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Wed 25 Jun 9am PDT (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.6.1
    • Talkback (all 1.6.1 crashes — >1000 so far)
      • #1 is libSystem.B.dylib
        • RealPlayer
        • random bits of Camino code: 46833645 setuptoolbar, 46833289 searchenginemanager, 46877639 initMozillaPrefs, 46892210 refreshStyleSheet
        • Some reports mention startup
      • #2 is Flash
      • #3 is Core crash-on-quit
      • #4 is Cocoa.12
        • Is this just 10.5.3 suckage? Random Camino code as with libSystemB; Silverlight
        • Several like 46284631 [MainController checkForProblemAddOns] at startup
      • #4/7 are CoreFoundation
        • 46899227 ProgressViewController; other random Camino code; also some crashes on startup
      • #6 is libobjc
        • 46387901 46195237 finger keychain code; a few others look like 1passwd; some random Camino code
    • Load was pretty heavy on the server, but things held up better. We didn't use the dynamic feed generator since Sam was out of the office this week and couldn't be there to reboot.
    • Cleaning up stuff from the website; file bugs against Product Site if you see anything.
    • Be very careful asking people to test trunk nightlies, since they do irreversible profile damage.
  • Camino 1.6.2
    • Gecko frozen; release set for July 1
    • mento should be spinning 1.6.2 today
    • l10n just got notes Tues, so they might be a delay
    • Might be adding Spanish (Catalan) to our existing Spanish (Castilian)
  • Camino 2.0
    • Rough scoping doc at Development:Planning:Camino 2.0
    • Stuart's started triaging the 2.0 list (3 criteria: regressions, make life better now, someone working on it)
    • Need a target date for Camino 2.0a1
    • Sparkle?
    • Anti-phishing: new patch posted. Follow up bugs include adding preferences UI, using a (perhaps more generalized) notification bar after the warning page has been ignored, manually adding test URLs to the database, and others.
    • Tabsposé update
    • Tab dragging?
  • Tinderboxen
    • cb-x1 is dying (offline almost a month now) - Bug 435927
      • may be ready to re-set-up soon?
    • cb-minimaya producing "1.6-M1.8" builds (4 hr clobber, 65 min dep)
    • cb-minibinus producing "2.0-M1.9" builds (4 hr clobber, 45 min dep)
    • boxset stopped reporting to tinderbox almost 3 months ago; Sam working on new mail server - Bug 425138
    • something's wrong (with Ts) on cb-xserve01; reboot didn't help - Bug 421031
      • this happened again last week; we got it back to 421031 levels, but not pre-421031 levels
    • cb-miniosx01 has Ts disabled due to paging/low installed RAM
  • Dev docs
    • cl rev'ed CBSamplePane; can't build branch-compatible pane using trunk files, other prefs window bugs
    • Can we get a quick list of some examples in our code (mxr links) of various ways of
      • Calling private APIs
      • Writing safe code for latest-OS-only features
      Add here; we're getting more patches wanting to do these things, so even if "the" solution cannot be prescribed, examples of various situations and techniques will help
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • r queue starting to get full again; also, 2.0 lists unchanged for several weeks. cl has patches targeted at just about every reviewer and is already having "bitrot"/patch overlap problems. If you want mento, please inform him directly.
  • July meeting-runner and -logger

Specific bugs that need action


  • See 2.0a1? list
  • Cocoa widgets still pretty scary; there are a number of regressions we'll be stuck with
  • Security UI cleanup


  • More toolbar icons coming?

Other (if there's time)

  • cl's buglist
    • Bug 175748 - Need mechanism for creating new blank bookmarks
    • Bug 313079 - Control characters in bookmark titles cause strange visual effects
    • Bug 318931 - History/Bookmarks title changes but URL doesn't (maybe fixed by patch on Bug 438256?)
    • Bug 363664 - When right clicking on folder "Bookmark Info" should read "Folder Info"
  • xpfe cleanup
    • Bug 383085 has a patch to remove a number of xpfe directories
    • stefanh has a "build finishes, crashes on startup" MOZ_XUL_APP patch
      [4:16pm] stefanh: "<Standard8>stefanh, so, my guess is you need to implement something like (nsSuiteApp.cpp, application.ini, somewhere in camino"
      [4:16pm] stefanh: "stefanh, when you flip the flags, the main things that'll affect you immediately are the startup code, command line handlers and possibly alerts
      [4:16pm] stefanh: stefanh, so xpfe/components/startup/ -> toolkit/components/commandlines toolkit/components/startup etc"
      [4:17pm] stefanh: ardissone|ish: feel free to play with the code :P


Camino 2.0a1

Camino 2.0