Status Meetings:2008-10-08:Log

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[12:00pm] ss:  /wakeup ardissone
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[12:04pm] ardissone: :P
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[12:05pm] pinkerton: sr queue at 0
[12:05pm] ardissone|foraging: :)
[12:06pm] ardissone|foraging: did someone already invite jeff?
[12:06pm] ss: No, I missed him in the list. 
[12:06pm] ss: Just did though
[12:06pm] ardissone|foraging: k
[12:06pm] ardissone|foraging: no mento yet
[12:06pm] ardissone|foraging: but let's attempt to beging
[12:07pm] ardissone|foraging: eveyrone please open your camino to
[12:07pm] ardissone|foraging: wherein you'll find today's fun
[12:07pm] ardissone|foraging: 1.6.4 seems like it's doing well, other than that Core crasher
[12:08pm] ardissone|foraging: where MoCo apparently landed a bug with known regressions on the branch and forgot to land the regression fixes 
[12:08pm] ardissone|foraging: byeond that, talkback is broken, so it's ahrd to tell too much without more digging than i'm up for atm
[12:09pm] ardissone|foraging: nothing really new on 1.6.5, other than Sam told us last week when the Gecko release was scheduled, but I forgot to move it over
[12:10pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone anything else on 1.6.x?
[12:11pm] ardissone|foraging: on to the 2.0 train, then
[12:11pm] ardissone|foraging: we found one minor bug during the freeze, which we took
[12:12pm] ardissone|foraging: we started picking up Gecko landings in the last few days
[12:12pm] ardissone|foraging: which is good because we got a bug we needed landed, and bad because there are now Gecko changes that haven't had much testing
[12:13pm] ardissone|foraging: other than that, we're waiting on mento to find the final bugs in the relnotes and do spinning of a1
[12:14pm] ardissone|foraging: anything else on a1?
[12:14pm] ss: Ship it!
[12:14pm] ardissone|foraging: ok, 2.0 work items
[12:15pm] ardissone|foraging: murph's been working on dragging and has his first patch in
[12:16pm] ardissone|foraging: it seems to work pretty well
[12:16pm] murph:
[12:17pm] ardissone|foraging: what did we decide about background dragging?
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[12:18pm] smorgan: We've always thought it should be possible, but it's not critical
[12:18pm] ardissone: ok
[12:18pm] ardissone: suspects it will be gruber's new complaint 
[12:18pm] ardissone: if we don't have it ready
[12:18pm] smorgan: skipping it for now reduces complexity so we can get the main feature in
[12:19pm] ardissone: mhm
[12:19pm] pinkerton: yeah
[12:19pm] ardissone: so smorgan will take first stab at the patch
[12:20pm] smorgan: besides, gruber is too busy hating on Apple to care about us 
[12:20pm] ardissone: hehe
[12:21pm] ardissone: murph: while that's in review, you'll look at some of the other bugs?
[12:21pm] pinkerton: he's probably too busy watching the stock market 
[12:22pm] murph: ardissone: yes, definitely, the key loop ones and the appearance pref pane issue what you had in mind?
[12:22pm] ardissone: yeah
[12:22pm] ardissone: no sign of idea about his progress, if any, this week
[12:23pm] ardissone: hopes he's at least making sure to attend class 
[12:23pm] ardissone: hendy said the other day he'll be away/busy for the next fortnight
[12:24pm] ardissone: so not expecting any fullscreen update for a bit
[12:24pm] ardissone: ss is back in charge of our icon work
[12:25pm] ss: On my todo list for the week!
[12:25pm] ardissone: so he'll make it happen or pink will dispatch smorgan in a bread truck
[12:25pm] ardissone: anything else on 2.0?
[12:26pm] pinkerton: i hear new jersey is nice this time of year, down by the docks.
[12:26pm] ss: Heh
[12:26pm] cl: There's a nice Italian cobbler who'll make you some custom shoes to wear for that walk on the docks, too.
[12:27pm] ardissone: cb-xserve01 has had another near-death incident
[12:28pm] ardissone: where Ts went through the roof across board
[12:28pm] ardissone: it's probably good for another couple months or so before it dies again
[12:29pm] ss: Which likely points to a disk problem, fwiw.
[12:29pm] ardissone: though diskutil claims it's fine
[12:29pm] ss: Yeah
[12:29pm] ardissone: stupid lying software
[12:30pm] smorgan: Have you tried rebuilding the desktop?
[12:30pm] ardissone: 
[12:30pm] pinkerton: maybe repair premissions
[12:31pm] ardissone: one tiny permissions issue with /tmp, did nothing
[12:31pm] pinkerton: for the record, i was kidding 
[12:31pm] cl: zap the PRAM!
[12:32pm] ss: The entire OS was reinstalled from scratch once.
[12:32pm] ss: And it worked fine, for a time.
[12:32pm] ss: Now it's starting to have the same issue.
[12:32pm] pinkerton: nice.
[12:32pm] ss: When it broken down the last time, they tried all debugging steps.
[12:33pm] ss: And called Apple for support, but since all diagnostic checks said it was fine, there was nothing they could do but reinstall.
[12:33pm] ss: Which, again, seemed to work.
[12:33pm] ss: So, not sure what to do but have them get it replaced. We'll see what happens if/when it finally dies.
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[12:34pm] ardissone: in the meantime, the PPC minis are working again
[12:34pm] ardissone: and just running Ts
[12:34pm] ardissone: we'll try to keep them running so we'll be ready when the big boy goes down
[12:35pm] ardissone: anyway
[12:36pm] ardissone: we had a slow week that looked even slower because of the freeze (nothing landing), but we should have a bunch of stuff to land when we open
[12:37pm] ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
[12:42pm] ardissone: ok then
[12:42pm] ardissone: everyone fix bugs and review patches, and have a good week!