Status Meetings:2009-11-11:Log

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[12:10pm] ardissone|foraging: smorgan: fearless leader, or no?
[12:11pm] smorgan: checking
[12:11pm] smorgan: y
[12:11pm] ardissone|foraging: k
[12:14pm] ardissone|foraging: godot
[12:16pm] ardissone|foraging: well, let's start anyway
[12:16pm] ardissone|foraging: everyone open in your 2.0rc or later
[12:17pm] ardissone|foraging: oh, he's in the other place
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[12:17pm] pinkerton: oh right, gotta click the button
[12:17pm] ardissone|foraging: heh
[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: to recap, everyone open in your 2.0rc or later
[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: On the Camino 2 front
[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: we did push to swupdate 2 weeks ago, but we only got about 5 days of update
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: a few people have apparently noticed update is broken 
[12:19pm] pinkerton: yes, people have started to whine about it on feedback as well
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: heh
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging: whining+duplicate bugs = lovely
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: the news is we are still waiting on the correct whois info to propagate from  the registrar to the registry
[12:21pm] ardissone|foraging: at which point sam will be allowed to get a cert
[12:21pm] ardissone|foraging: however, i have no hope of it happening any time soon
[12:22pm] ardissone|foraging: we have a good l10n build ready to go whenever we're good to go
[12:22pm] smorgan: Any chance we'll pick up a missing language?
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: everything on the website is done except for the sam parts
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: possibly
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: depending on how the Norwegian review goes
[12:23pm] cl: r-: spelled "norwagian" for some inexplicable reason
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: if the Polish guy's Mac comes back from the shop, there's an outside chance of getting it, too
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: on the crashes front, Apple giveth, Apple taketh away
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: 10.6.2 seems to fix the open/save crashes, but it made the MacOSFontEntry::GetFontID crashes much, much more common
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: and they're startup crashes 
[12:26pm] smorgan: Do we know if it's recoverable (i.e., font cache problems)?
[12:26pm] ardissone|foraging: it seems related to bad and/or duplicate fonts
[12:27pm] ardissone|foraging: so we can fix individual people, but then they cannot reproduce again to figure out what's wrong and fix Gecko
[12:27pm] ardissone|foraging:
[12:29pm] smorgan: If re-adding doesn't repro, maybe it is font cache
[12:30pm] ardissone|foraging: but by next week it should overtake Flash as our top crash 
[12:31pm] ardissone|foraging: and then Google Desktop should overtake the open/save crash 
[12:32pm] ardissone|foraging: excuse me, then nsNativeThemeCocoa::DrawPushButton crash that GD tickles
[12:33pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone have anything else on 2.0rc?
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: on 2.0.1, we have a bunch of noms
[12:36pm] ardissone|foraging: i assume the chatter in #camino was about the Widget patch
[12:37pm] ardissone|foraging: we also have the 10.6 Help search field as a "big" item
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: and i think we're going to have to bail on fixing cert and netError pages
[12:38pm] ardissone|foraging: unless someone has a great idea
[12:39pm] ardissone|foraging: well, i take that back; we could fork the file, tweak the layout, and add new strings via a .dtd
[12:39pm] ardissone|foraging: but we can't localize it
[12:40pm] ardissone|foraging: which sucks, because half-and-half now looks worse than all-English before, imo
[12:41pm] ardissone|foraging: anything else on 2.0.1?
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[12:42pm] ardissone: on the 1.6.10 front, crashes came back up this week; still below average, but more in line with 1.6.10 overall
[12:42pm] ardissone: nothing interesting at all 
[12:43pm] ardissone: for 1.6.11 we've got some stuff landed, plus 2 items to possibly fix, crash-on-form-submit and the 10.6 Help search field
[12:43pm] ardissone: anything else on 1.6.x?
[12:45pm] ardissone: on the 2.1 front, i added a few things to the prospective list based on patches i know are floating around
[12:46pm] hendy: is there a url for that query?
[12:46pm] ardissone: ?
[12:46pm] hendy: 2.1 bugs
[12:46pm] ardissone:
[12:47pm] ardissone: There is a query for things that already have a 2.1 target, at the top of the page
[12:47pm] hendy: cook
[12:47pm] hendy: *cool
[12:47pm] ardissone: thought that was a kiwi slag for a second 
[12:47pm] ardissone: *slang
[12:48pm] hendy: hah
[12:48pm] ardissone: nothing major there yet
[12:48pm] ardissone: hendy: want to report on what's cooking in your pot?
[12:48pm] hendy: k
[12:49pm] hendy: about:config context menu patch is ready to post for r?
[12:49pm] hendy: places for history looks promising; just need that jar stuff sorted
[12:50pm] ardissone: which i hopefully will get to tonight
[12:50pm] hendy: cool
[12:50pm] hendy: i want to get some sort of unit testing stuff into the project before going further with utf-8
[12:50pm] hendy: so i can play around with escaping
[12:50pm] ardissone: yay!
[12:51pm] hendy: have a list of unescaped urls and their corresponding escaped versions
[12:51pm] ardissone: maybe you should vote for that bug instead of ilya ;)
[12:51pm] hendy: then i can run a test that asserts they are escaped properly
[12:51pm] hendy: my previous testing method involved Get Info in the BM manager
[12:52pm] hendy: which sucked
[12:52pm] hendy: so those will be my main foci, unless someone has more suggestions
[12:52pm] ardissone: sounds good to me :)
[12:54pm] ardissone: anyone else have anything else to report?
[12:56pm] ardissone: ok then
[12:56pm] ardissone: nothing much happened in the past week in terms of countable bugs and reviews
[12:56pm] ardissone: which is ok after the big push to release
[12:57pm] ardissone: hopefully everyone is getting well-rested for the kick-start of 2.1 :)
[12:58pm] ardissone: so everyone have a good week (except sam), and work on those 2.0.1-related bugs and such ;)
[1:02pm] ardissone: thinks he put everyone to sleep today :(