Status Meetings:2009-09-16:Log

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[12:11pm] ardissone|foraging: well
[12:11pm] ardissone|foraging: smorgan: are we expecting pink?
[12:12pm] smorgan: checking...
[12:17pm] ardissone|foraging: um?
[12:17pm] smorgan: no pink
[12:17pm] ardissone|foraging: ok
[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: everyone (all 2 of you  ) please open your 2.0b4rc1 or newer to
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: there's nothing particularly new and exciting about the b3 crashes, other than the JEP now accounts for almost half of them (and growing)
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging:
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: looking forward to not seeing that 
[12:19pm] smorgan: If only we had a fix ready to ship!
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: which segues right into b4 
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: we froze monday night
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: we built last night
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: looking to release end-of-week
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: i have to do that bit-of-web stuff that the milestone takes, and stuart has to do the signing
[12:21pm] ardissone|foraging: so far no crashes reported
[12:22pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone else have anything on b3/b4?
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: ok then
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: 1.6.9
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: Flash still the topcrasher there 
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: #2 this week is disturbing, though
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: its in ATS on 10.4.11
[12:24pm] ardissone|foraging: a variety of codepaths leading in (plugins, layout, etc)
[12:24pm] ardissone|foraging: i wonder if the recent security update might have caused it?
[12:25pm] smorgan: tries to load the reports
[12:25pm] smorgan: I'm sure going to miss this server 
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[12:25pm] ardissone: yeah, for sure 
[12:26pm] ardissone: just think, though: at one point it was faster and more useable than socorro!
[12:28pm] ardissone: also on 1.6.9/10.6, we've got a guy in the forum who looks like he's got nativescollbar crashes:
[12:28pm] smorgan: Weird
[12:29pm] ardissone: which one? 
[12:29pm] smorgan: Just Camino, not other apps?
[12:29pm] ardissone: i assume so
[12:30pm] ardissone: no haxies, it appears
[12:31pm] smorgan: I'm not really sure how to debug that, since it doesn't involve our code as far as I can tell
[12:31pm] smorgan: And we don't do anything wacky with scrollbars
[12:31pm] ardissone: yeah
[12:31pm] ardissone: objc[188]: FREED(id): message setDoubleValue: sent to freed object=0x164b0ca0
[12:31pm] ardissone: hrm, both crashes he posted are still 10.6, too; at very least, he should try 10.6.1
[12:32pm] ardissone: i'll poke him further
[12:32pm] smorgan: I wonder if it's a specific page
[12:32pm] smorgan: Scrollbar in the page getting ripped out at an inopportune moment
[12:32pm] smorgan: Maybe also just try b4
[12:32pm] ardissone: dunno; he just mentioned "crashing more than usual"
[12:33pm] ardissone: yeah
[12:33pm] ardissone: have you found anything interesting in the ATS reports? 
[12:33pm] smorgan: Oh hey, now it loads
[12:33pm] ardissone: haha
[12:35pm] smorgan: I wonder if this is the same person
[12:35pm] smorgan: Lots of low since-last-crash numbers
[12:35pm] ardissone: mm
[12:35pm] ardissone: was awful crashy for him/her then 
[12:36pm] smorgan: Bad font, potentially
[12:37pm] ardissone: ok then
[12:37pm] ardissone: 1.6.10
[12:38pm] ardissone: we're just waiting on kill-java, as long as nothing else surfaces
[12:38pm] ardissone: anyone have anything else on 1.6.x?
[12:40pm] ardissone: ok, backstretch-to-2.0 roundup
[12:40pm] ardissone: murph: have you done any poking on forcing the tooltip to display on 10.5 and up?
[12:41pm] murph: Unfortunately I haven't been able to experiment a great deal with that yet, but I will see if I can determine a way
[12:42pm] ardissone: it's a lower priority than, say, guessing good zoom increments or helping finish up tabsposé
[12:42pm] murph: ok, I will put those higher on the list for sure then
[12:43pm] ardissone: we might have to send you up to Boston to pry that NSControl patch off of jeff's HD 
[12:44pm] murph: hehe well I will be up there staying with him next month for an iPhone conference 
[12:44pm] ardissone: that's probably too late 
[12:44pm] ardissone: no one's mentioned anything in the forum about the new zoom increment so far, which i find odd
[12:46pm] ardissone: smorgan: what's the latest on the key blackhole stuff?
[12:47pm] smorgan: I suggested a couple small changes to josh, but haven't heard anything since. I'll try to get a patch made this weekend if josh doesn't
[12:47pm] smorgan: Then I'll rework our delete and esc code
[12:47pm] ardissone: you have the Camino changes written?
[12:47pm] smorgan: Not yet
[12:47pm] ardissone: ah, ok
[12:49pm] ardissone: getting breakpad to offer to resend a report that failed (e.g., on next launch, like Talkback) would have to be done upstream, no?
[12:50pm] smorgan: Probably, yeah
[12:50pm] ardissone: k
[12:51pm] ardissone: i think that and console scraping are the only things on the breakpad list it would be nice to have
[12:51pm] smorgan: It would also need more UI/stings
[12:51pm] ardissone: but neither of them are critical
[12:51pm] smorgan: strings, even
[12:51pm] ardissone: mmm
[12:51pm] ardissone: yes, indeed
[12:52pm] ardissone: sparkle: will 1.5 ever go final?  if so, will we take it, or stick with our current rev?
[12:52pm] ardissone: (strings permitting)
[12:52pm] smorgan: Dunno if it'll go final, but I'll continue to watch and evaluate changes
[12:52pm] ardissone: k
[12:53pm] ardissone: fun fonts tab done; no more advanced sheet!
[12:53pm] smorgan: We could cherry-pick if necessary, but I'm hoping we won't
[12:53pm] ardissone: k
[12:53pm] ardissone: thanks to murph and hendy and smorgan for all the code that enabled us to get rid of it!
[12:54pm] ardissone: i already mentioned we checked in a small change to zoom to get feedback on it from b4
[12:54pm] ardissone: Gecko strings: heroic debugging by smorgan got us NSS strings!
[12:55pm] ardissone: which is good, because we were using two stringbundles in our own Cocoa UI code 
[12:55pm] ardissone: so that's all done for 2.0
[12:55pm] ardissone: we're missing two minor properties files, and of course DTDs, but 2.0 will be 100x better for l10n than anything ever before 
[12:56pm] ardissone: hopefully we'll see some feedback (or maybe lack of feedback will continue) from 10.4 folks on the new tab bar
[12:56pm] ardissone: hoping it looks OK
[12:57pm] ardissone: On the 2.0 front, we have 10 bugs currently targeted at 2.0, 2 blocking; and also 10 bugs nominated
[12:57pm] ardissone: that's where we need to focus our efforts, obviously ;)
[12:58pm] ardissone: whittle those lists down with fixes and minuses where appropriate
[12:58pm] ardissone: that's not counting Esc and delete, though
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[12:59pm] ardissone: since we've been pessimistic on them for 6mos now and don't want to raise a riot of bugpeople :P
[12:59pm] ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0?
[1:01pm] ardissone: how about on anything else?
[1:02pm] ardissone: ok then
[1:03pm] ardissone: everyone have a good week and work on those 2.0 bugs/patches :D