Status Meetings:2009-05-20:Agenda

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Wed 20 May 9am PDT (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 2.0b2
  • Camino 1.6.7
    • Released seven weeks ago
    • Talkback is broken; (all 1.6.7 crashes — times out at 2020 [in zTxet, so close if not the end], ~ +250 [less])
  • Camino 1.6.8
    • Next Gecko 1.8.1.x release set for early-mid June
    • Nothing major yet; a few fixed bugs, as usual
    • Second null cookies work-around already landed
  • Summer of Code 2009
  • WWDC/Gathering
  • Camino 2.0
    • Rough scoping doc at Development:Planning:Camino 2.0
      • Need to retriage 2.0 list (and blocking? list) again soon
    • Added a new beta to ship end-of-month with usable Breakpad, 'Allow Flash' and any small/safe bugs ready by then
    • Anti-phishing - lots of follow-ups
    • Keyboard loop - spawned about half-dozen new bugs; possibly a new crasher - Bug 470159
    • Security exceptions - blocker is in; some "polish" bugs left as nice-to-haves
    • Tabsposé -
    • Tab dragging - waiting on patch for checkin; 10.4 bugs?
    • breakpad - Bug 489123 for follow-ups
      • Topcrasher report is broken on crash-stats, too :P
      • 3 crashes with fully-symbolized builds; Bug 493905 and ardissone's test crash
    • UTF-8 - patch blocking rest of the work now up for sr
    • Flashblock CM - boxset experiencing ICE compiling; Xcode reinstall killed boxset
    • Downloading - need new nib+patch for Bug 407883
    • Zoom - menu changes waiting on r; new bug about scaling threshold
    • Gecko strings l10n - no .dtd solution yet; .properties landed (some don't work; see User:Sardisson/Localizing Gecko Strings)
    • Icon work for 2.0 - Sam promised updates months ago
    • CBSamplePane - awaiting reviews
  • Tinderboxen
    • boxset
      • now failing to compile BWC at all; need mento for a path forward
      • missing from tinderbox yet again Bug 479999
      • currently tracking Tp regression due to NSPR upgrade Bug 465212 - need ss did a backout for wtc, confirmed the cause, but the new code is correct, so regression will probably stay; new test to try for bz
    • What should we do with cb-minimaya01? Needs HD repair
    • cb-miniosx01 has Ts disabled due to paging/low installed RAM
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Flurry of Breakpad and downloads bugs landed last week, but slow movement elsewhere compounded by the boxset situation; r queue slow
    • Code for dotMac sync showed up; some large known issues

Specific bugs that need action


  • See 2.0b3? list
  • Still a number of regressions we'll be stuck with


Other (if there's time)

  • 10.5 Visual UX
  • xpfe cleanup
    • see older Agendas if you're interested


Camino 2.0b3

Camino 2.0b4

  • Blocking ? (14) [-2 since last week]
  • Blocking + (1) [-1 since last week] (but this is misleading since enabling safebrowsing is blocked on finishing it)
  • Blocking - (1) [+1 since last week]
  • l10n (15) [-1 since last week]

Camino 2.0