Status Meetings:2007-08-15:Log

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[12:12pm] ardissone|food: ok
[12:12pm] ardissone|food: open your Camino to
[12:13pm] cl|zzz is now known as cl|semi-here.
[12:13pm] ardissone|food: in the 1.5 category
[12:13pm] ardissone|food: we have a new issue that's popped up in the last week or so
[12:13pm] ardissone|food: where Camino randomly stops loading pages or windows
[12:14pm] ardissone|food: there are some specific console.log characteristics; see the bug
[12:14pm] ardissone|food: er, it's being tracked in Bug 387085, and smorgan has a new app to pull various data from users
[12:15pm] ardissone|food: in the 1.5.1 category
[12:15pm] ardissone|food: builds are spun and mento staged them yesterday
[12:15pm] ardissone|food: someone needs to go to MV and kidnap sam from the MoCo Wii so that we can actually release 
[12:16pm] ardissone|food: in the 1.0.6 category, we have our RC
[12:16pm] peeja: not to the meetup 
[12:16pm] ardissone|food: hey, that has its own special item 
[12:16pm] ardissone|food: !clone ss
[12:17pm] ardissone|food: anyway
[12:17pm] kreeger: heheh
[12:17pm] ardissone|food: i've done some quick testing of 1.0.6 and the gecko changes seem not to have broken anything
[12:18pm] ardissone|food: but we still need to hear back from the guy who found the 10.2 keychain bustage that caused all this 
[12:18pm] ardissone|food: and wait for Gecko to go final
[12:18pm] ardissone|food: nothing much new on 1.6; the buglist keeps slowly creeping up
[12:19pm] ardissone|food: and, aside from SoC work and murph's search stuff, nothing big on the 1.6 plan is seems to be moving
[12:19pm] ardissone|food: s/is //
[12:20pm] smorgan joined the chat room.
[12:20pm] smorgan was promoted to operator by you.
[12:20pm] smorgan: Sorry 
[12:20pm] ardissone|food: traffic 
[12:20pm] smorgan: late start; had to take care of something
[12:20pm] ardissone|food: or maybe you were hunting pink sheep for peeja 
[12:21pm] smorgan: pink's out today, AFAIK
[12:21pm] ardissone|food: we're just to the point where we insert the broken record to play about the meet-up
[12:22pm] ardissone|food: dun-dun-dun
[12:22pm] ardissone|food: SoC 2007!
[12:22pm] ardissone|food: don't both of you jump in at once 
[12:23pm] jeff: so I am back from my trip
[12:23pm] jeff: I will have patches up tonight
[12:23pm] jeff: and pick up the pace
[12:23pm] ardissone|food:
[12:23pm] jeff: sorry about my absence for the past week or so
[12:24pm] ardissone|food: we managed 
[12:24pm] jeff:
[12:24pm] ardissone|food: tortured peeja in your stead
[12:24pm] peeja: yeah.  it  *sigh*
[12:24pm] peeja:
[12:25pm] ardissone|food: i started finding bugs for him 
[12:25pm] jeff: but I hope to get all of the functionality outside of animation done soon
[12:26pm] ardissone|food: cool
[12:26pm] jeff: I'll hand the mic over to peeja
[12:26pm] peeja: Second bookmark patch is up for first r?
[12:27pm] peeja: bug 390846
[12:27pm] peeja: after that's sr+ I'll be...uh...half-way done 
[12:27pm] peeja: consider "Script Toolbar Items" and "Reserved" to be reversed in my proposal 
[12:28pm] peeja: I'm about to begin work on toolbar items
[12:28pm] peeja: assuming smorgan doesn't point out a ton more things I should change 
[12:29pm] peeja: and...that should be it
[12:29pm] ardissone|food:
[12:30pm] ardissone|food: our tinderboxen continue to annoy
[12:30pm] ardissone|food: mayaTrunk is perpetually orange due to some sort of test suckage
[12:31pm] ardissone|food: boxset, however, went orange to alert us to a problem with a checkin
[12:31pm] ardissone|food: that seems to have related JS failures that are starting to be noticed
[12:32pm] ardissone|food: mento is working with igor some on trying to figure things out, since whatever the issue is seems only to be busted in Camino 
[12:32pm] mento: yeah, that's bogus
[12:33pm] mento: there was also the tinderbox e-mail problem yesterday, which we were able to resolve once we got sam off the wii
[12:33pm] ardissone|food: mhm
[12:34pm] ardissone|food: other than that, our tinderboxen seem healthy
[12:34pm] ardissone|food: inserts the broken record about doing reviews
[12:35pm] ardissone|food: the sr queue is almost entirely pink, so hopefully when he comes back it will go back down
[12:36pm] ardissone|food: some of you might have seen froodian back lurking; he has internet now, but no HD space or trees, so he's not really back yet
[12:36pm] ardissone|food: i don't really have anything specific about bugs
[12:37pm] ardissone|food: other than we need someone in CA to go find vlad/pav and get them to a-1.9 smichuad's patch to unbreak windowserver
[12:37pm] ardissone|food: sam asked last week and no response yet
[12:38pm] ardissone|food: anyone else have specific bugs?
[12:39pm] ardissone|food: or issues?
[12:41pm] ardissone|food: down at the bottom of the page
[12:41pm] ardissone|food: there are now links for our "needs checkin" bugs
[12:41pm] ardissone|food: and bugs which have r/sr but are waiting on project patch(es)
[12:42pm] ardissone|food: if you have cvs privs or are on 10.4, please do take a look at these every so often
[12:43pm] ardissone|food: (if you're on 10.4 and don't know how to do project patches, you can come find ProfessorProject)
[12:44pm] ardissone|food: anything else from anyone?
[12:46pm] ardissone|food: OK, have a good week, everyone, and mind your queues 
[12:46pm] ardissone|food: we'll try to do 1.5.1 today if we can steal sam