Status Meetings:2007-03-28:Log

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12:03 <@froodian> ok, shall we begin?
12:03 <@froodian> everybody browse to 
12:04 <@froodian> read "General plan" :p
12:04 <@froodian> fix bugs
12:04 <@froodian> release 1.1
12:04 <@froodian> done!
12:04 <@froodian> ;)
12:06 <@froodian> seriously though, the only thing that I think really merits discussion is
                  trying to figure out how significant the libobjc and hex crashes are
12:06 <@ardissone|food> and continuing to poke Core bugs
12:07 < cl> *poke*
12:07 <@peeja> what's the new kqueue bug?
12:07 <@ardissone|food> ss was supposed to have sspitzer test mento's patch
12:07 ! froodian invited thebot into the channel.
12:07 -!- thebot has joined #camino-mtg
12:07 <@froodian> bug 375420
12:07 < thebot> froodian: Bug nor, --, ---, 
      , NEW, [10.3] Downloaded files stay open and can't be deleted 
                in Finder
12:07 <@smorgan> 10.3 doesn't appear to implement O_EVTONLY fully (if at all)
12:08 -!- mode/#camino-mtg [+o cl] by froodian
12:08 <@froodian> indeed :(
12:08 <@froodian> how involved is just unregistering when the item moves?
12:09 <@smorgan> probably easy, I forget
12:09 <@ardissone|food> !summon kreeger :p
12:09 <@smorgan> I'll take a look at the bug soon
12:09 <@froodian> 8-)
12:12 <@froodian> well, if nobody has anything else...
12:12 <@froodian> we can ping ss about pinging people
12:12 <@ardissone|food> review queues are getting big
12:12  * cl pings kreeger
12:12 -!- kreeger has joined #camino-mtg
12:13 -!- mode/#camino-mtg [+o kreeger] by froodian
12:13 <@froodian> well...
12:13 <@froodian> really we just need pink to do some srs
12:13 <@ardissone|food> we have people writing fixes for bugs that are reasonable to go in 1.1 
                        (but not blockers)
12:13 <@cl> Yeah, sr queue is full of smorgan patches :-p
12:13 <@ardissone|food> and it would be nice if they could, in fact, land
12:14 <@ardissone|food> before the last minute ;)
12:14 <@ardissone|food> mento: do you have any cycles to help the sr queue?
12:14 <@mento> not for the rest of the week
12:14 <@ardissone|food> k
12:14 <@mento> probably next week
12:14 <@ardissone|food> that'll be good :)
12:15 <@ardissone|food> speaking of which
12:15 <@ardissone|food> i'll be mostly offline the next 2 weeks
12:15 <@ardissone|food> so keep yourselves busy; i won't be here to nag ;)
12:15 <@cl> haha
12:15  * ardissone|food nags cl about lingering patches now ;)
12:16 <@cl> kreeger: you missed the brief discussion but you've probably seen the bug -- bug
12:17  * kreeger finally reads the bug
12:17 <@froodian> anyway, that can be discussed elsewhere.  really, we just need to keep pushing 
                  out fixes.
12:17 <@froodian> anybody have anything else?
12:18 <@cl> I have a suggestion
12:18 <@kreeger> ok then
12:18 -!- kreeger has quit [Quit: kreeger]
12:19 <@cl> I dunno how much support we might be able to get for this, but it'd be nice if we 
            could get some of the more prolific (read: Ben Willmore and the 1Passwd guys) add-on 
            devs to attend these meetings every so often.
12:19 <@cl> so as to avoid things like "1Passwd totally crashes Camino!" in the forums every 
            three days.
12:20 <@froodian> well, they've said they don't want to support nightlies, which is totally 
                  reasonable.  so they just need to put in a check to turn themselves off in 
                  builds they don't support.
12:20 <@cl> and on that note, I'm going to go shower.
12:20 <@froodian> i mean, as far as i'm concerned, they're welcome
12:20 <@froodian> i just don't know how interested they'd be
12:20 <@cl> Yeah, but the point is that if we can promote closer interaction between third-party 
            devs and the core dev team, we could potentially avoid issues like this entirely.
12:20 -!- smorgan has left #camino-mtg []
12:21  * froodian nods
12:21 <@froodian> well, someone could put out feelers to them
12:21 <@froodian> alright, have a good week folks
12:21 <@froodian> fix things