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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-01-20 12:03:28 -0500

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12:03 ardissone: grr, stupid internet
12:04 ardissone: pink?
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12:07 ardissone: ok
12:07 ardissone: let's get the good times rolling :P
12:07 ardissone: everyone open in your Caminos :P
12:08 ardissone: off the top, we had a disturbingly-crashy two weeks
12:08 ardissone: um, pink?
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12:09 ardissone: there we go :)
12:10 ardissone: so, even though the increase was down, the total number is still climbing
12:11 ardissone: which is disturbing
12:11 ardissone: Flash and Flash beta are still tops
12:11 ardissone: then the stupid native theme button drawing
12:12 ardissone: then assorted unsymbolized -[NSException raise] on 10.4.11
12:13 pinkerton: in chromium we have this "hack" where we catch all exceptions at the top level and record the selector for breakpad reporting
12:13 pinkerton: would we benefit from that too?
12:14 ardissone: iirc they get logged to the console, so console scraping should also work
12:14 pinkerton: yeah, but we don't get those reported back to us
12:15 ardissone: (they used to be fatal and recorded by Gecko, but there were too many exceptions and too many crashes from not-needing-to-be-fatal exceptions :P )
12:15 ardissone: defers to smorgan
12:16 smorgan: Well, if we caught top-level then it wouldn't make things any more crashy
12:17 smorgan: The problem was that gecko was catching mid-level, and thus creating crashes out of harmless stuff
12:17 ardissone: ?
12:18 ardissone: (also, assuming these are coming from Gecko, or code called by Gecko, I'm not sure we'd be able to do anything useful once we figured out what the exceptions were)
12:18 smorgan: At least we'd know that though
12:19 ardissone: true
12:19 ardissone: if someone wants to code it up, you wouldn't see me complaining :)
12:20 ardissone: both sendEvent: crashes are rising, too
12:21 ardissone: and that keychain-code-related crash has really been jumping up
12:21 ardissone: it had made it up from neverland to #20 by the end of the year, and now it's jumped to #10
12:21 ardissone:
12:22 smorgan: I'll try to look at it again and see if inspiration strikes
12:22 ardissone: cool, thanks :)
12:24 ardissone: while i'm thinking about it, i think cl got some sort of response out of F4M on the hang, but i think it sounded about as useful/promising as the responses from Flash team :P
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12:24 ardissone: so if larger, similarly-affected browsers want to throw their weight around on that, we'd be appreciative ;)
12:25 smorgan: I've reported it to them; we'll see where things go
12:25 ardissone: k
12:25 smorgan: Just using their support channel so far though
12:25 ardissone: perhaps in 2 years there'll be a fix :P
12:26 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.1?
12:27 ardissone: Crashes continue to fall for 1.6.10, and hopefully we'll stop seeing them from people on 10.4.11 and 10.5.8 altogether :P
12:27 ardissone: 1.6.11 is still in a holding pattern pending the next 1.8.1.x release
12:28 ardissone: on 2.0.2, the big thing we're waiting on is the exceptions list formatter
12:29 ardissone: there's a Flashblock upgrade that i should get to, too, but none of the changes seemed critical
12:30 ardissone: they added support for silverlight, but we'd have to made code changes on our end to enable that
12:30 ardissone: That Gecko release is slated for 16 feb (code freeze should be soon)
12:31 ardissone: anything else for 2.0.x or 1.6.x?
12:33 ardissone: on the 2.1 front, most of the items from the planning list have been twiddled to reflect state, plus editorial comments on minuses to come ;)
12:33 ardissone: except for the rest of the autocomplete bugs
12:34 ardissone: we'll have to see what dan can get done and then see what seems nice to have
12:34 ardissone: the two issues people have complained about (slow typing and re-appearing window) are nominated for a1
12:35 ardissone: smorgan: cl would like clarification on bug
12:35 ardissone: hendy: any news from you?
12:36 hendy: progress on places migration: some
12:36 hendy: should have history back in the UI by the weekend
12:37 ardissone: :D
12:37 hendy: so that's my entire focus
12:38 hendy: then i'll help wherever i can to get 1.9.1 working
12:38 ardissone: should we pass the review against you to cl?
12:38 hendy: that would be super; cl said he was going to look at it
12:38 ardissone: ok
12:39 ardissone: while we're on that subject, actually
12:39 ardissone: smorgan/pink: want to weigh in on ilya's questions in
12:39 pinkerton: otp
12:39 ardissone: k
12:41 ardissone: i don't have anything else on 2.1; i've been mostly occupied by other stuff recently
12:42 ardissone: smorgan: there should be new stats; sam said he was going to work on them when i was leaving last night
12:43 smorgan: Sweet!
12:43 ardissone: i haven't checked yet
12:43 smorgan: ardissone: I'll make a note to look at that bug in the next few days to answer ilya
12:43 ardissone: smorgan: ty
12:43 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1?
12:43 smorgan: (Nope, no stats yet)
12:44 ardissone: heh
12:44 ardissone: liar :P
12:44 ardissone: oh well
12:45 ardissone: oh, we might have Alex back working on syncing again in a bit
12:46 ardissone: we'll see how that plays out
12:47 ardissone: queues are in pretty good shape; aside from the perennial cbsamplepane pair, r queue is privacy policy and ilya's bug
12:47 ardissone: sr queue is just cl's take-2 on changing the wording on the close warning :)
12:48 ardissone: anyone have anything else on anything?
12:50 ardissone: oh, i did have one more thing that i forgot to add to the agenda
12:51 ardissone: would it make sense to maybe once a month have the meeting in the afternoon, since that had better turnout? or move it altogether?
12:52 smorgan: I'm fine with most times, if there's something that works better for people
12:53 hendy: i know which time would work better for me ;)
12:54 smorgan: Maybe toss together a survey and send it around?
12:54 ardissone: the two things about the afternoon is that it's much later in Europe, so maybe harder for Marcello to ever show up when he wants to talk, and it'll always be pushing against 5pm here on the East coast
12:55 ardissone: neither are are terrible issue, i don't think
12:55 ardissone: unless we lose pink ;)
12:55 ardissone: but yeah, i'll bring it up on the list
12:55 ardissone: ok, anything else?
12:57 ardissone: ok then, everyone work on those 2.1/2.0.2 bugs/reviews and have a good week :D
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13:02 pinkerton: reading
13:02 ardissone: hehe
13:02 pinkerton: what was the actual question in that bug?
13:03 ardissone: some design/naming/file location questions
13:04 pinkerton: done
13:05 ardissone: ty
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