Status Meetings:2008-11-12:Log

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[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: ok, everyone open your 2.0a1 or newer to
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: still hard to tell anything re:crashes from a1
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: aside from that 10.4 crash
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: incidentally, we now know the underlying apple "bug" wasn't fixed until after 10.5.0b5 
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: because someone thought it would be cool to run that seed
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: and file talkback reports 
[12:22pm] ardissone|foraging: as has been usual, talkback died on me before I could do any looking into the 1.6.4 crashes
[12:22pm] ardissone|foraging: on the 1.6.5 front
[12:22pm] ardissone|foraging: mento is going to spin this afternoon 
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: gecko/fx are releasing today
[12:23pm] mento: ardissone|foraging: just let me know what rev/tag to use for gecko and confirm that we're using _1_8_BR in mozilla/camino
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: about half of the relnotes are ready, but hopefully we can release on Tues
[12:24pm] ardissone|foraging: yes
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: looks like FIREFOX_2_0_0_18_RELEASE should be the tag
[12:26pm] ardissone|foraging: is not sure about the _build1 tag is, tho
[12:27pm] ardissone|foraging: the next Gecko from 1.8.1 is set for 16 December, and will probably be the effective EOL of that branch
[12:28pm] ardissone|foraging: it'll live on for thunderbird, but i don't have confidence that security bugs in code not used by thunderbird will be fixed; the message was very mixed last i heard
[12:29pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone have anything else on 1.6.x?
[12:31pm] ardissone|foraging: ok
[12:31pm] ardissone|foraging: on to 2.0n
[12:32pm] ardissone|foraging: i made a half-pass through the list last night
[12:33pm] ardissone|foraging: and picked up some more l10n-impact bugs for b1?
[12:33pm] ardissone|foraging: it also strikes me that we have a nice chunk of bugs on that list that are "we can improve the UE here, if stuart has the time" bugs
[12:34pm] ardissone|foraging: since he'd gone through the list moving things out recently, I left all of them
[12:35pm] smorgan: I'll try to start working on things again, I've just been pretty busy
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: but i don't know how reasonable they might be for b1 (since most have impact)
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: ok
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: i also want to start here with Tabsposé
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: we have about 13 open bugs on it
[12:36pm] ardissone|foraging: and we need to figure out what we need fixed/want fixed/don't care about for 2.0
[12:37pm] ardissone|foraging: (I shared my search, but if we'd prefer a meta-bug on the feature, I can make one)
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: murph left us a dragging tabs update in the channel
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: [11:58am] murph: A few things ended up keeping me busy last week, so I didn't get much time, but I'm going to work hard to get the next version in by the end of this week
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: [11:58am] murph: all I really have left is a few quirks with background tabs closing during the drag.  No more exceptions or anything, but I want to make the behavior a bit more elegant.
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: [12:00pm] murph: so I'll keep working on it and do all I can to get it landed 
[12:39pm] ardissone|foraging: we may want to poke him about the perfect being the enemy of the good on closing bg tabs during a drag 
[12:40pm] ardissone|foraging: dunno how ugly the current state is
[12:40pm] cl: I still haven't heard back from batwood other than the first e-mail
[12:41pm] cl: so I'll ping him again right now before I forget for another week
[12:41pm] ardissone|foraging: go poke him again
[12:41pm] ardissone|foraging: yeah
[12:41pm] ardissone|foraging: on the security exceptions UI, we have at least one bug that needs fixed (UI for seeing/removing exceptions) for 2.0
[12:41pm] ardissone|foraging: hendy: did i see that middle-click got its first-ever r+ ?
[12:42pm] smorgan: ardissone|foraging: I'll try to get to that this weekend
[12:42pm] hendy: yep  
[12:42pm] ardissone|foraging:
[12:42pm] ardissone|foraging: hendy: it handles all the dependent/related bugs, too?
[12:43pm] hendy: not the middle click on menu item one, no
[12:43pm] cl: any idea why not?
[12:45pm] hendy: middle click on an NSMenuItem is different that mouse tracking on our BookmarkButton
[12:45pm] ardissone|foraging: we actually have a bug about the main menu on that now
[12:45pm] ardissone|foraging: so we should re-arrange the deps
[12:46pm] hendy: i think once there is a fix for middle click within an NSMenu, all those bugs will be fixed
[12:47pm] ardissone|foraging: ss: are you here at the moment to comment on icons?
[12:47pm] ardissone|foraging: or are you stuck in gecko release h*ll
[12:48pm] ardissone|foraging: on the Gecko strings, we're pretty close on .properties files
[12:48pm] ardissone|foraging: i just need to rework the patch to do what stuart meant
[12:48pm] ardissone|foraging: on the dtd front
[12:49pm] ardissone|foraging: the thing that axel mentioned is only in toolkit's chrome
[12:49pm] ardissone|foraging: there is some sort of OverrideJar thing in our chrome, but i couldn't deduce how it was invoked or how it might work
[12:50pm] ardissone|foraging: and now my weekly weep for breakpad ;)
[12:51pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone else have anything 2.0-related?
[12:53pm] ardissone|foraging: ok
[12:53pm] ardissone|foraging: we have two un-targeted reviews in the r? queue
[12:53pm] ardissone|foraging: so if you're looking for something, go r them ;)
[12:55pm] ardissone|foraging: otherwise, we seem to be doing OK fixing bugs, though if we fixed more 2.0-targeted ones, it would be cool ;)
[12:55pm] ardissone|foraging: 2.0b1 is still set for "after dragging and after that Core 10.4 crash is fixed on the branch"
[12:56pm] ardissone|foraging: s/the branch/1.9.0/
[12:56pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone have anything else?
[12:58pm] ardissone|foraging: ok then
[12:59pm] ardissone|foraging: everyone go fix bugs and review patches, and have a good week! :D
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