Status Meetings:2010-01-06:Log

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[12:16pm] ardissone|foraging: happy new year everyone 
[12:16pm] pinkerton: yay!
[12:18pm] ardissone|foraging: where the first camino press of the new year was a 2-yr old review of a camino version two major versions old 
[12:19pm] ardissone|foraging:
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: on the 2.0.1 front, the only new thing is the obj_msgSend | Foundation@0x50ebf  crash
[12:20pm] ardissone|foraging: that's unsymbolized -[NSException raise] on some 10.4.11
[12:21pm] ardissone|foraging: i didn't feel like manually resymbolizing all of them to figure out what the exceptions were 
[12:23pm] ardissone|foraging: would kinda be useful for those if we had  Bug 488618 -  Have breakpad scrape the Console for relevant log entries, but only if the exception cause were fixable 
[12:24pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone have anything else on 2.0.1?
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: sam fixed a bunch of website stuff over the break
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: well, fixed some things and resolved old bugs that the redesign fixed/obsoleted
[12:25pm] ardissone|foraging: do file bugs if you notice anything
[12:26pm] ardissone|foraging: nothing new on 1.6.10; crashes in talkback are starting to age out
[12:26pm] ardissone|foraging: on 1.6.11, everything's landed except the cert text color stuff and ad-blocking
[12:26pm] ardissone|foraging: still not sure when the next 1.8.1 is coming
[12:27pm] pinkerton: runs to microwave food
[12:28pm] ardissone|foraging: on the 2.0.2 front
[12:29pm] ardissone|foraging: there's a gecko release tomorrow(?) that has 2 bugs
[12:29pm] ardissone|foraging: something for their updater, and some sort of NTLM regression
[12:30pm] ardissone|foraging: we don't care about any of those 
[12:30pm] ardissone|foraging: so the next Gecko release is set for 16 Feb (freeze 19 Jan)
[12:31pm] ardissone|foraging: it would be lovely if we could get the nsNativeThemeCocoa crashes solved, but I don't have much hope of that 
[12:32pm] ardissone|foraging: anyone have anything else on 2.0.x?
[12:34pm] ardissone|foraging: on 2.1, we need to have little meet-up style online meeting to hammer things into shape
[12:35pm] ardissone|foraging: assuming anyone else shows up on irc :P
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[12:35pm] pinkerton: heh
[12:35pm] ardissone: seen a few complaints on twitter about Dan's unwanted window-showing bug
[12:36pm] smorgan: Make a mailing list, put everyone on it, and send out a suggested time?
[12:36pm] smorgan: (or just mass-email manually)
[12:36pm] ardissone: yeah, looks like that's what it comes to :)
[12:37pm] ardissone: anything else about 2.1 right now?
[12:38pm] ardissone: we fixed 11 bugs since the last meeting; 8 of them were website and 1 was 2010
[12:38pm] ardissone: sr queue has goodies for both of you
[12:38pm] ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
[12:40pm] ardissone: ok then
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[12:41pm] ardissone: everyone have a good week!
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