Status Meetings:2009-05-06:Log

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[04:03am] ss: Morning everyone
[04:03am] ss: Should I wait on smorgan?
[04:03am] smorgan joined the chat room.
[04:03am] ss: (yes)
[04:05am] ss: Anyone else I should wait on?
[04:06am] ss: Let's say no and begin.
[04:06am] ss: Happy Wednesday, everyone.
[04:06am] ss: Please open the agenda:
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[04:07am] ss: Starting through the agenda, Camino 2.0b2 has seen some crashes (surprise!)
[04:07am] ss: Smokey broke them out from Talkback yesterday
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[04:07am] ss: Feel free to take a look at those and investigate as needed.
[04:08am] ss: Camino 1.6.7 has Talkback too, but no need to break those out.
[04:08am] ss: There's no schedule yet for Camino 1.6.8, but probably in early-mid June, when the next 1.8.1.x release happens.
[04:08am] ss: Moving on to Summer of Code...
[04:09am] ss: smorgan: Is our SoC student on IRC yet?
[04:09am] smorgan: Not that I know of
[04:09am] ss: Or do we have to wait until a bit later when school's over
[04:09am] smorgan: I'll ping him again soon and see what his schedule is like
[04:09am] ss: Alright, will be a nice addition to see him around.
[04:09am] ss: I figure he's still in school though, so not surprising.
[04:10am] ss: On to Camino 2!
[04:10am] ss: In order...
[04:10am] ss: murph: Any update on the antiphishing fixes/work you're doing?
[04:11am] murph: Well first I'm just finished hendy's review, so I'll get that posted today
[04:11am] ss: Ah, cool
[04:11am] murph: As for my own fixes, I'm going to get them refreshed definitely real soon...
[04:12am] ss: Great
[04:12am] murph: I had some health stuff keep me busy for a little bit here, but I'll get caught up as fast as I can
[04:12am] ss: Hopefully not swine-related health stuff.
[04:14am] murph: hehehe, not that thank goodness :), Lyme Disease is what it looks like as a matter of fact... Trying to get it under control!
[04:14am] ss: Ah
[04:14am] ss: Well, I hope that gets better.
[04:15am] murph: but yeah I definitely want to get the rest of the safe browsing follow ups moving...
[04:15am] ss: Cool
[04:15am] ss: Anything on tab dragging while you're in the spotlight?
[04:16am] murph: Hmm, well lets see, the performance enhancement patch is waiting on SR, that's the only real big news with dragging right this moment
[04:16am] ss: Ah, right, great
[04:16am] murph: I do still have to check if that patch fixes some bugs we've noticed
[04:16am] murph: I made a note now to make sure I check that
[04:17am] ss: Sounds good
[04:17am] ss: Let's move on to Breakpad since jeff isn't here to report on Tabspose
[04:17am] ss: smorgan: How's that going?
[04:17am] smorgan: Smokey and I have been beating things into submission
[04:17am] smorgan: We now have symbolication with links to mxr happening for our own code
[04:18am] smorgan: I'm still messing with core libraries
[04:18am] smorgan: I'll start looking at URLs soon, although that's not a blocker for anything
[04:19am] ss: Yeah, just a nice-to-have.
[04:19am] ss: Great progress though. I'm still surprised it was "so easy".
[04:19am] smorgan: No word on the doesn't-always-launch thing yet
[04:19am] ss: Even though there's a bunch of headaches along the way, was pretty quick, from what I can tell.
[04:19am] smorgan: Yeah
[04:19am] smorgan: Overall we're in reasonable shape right now
[04:20am] smorgan: I'd be willing to live with minimal core symbols, although that's obviously not ideal
[04:20am] smorgan: And the cert exception stuff will be done once pink sr's it
[04:21am] ss: Heh, cool
[04:21am] ss: pinkerton has an SR queue to look at
[04:21am] smorgan: I think we are at the brink of "triage aggresively and lock it down" for b3
[04:22am] smorgan: Safe browsing is most of the UI that's left
[04:22am] ss: I'd like to have safebrowsing turned on for b3, fwiw.
[04:22am] ss: Not sure if that'll be possible (need to talk to Google), but we at least have a few bugs that need to get fixed before that.
[04:22am] smorgan: I thought we were go for shipping?
[04:23am] smorgan: (safe browsing, that is)
[04:23am] pinkerton: yeah yeah. been busy
[04:23am] ss: I think there's some bugs they require. I'll have to read through my emails again.
[04:23am] smorgan: Yeah, we certainly need a bit more UI for b3
[04:24am] ss: Something about certain wording that needs to be in the UI.
[04:24am] ss: Also we aren't "on" yet.
[04:24am] smorgan: I meant lock down in the sense of "we will fix these things and that's it"
[04:24am] ss: Right now you have to change the URL to a Firefox one for it to work.
[04:24am] ss: But I'll figure all that out.
[04:24am] smorgan: We've been slushy about b3 while big-ticket items (e.g., breakpad) were on an unknown schedule
[04:24am] ss: Yeah
[04:25am] ss: In any case, that's most everything on the list.
[04:25am] ss: Does anyone else have something regarding Camino 2 before I move on?
[04:26am] ss: Alright then
[04:27am] ss: It's not on the agenda, but I'd like to bring up the Camino meet-up
[04:27am] ss: For the last two years, we've had one right after WWDC
[04:27am] ss: pinkerton: What say you about having another one this year?
[04:27am] ss: And, who's planning on being in town for WWDC?
[04:28am] pinkerton: i won't be around before/after
[04:29am] pinkerton: i'll just be in town the week of
[04:29am] pinkerton:                        
[04:29am] ss: Just the weekdays?
[04:29am] ss: That's a shame.
[04:29am] pinkerton: yeah, fly in sunday, fly out saturday
[04:29am] pinkerton: that whole having a family thing....
[04:29am] ss: Yeah
[04:30am] ss: Is it worth trying to meet up for a couple hours / beers one night?
[04:30am] ss: For those that are in town anyway
[04:31am] ss: Or is WWDC too crazy anyway?
[04:32am] pinkerton: sure
[04:32am] ss: Let's play it by ear and decide on a day later (as we know more what the WWDC nightlife will be like).
[04:33am] ss: Anyone have anything else they'd like to bring up at this meeting?
[04:33am] smorgan: Is boxset ever coming back?
[04:33am] ss: Well, maybe
[04:33am] ss: I haven't figured out what's going on with the mail stuff.
[04:34am] smorgan: Or at least its failure logs for the patch we had to back out?
[04:34am] ss: It's still reporting perf stuff though, no?
[04:34am] ss: Yeah, I need to coordinate a time with sauron for him to re-check that in.
[04:34am] hendy: i would appreciate those logs
[04:34am] ss: Because it doesn't save logs
[04:34am] smorgan: ah
[04:34am] ss: Or, it saves like the last 2 or something
[04:35am] ss: When he gets back, we'll get it done.
[04:36am] ss: Anything else?
[04:37am] ss: Alright. Thanks for coming guys. See you back in #camino.
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