <@ardissone|food> (hopefully in yesterday or today's camino branch)
12:11 <@froodian> yeah.  I believe everybody in this room has been tuned into the fun 
                  that was b1 and the hex crash
12:11 <@froodian> and smichaud's (we really hope) fix
12:11 <@froodian> :)
12:11 <@ardissone|food> talkback from yesterday is still clean :)
12:11 <@froodian> :)
12:11 <@ardissone|food> no hexes, no libobjcs
12:12 <@froodian> so that's cool.  if any of you ever meet him, let's remember to be 
12:12 <@froodian> keychain bugs are starting to bubble to the surface from b1, so that's 
12:12 <@ardissone|food> we are finding a few issues in wider coverage
12:13 <@froodian> (not good that they exist)
12:13 <@froodian> (but good that we're finding them now instead of later)
12:13  * smorgan grumbles something unkind about Safari
12:13 <@froodian> yeah, that's ridiculous
12:13 <@ardissone|food> no friutbasket for hyatt and co :p
12:13 <@froodian> they don't need it anyway
12:13 <@froodian> they make their own fruit
12:13 <@froodian> (sorry)
12:14 <@ardissone|food> lumps of coal instead
12:14  * smorgan now has two "read the damn KS Reference" radars against Safari
12:14 <@ardissone|food> :(
12:14 <@froodian> we're releasing 1.0.4 today
12:14 <@froodian> which is good - it's been a while since we've released on 1.8.0
12:15 <@ardissone|food> October :(
12:15 <@froodian> k, anybody have anything else before we move into specific bugs?
12:16 <@froodian> bug 372020
12:16 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, 
                --, ---,, NEW, Need to prevent inadvertent bookmarking 
                of javascript: and data: URLs
12:17 <@froodian> are we going to do something about this for 1.1?
12:17 <@ardissone|food> something = the fix is decided upon
12:18 <@smorgan> Should be easy, so I don't see why not
12:18  * ardissone|food marks it 1.1 then
12:18  * froodian nods
12:18 <@ardissone|food> unless there's opposition :p
12:19 <@froodian> bug 372496.  Should we do it or no?  I support it, obviously (since I 
12:19 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, 
                --, ---,, UNCO, Use search icon that looks more like 
                NSSearchField icons
12:19 -!- pinkerton has joined #camino-mtg
12:19 <@froodian> pinkerton!
12:19 <@pinkerton> sorry, day job
12:19 <@froodian> [12:20pm] <froodian> bug 372496.  Should we do it or no?  I support it, 
                  obviously (since I filed)
12:19 <@froodian>
12:20 <@pinkerton> sure?
12:20 <@murph> froodian: I'll back you on this one, I think it looks better
12:20 <@murph> it's not something I've been losing sleep over, but a nice improvement 
               nonetheless  ;) 
12:21  * froodian nods
12:21 <@froodian> I shall make it so
12:21 <@froodian> k.  It's still pretty early so let's talk about the non-1.1ers on the 
12:21 <@froodian> bug 366730
12:21 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, 
                --, Camino1.2,, UNCO, Scrollable tabbed browsing 
                should respect OS preference for placement of scroll arrows
12:21 <@froodian> i think comment 6 pretty much sums it up, personally
12:21 <@froodian> and we should WONTFIX
12:21 <@ardissone|food> i think we're mostly in agreement about this, but we needed to 
12:22 <@smorgan> No dissent -> WONTFIX
12:23 <@ardissone|food> who wants the honors?
12:23 <@smorgan> (unless pink is still reading)
12:23 <@pinkerton> reading
12:23 <@ardissone|food> "per the meeting"
12:24 <@murph> hehe, comment 1 sums it up even better  :P 
12:24 <@pinkerton> yeah, i'm fine with wontfix
12:24 <@murph> for my two cents, it's not behavior I'd expect
12:25 <@froodian> I haven't commented in it, so I can take the honors (just to add more 
12:25 <@ardissone|food> :)
12:25 <@ardissone|food> go for it "per the meeting"
12:25 <@froodian> bug 337261
12:25 <@froodian> mhm
12:25 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, 
                --, Camino2.0,, NEW, Review dom_storage build changes 
                on the Camino/1.8 branch
12:25 <@ardissone|food> or "per pink" even ;)
12:25 <@froodian> mento
12:26 <@ardissone|food> this is not really as important as his regression ;)
12:27 <@froodian> and it looks like he's not really around
12:27 <@froodian> well, that pretty much covers it then
12:27 <@froodian> good meeting folks
12:27 <@ardissone|food> anyone have anything else?
12:28 <@froodian> (unless any... yeah
12:28 <@smorgan> quick question for those who follow such things:
12:28 <@smorgan> I assume the bold red text on 
        applies to us 
                 since we are on the linked page?
12:28 <@smorgan> (re: the feedback email about putting Camino on some random CD)
12:28 <@ardissone|food> i believe so, yes
12:28 <@pinkerton> yeah
12:29 <@smorgan> k, I'll tell her to feel free then
12:30 <@froodian> great.  keep track of your pants, see you all next week (and most of 
                  you much much sooner)