Status Meetings:2008-10-01:Log

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12:53 <@ss> Well, let's get started and move fast.
12:54 <@ss> Camino 1.6.4 was released last week. The web site held up fine, surprisingly.
12:54 <@ss> Talkback right now is in my hands and it's currently broken. There's a server issue that causes individual 
            Mac reports to not appear in topcrash reports.
12:54 <@ss> Not sure why, but I'm working on it for everyone (Camino, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.)
12:54 <@ss> If you see any website changes that need to be made, please file bugs.
12:55 <@ss> Beyond that, there's not much yet for Camino 1.6.5
12:55 <@ss> That should be around November 12, unless Core has to push a firedrill sooner.
12:55 <@ss> 2.0a1
12:56 <@ss> We're frozen for 2.0a1. It's ready to go, just needs to get built and the website updated.
12:56 <@ss> Oh, and relnotes
12:56 <@ss> Still working on anti-phishing issues with Google, but it's not looking good.
12:56 <@ss> Tabspose!
12:56 <@ss> smorgan, I guess? Any update you want to give there?
12:57 <@smorgan> I didn't know I was working on it
12:57 <@ss> Heh
12:57 <@smorgan> My understanding is that jeff was going to do some of the enhancement stuff
12:57 <@ss> I just noticed you fixed a few bugs, so I figured I'd ask. :)
12:57 ss invited jeff into the channel.
12:57 <@ss> (Forgot to invite jeff.)
12:58 <@ss> If he comes along, we'll go back and ask him.
12:58 <@smorgan> If we don't have drag-and-drop rearrange filed, we should, btw
12:58 <@smorgan> I can't remember if we filed it, or just talked about it in channel one day
12:58 <@ss> I don't recall either, but I'll see that it gets filed.
12:58 <@ss> Tab d&d
12:58 <@ss> murph?
13:01 <@ss> We'll come back to that then. :)
13:01 <@ss> hendy: Want to run us through full screen?
13:01 <@hendy> well, i gave an overview last meeting; not much has changed
13:01 <@murph> ss: I do have some updates on tab dnd then...I'll wait on hendy :)
13:02 <@ss> Alright. We just need to look at some UI ideas, right?
13:02 <@smorgan> I'm not wild about the idea of two different full screen modes
13:02 <@ss> But sadly, pink's not around yet.
13:02 <@hendy> i have changed it to a single full screen mode, with a hidden pref to keep chrome
13:03 <@hendy> default is no chrome, with a bezel w/ back, forward, tabspose, and exit full screen
13:03 <@smorgan> I'm not 100% clear on what full-screen with chrome buys people
13:03 <@smorgan> Just no menu bar and title bar?
13:03 <@hendy> total immersion
13:03 <@smorgan> That's a mental state, not a UI difference ;)
13:04 <@smorgan> What would look different as compared to hiding the dock and full-screening the window?
13:04 <@hendy> roughly 44 pixels at the top
13:05 <@hendy> other than that, not much
13:05 <@smorgan> And is supporting the hidden pref more or less than 44 lines of code ;)
13:06 <@hendy> it's one or two if blocks
13:06 <@hendy> plus a line in
13:07 <@smorgan> Well, we'll look at the code and see what pink things
13:07 <@smorgan> thinks
13:08 <@smorgan> I'm all for presentation mode though
13:08 <@ss> Ditto. :)
13:08 <@hendy> i still have a bit to do on it, and haven't had much time for it lately, but will have a patch as soon 
               as i can
13:09 <@ss> Alright, let's go back around to tab dnd.
13:09 <@ss> murph?
13:09 <@murph> the dragging is definitely a reality, it fully works right now, I just have to add in some more polish, 
               like animating the sliding tabs and ensuring the button dividers are drawn properly
13:10 <@ss> Any guess on an ETA?
13:10 <@murph> I think i can have a patch by Friday
13:10 <@ss> Awesome!
13:10 <@ss> I look forward to trying it. :)
13:11 <@ss> Beyond that, if anyone has specific icon work they want for 2.0, let me know. I have a few more icons to 
            land from our designer, but we'll be losing access to Hicks soon.
13:11 <@murph> oh yeah, I look forward to it being in our product!
13:11 <@smorgan> tabspose icno?
13:11 <@ss> Yeah, I have that on my list.
13:11 <@ss> And zoom in/out
13:12 <@ss> Tinderboxen!
13:12 <@ss> They all suck.
13:13 <@ss> Deatils on the wiki. :)
13:14 <@ss> Regarding CBSamplePane, work is progressing
13:14 <@ss> And cl just needs to address a couple review comments.
13:15 <@ss> We can skip specific bugs today since we're running a bit late.
13:15 <@ss> Does anyone have anything else?
13:16 <@ss> Alright, well thanks everyone. Mind your review and superreview queues and let's get 2.0a1 out the door. :)