Status Meetings:2007-04-25:Agenda

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Wed 25 Apr 9am PST (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.5
    • Essentially only 4-5 Camino bugs left (see below)
    • Shaking out a few new regressions a week on stuff we've just fixed :(
    • Gecko code freeze is set for "this week" (TBD); if we get our bugs in before the tree is tagged, this will greatly ease the release process; otherwise it gets ugly
    • Talkback: still some crashes in libobjc and hex, but not really in numbers-per-stack except maybe these two below and the filed bugs (Bug 373700, Bug 377203):
    • Core bugs: Still need fixes/testing for PL_DHash crash on quit, (others?), but none are critical at this time
    • Get "code-complete" and do a "fake RC" to shake out any regressions while we wait on a final Gecko; then fix the ones we can and do a "RC-we'll-ship-as-1.5-if-nothing-major-found" on final Gecko?
      • Having another semi-blessed build might help benchmark Talkback and the random crashers
    • Website stuff still in-progress
  • Camino 1.0.5
    • Gecko code freeze same as 1.8 (TBD); we'll need some branch patches for keychain stealing and CJK stuff so we can release after 1.5
  • tinderboxen
  • Bookmark loss
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Queues pretty low, but please make 1.5 bugs/nominees a priority for r/sr if your time is short

Specific bugs that need action

1.5 (priority)

  • Bug 378464 - When session saving is off, opening the application from a link opens too many tab/windows
    regression from Bug 364497; murph has a patch, need review (hopefully the last session-saving regression!)
  • Bug 373275 - Final Release Notes for Camino 1.1
    draft at Releases:1.1:Notes; note there are some changes since the last draft, etc.
  • Bug 363010 - Include localized/multilingual EULAs in the .dmg license
    smorgan is going to land what he has + mento's comments; Development:Planning:dmg License Localization tracks remaining "issues" (stuff we'd like fixed; marcello has forwarded to l10n)
  • Bug 378624 - Update flashblock to version 1.5.3
    needs sr
  • None of the other camino1.1? or Camino 1.1 milestone bugs seem likely (see queries below)
  • Bug 350331 - Pages sometimes fail to render (blank content) when loaded; resizing the window fixes display
    smokey hasn't seen this much since mento's fix for Bug 370721 landed, so it's probably mostly fixed on branch (and is relnoted regardless)

Not 1.5 (if there's time)

  • Bug 331066 fixes the worst part of the view-source window behavior; it might be nice to take for 1.5 (cl has a 1-liner)
  • Bugs around the tabs overflow menu (Bug 376930)?
  • Bug 175651 - CJK (at least Chinese and Japanese) font Preferences changes not applied to any CJK Web page
    murph has taken over the patch as of last week (we'd like it for 1.0.5/1.1.1)
  • Bug 363951 - Action menu button in Show Cookies sheet lacks "Add" (whitelist) option


Camino 1.5


  • Review (5) [unchanged] (1 is pertinent for 1.5)
  • Superreview (4) [+1 since last week] (1-2 are pertinent for 1.5)