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12:06 <@ss> Alright. pink's idle, let's start without him.
12:06 <@ss> Everyone please open in your Camino
12:06 <@ss> Let's start with 1.6a1
12:07 <@ss> We're just waiting for landing, really.
12:07 <@ss> Once SU lands, we just need to finish the xpt thing
12:07 <@ss> Which needs to get finished soon anyway
12:07 <@ss> And we're waiting on branch to reopen for SU landing
12:07 <@ss> So we should be good shortly.
12:07 <@ss> mento: How's the xpt audit?
12:08 <@smorgan> I'm not around, but I should have internet, so I expect to be able to do landing when it's approved
12:08 <@ss> Awesome.
12:08 <@smorgan> (through the weekend, not this moment)
12:08 <@ss> I'll talk to dveditz and see if we can get the tree open over the weekend.
12:09 <@ss> Moving on to 1.5.4, we're waiting on xpt audit as well. ;)
12:10 <@ss> But we need to get a build out soon.
12:10 <@ss> We're also waiting for relnotes to get SRed and checked in.
12:10 <@ss> That's mento as well. ;)
12:10 <@ss> Once those two things are done, we can make a build and get it off to l10n.
12:11 <@ss> is scheduled for next Tuesday.
12:11 <@ss> Hopefully we can be in sync or a day off.
12:12 <@ss> 10.5 bugs are coming along slowly. Most of the UI work just needs more ideas.
12:12 <@ss> Feel free to post to the bugs listed on the wiki with ideas.
12:12 <@ss> And I need to fix the app icon
12:13 <@ss> Tinderboxen are alright
12:13 <@ss> mento's going to be setting up a new 10.5 tinderbox soon.
12:13 <@ss> To make sure we don't break building on 10.5.
12:13 <@ss> Look for that in the next week or two or whenever he has time.
12:13 <@ss> Anything else before specific bugs?
12:14 <@ss> Oh, yes
12:14 <@ss> The Mozilla Foundation launched a donation program yesterday
12:14 <@ss> Of which we're part of.
12:14  * peeja cheers
12:14 <@ss> People can now donate to the Mozilla Foundation and focus that money toward Camino
12:14 <@ss> And we'll get to choose projects that the money can go towards.
12:15 <@ss> If you have project to nominate in the future, please bring them up at a meeting. :)
12:15 <@smorgan> On queues: I know my reviews appear to be rotting, but I am working on them as I have time, and I 
                 hope to finish them up within a week.
12:15 <@ss> Awesome. :)
12:15  * smorgan will try to suck less
12:16 <@ss> Let's go to some specific bugs.
12:16 <@ss> Some SU bugs, real quick.
12:17 <@ss> I'll get the XML file in 401474 up soon.
12:17 <@ss> By the end of the week.
12:17 <@smorgan> Can we get an https bounce through
12:17 <@ss> I'm not sure we need to do stuff for 185436. What happens if the server doesn't exist? Is an 
            error thrown?
12:17 <@ss> That's the thing, I don't think we can.
12:17 <@smorgan> Crap, plane time for me.
12:17 <@ss> But I'm also not sure we want to.
12:17 <@smorgan> Sorry, I'll read the log
12:18 <@ss> cb.o has a solid host now.
12:18 <@ss> Yeah, it's cool
12:18 <@ss> We can talk later.
12:18 -!- smorgan has quit [Quit: smorgan]
12:18 <@cl> I think Sparkle just throws an error when either the appcast or the server is 404
12:18 <@ss> Every time?
12:18 <@cl> it seems fairly well-behaved in most regards there, but it might be worth playing around a bit
12:18 <@cl> just to see
12:18 <@ss> Alright
12:18 <@ss> We'll look into it further.
12:18 <@ss> And I'll talk it out with smorgan.
12:19 <@ss> I'd like to remove redirects to where possible.
12:19 <@ss> bug 394651
12:19 <@ss> We should take it. ;)
12:19 <@ss> As soon as core figures out the Tp problem
12:20 <@ss> If you disagree, feel free to speak up, but this feels like a win over all. :)
12:20 <@ss> And I'll go ahead an confirm it later today.
12:20 <@cl> yeah, I agree that we should do that.
12:21 <@cl> especially given that Fx is working on it and that Safari 3 does it by default
12:21 <@ss> Yep
12:21 <@ss> Alright, that's really it.
12:21 <@ss> But before you go
12:21 <@ss> Thank you.
12:21 <@ss> All of you
12:21 <@ss> For working so hard on Camino.
12:22 <@ss> It's appreciated by over 400,000 users worldwide.
12:22 <@ss> And it's amazing the things we're doing.
12:22 <@ss> Keep up the good work
12:22 <@ss> :)
12:23 <@ss> Have a great holiday
12:23 <@ss> We'll see you back next week.
12:23 <@cl> haha, pink finally put "(not reading bugmail)" in his bugzilla handle
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13:03 <@ss> Heh
13:03 <@ss> A little late.
13:05 <@pinkerton> i was at lunch ;)