Status Meetings:2008-09-10:Log

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[12:11pm] <cl> oh, heh.
[12:11pm] smorgan was promoted to operator by you.
[12:11pm] pinkerton was promoted to operator by you.
[12:11pm] <cl> ready to get started?
[12:12pm] <cl> ardissone isn't going to be here, so I'm running the meeting with smorgan's help
[12:12pm] <cl> everyone open your Camino 2.0pre to
[12:13pm] <cl> I don't think we're really sure what the spike in 1.6.3 crashes is about
[12:14pm] <cl> 1Password released a new beta version last week that "fixed several problems in the Camino extension"
[12:15pm] <pinkerton> heh, so now we get all new and different crashes
[12:15pm] <cl> right.
[12:15pm] <cl> (maybe that's what the spike was about...)
[12:16pm] <cl> Other than that, I don't think there's much news on the 1.6.3 front
[12:16pm] <cl> which means we can move on to 1.6.4
[12:16pm] <smorgan> Hopefully that was the "prefix category methods" release
[12:16pm] <cl> mento: I was told to be sure to ping you about making sure to pull the relnotes and bug 454087 for a minibranch
[12:17pm] <cl> Marcello needs it for l10n before the weekend if at all possible, so whenever you can spin, go for it
[12:17pm] <cl> and goes live next Tuesday.
[12:18pm] <cl> I think that pretty much covers everything on branch.
[12:18pm] <cl> Any questions/comments/etc. on the 1.6.x stuff so far?
[12:19pm] <cl> No? OK, moving on.
[12:19pm] <cl> 2.0 is progressing nicely
[12:20pm] <cl> smorgan's certificate UI stuff landed this week, IIRC
[12:20pm] <cl> so that's a big step in the right direction
[12:20pm] <cl> there's still a pretty big list in Bugzilla of bugs targeted at 2.0
[12:20pm] <cl> we're planning to re-triage once we get an alpha shipped
[12:21pm] <cl> I took a quick look through it last night and don't think there's a whole lot on there that I can personally tackle, or else I would.
[12:21pm] <cl> but there is a fair bit still assigned to "nobody", so if anyone is looking for a project
[12:21pm] <>
cl invited murph into the channel.
[12:22pm] <cl> (sorry, murph, thought you were already here)
[12:22pm] <cl> Haven't heard from Jeff on the tab-dragging
[12:23pm] <cl> Ideally murph will show up in a minute or two here and we can talk about what he's working on...
[12:24pm] <cl> In the absence of murph, though, moving on to Tabsposé
[12:24pm] <cl> smorgan has a patch that helps a lot
[12:24pm] <cl> we're not sure what else might be done there to help more, but the patch is definitely a good start
[12:25pm] <cl> (bug 390406 in case anyone's wondering)
[12:26pm] <cl> I have no idea about the tinderboxen
[12:26pm] <cl> so we're going to skip that unless isaac has any updates for us
[12:26pm] <cl> I've started working on CBSamplePane yet again (I got distracted by that, which is why I started the meeting so late)
[12:27pm] <cl> smorgan: I think your dummy ivar idea will probably work, just need to test it
[12:27pm] <cl> weekly bugs and queues update...
[12:28pm] <cl> we've been very busy in the last week 
[12:28pm] <cl> I cancelled a bunch of review requests on obsolete patches and untargeted review requests this morning, so the r queue is looking rather more manageable
[12:28pm] <cl> a lot of what's in there now is mento
[12:29pm] <cl> peeja has one from that AppleScript dragging bug Smokey fixed yesterday
[12:29pm] <cl> and isaac has a couple site bugs
[12:29pm] <cl> the sr queue is all pinkerton
[12:29pm] <cl> including a major one, the tab-chain patch from murph
[12:31pm] <cl> Anyone have any questions/comments on any of the 2.0 stuff?
[12:33pm] <cl> Moving on to specific bugs
[12:34pm] <cl> I don't really have much to say about anything on that list
[12:34pm] <cl> although hendy put a patch in my queue recently that I think does need a bit of discussion
[12:34pm] <cl> bug 370331
[12:35pm] <smorgan> seems reasonable
[12:36pm] <cl> do we worry about data: URIs there too, or not bother?
[12:36pm] <cl> since data: URIs can operate both in page context and their own context
[12:37pm] <smorgan> I'm not concerned about data:
[12:37pm] <cl> k
[12:40pm] <cl> Other than that, I got nothin.
[12:41pm] <cl> mento: i'll be around in channel most of the afternoon if you have any questions about what to minibranch, and I think smokey will be back later
[12:41pm] <cl> pinkerton: I'll leave you alone so you can work on that sr queue 
[12:41pm] <cl> isaac: if you get around to the site bugs soon-ish, great 
[12:42pm] <cl> everyone else: great job this week with all the bug-fixing, and keep it going!
[12:44pm] smorgan left the chat room.
[12:45pm] <pinkerton> heh
[12:45pm] <pinkerton> ok
[12:45pm] pinkerton left the chat room.