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Wed 18 Feb 9am PST (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 2.0b2
  • Camino 1.6.6
    • Released eleven weeks ago
    • Couple of reports of software update failing on install and leaving unusable binary
    • Talkback is broken; waiting on MoCo, w/no ETA (all 1.6.6 crashes — ??? already)
      • Hard to tell much without topcrashers, and "all crashes" times out at 2086
    • Need to be more diligent about asking about IMs up-front: "I have problem x" "Do you have any input managers installed (e.g., 1Password)?" (We'll have to specifically mention 1Password, since people mostly don't know how it's implemented)
    • Be very careful asking people to test trunk nightlies, since they do irreversible profile damage.
  • Camino 1.6.7
    • Tb-focused release coming mid-March 17-18; NSS upgrade last Fri
    • We didn't declare 1.6.6 EOL (no stable release yet); will we declare 1.6.7 or do one last release after 2.0?
    • OpenSearch parsing on 10.3 fix landed - Bug 469236
    • 1Password-related crash affects 1.6.x and 2.0nx - Bug 471681
    • We have a number of general crash bugs that we now have patches for/leads on fixing, so we'd like to take those on 1.6.x as well.
  • Camino 2.0
    • Rough scoping doc at Development:Planning:Camino 2.0
      • Need to retriage 2.0 list (and blocking? list) again soon
      • Anything with l10n impact should be nominated for b3 and add l10n to the whiteboard
      • Still a number of serious bugs in Widget:Cocoa needing Core investigation or fixes - Bug 458205; smorgan shaking some trees
        • still waiting on verification that Bug 471948 (appshell crash-on-quit) was fixed by Steven's patch few weeks ago
        • Key handling order changed right after b2 to let Camino menus have first crack; we need to make sure there are no unexpected regressions
    • Anti-phishing - Bug 476543 Ts regression all over (10% on minus); lots of follow-ups
    • Keyboard loop - Fixed a dozen old bugs, spawned about half-dozen new ones; possibly a new crasher - Bug 470159
    • Security exceptions - at least one follow-up needed for 2.0, but Core code is broken
    • Tabsposé - NSControl, need to decide on what must be fixed for 2.0 (focus loss on close, keyboard access? WF the single-tab bug?)
    • Tab dragging - scroll dragging, perf patch?
    • Icon work for 2.0 - Sam promised updates months ago
    • breakpad - smorgan writing the reporter client
    • Gecko strings l10n - no .dtd solution yet; .properties landed (some don't work; see User:Sardisson/Localizing Gecko Strings)
    • UTF-8 - hendy working on bookmarks manager, then autocompletion typing
    • Flashblock CM -
    • CBSamplePane - awaiting reviews (needs reviewer)
  • Tinderboxen
    • boxset - missing from tinderbox yet again Bug 479999
      • currently tracking Tp regression due to NSPR upgrade Bug 465212 - need ss did a backout for wtc, confirmed the cause, but the new code is correct, so regression will probably stay; new test to try for bz
      • had a 2+% Ts regression while it was down while Sam was in Thailand
    • What should we do with cb-minimaya01? Needs HD repair
    • cb-x1 starting to die again Bug 458217
      • kernel panic Valentine's weekend[1]
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Still not much progress over the past few weeks; reviews piling up from patch progress

Specific bugs that need action


  • See 2.0b3? list
  • Still a number of regressions we'll be stuck with


Other (if there's time)

  • 10.5 Visual UX
  • xpfe cleanup
    • see older Agendas if you're interested


Camino 2.0b3

  • l10n (10) [+1 since last week]

Camino 2.0