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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-01-27 02:23:19 -0500

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12:02 ardissone: smorgan: any pink today?
12:03 smorgan: checking...
12:03 ardissone: ty :)
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12:04 pinkerton: moof
12:04 ardissone: moof! :)
12:04 ardissone: ok, everyone please open in your Caminos ;)
12:04 ardissone: first item of business
12:05 ardissone: there haven't been a lot of responses
12:05 ardissone: but every one to the list or the channel has indicated that the later time would be better (or at least the same)
12:06 ardissone: so starting next month (next week, 3 Feb), we'll move to then
12:06 ardissone: i'll post to the list as well
12:06 pinkerton: sounds good
12:07 ardissone: and, actually, let's pull AppZapper up to the front, too
12:07 ardissone: we should have Sam go back to them with stuart's list, then?
12:08 pinkerton: i think so
12:08 ardissone: ok
12:08 pinkerton: stress that we're not trying to be dicks, but we have some concerns
12:08 ardissone: mhm
12:08 pinkerton: being a dick can come next.
12:08 ardissone: hehe
12:08 ardissone: ss: ^^^ action item for you
12:09 ardissone: on to 2.0.1 then
12:09 ardissone: This was our first reported decline in total crashes
12:09 ardissone: (rolling 2wk period)
12:10 ardissone: it was mostly Flash; everything else seemed to be up
12:10 pinkerton: yay?
12:10 ardissone: yeah
12:11 ardissone: not sure what to make of it
12:11 ardissone: nothing really new in the top 10, though the keychain crash that stuart speculatively patched jumped 2 spots
12:12 ardissone: so hopefully that fix will be the fix we want :)
12:12 ardissone: Armen's docshell crasher is a top 20 crash, maybe higher depending on signatures
12:13 ardissone: so it would be really useful it someone could try to do what bz suggests
12:13 ardissone:
12:14 ardissone: or tell me what needs to change, or something
12:14 ardissone: but it's easy to repro with Armen's STR, and it's not just Armen crashing (in fact, until the other night, all his reports were missing)
12:15 ardissone: the other crash that I noticed as something we could maybe do something about is not as big; it's a 10.4.11 PPC crashs
12:16 ardissone: Sparkle downloanding appcasts:
12:16 ardissone: dunno if that's anything we can fix or if it's the OS
12:16 smorgan: Ew
12:17 smorgan: Since it's a crash, not an exception, there's probably nothing we can do
12:17 ardissone: k
12:19 ardissone: like i said, it's not huge, but i noticed the sig was Cocoa instead of Gecko :P
12:19 ardissone: Stuart said the other day the adoption rate for 2.0.1 has been very good
12:20 ardissone: (at least for those on 2.0-anything)
12:20 smorgan: 90%!
12:20 pinkerton: nice.
12:20 ardissone: far better than anything we've seen for 1.6.x iirc
12:21 smorgan: Yes, although that may be an artifact of the fact that people who don't update are still on 1.6
12:21 ardissone: haha
12:22 ardissone: and we still have, what, 20%?, of eligible 2.x users still on 1.6.x?
12:22 smorgan: About that, yes
12:23 ardissone: we talked about serving them a daily update suggestion
12:23 smorgan: Which put together gives us about the same, or maybe a bit lower, "latest version" adoption than we had with 1.6
12:25 ardissone: we're in the run-up to 2.0.2 now (gecko release set for 16 feb), so i'd like not to be doing too much messing with updates between now and them, but i think after 2.0.2 we could definitely try the daily prompting
12:26 smorgan: Although I realized later that there's no bump from 2.01, from what I can tell
12:26 ardissone: ?
12:26 smorgan: So prompting may not actually do anything for stragglers
12:27 smorgan: There wasn't a shift in 1.6/2.0 ratio when 2.0.1 came out
12:27 ardissone: ah
12:27 smorgan: The curves haven't flattened, so maybe we should just keep being patient
12:28 ardissone: well, if it's easy enough, we can still try for a bit after 2.0.2, or in March or something
12:28 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.1?
12:28 smorgan: We could try something fun once, just to see if it works
12:28 ardissone: mhm
12:28 smorgan: It's HTML, so we could use bit fonts, color, etc
12:28 ardissone: haha
12:28 smorgan: "Wait! Don't touch that button!"
12:29 smorgan: "Now how much would you pay?"
12:29 ardissone: "Did you know that 20% of Camino users don't have the latest and greatest Camino? Find out how you can fix that today!"
12:30 ardissone: on the 1.6.x front, crashes there continue to decline :)
12:30 pinkerton: yay!
12:30 ardissone: Flash Player all by itself now makes up 42% of 1.6.10 crashes
12:31 ardissone: predicting 50% before 1.6.x is EOLed :P
12:31 smorgan: Presumably the Flash version average is getting lower on 1.6
12:32 ardissone: presumably; one person did mention they had just updated to the latest in their crash comment :P
12:32 ardissone: oh, that's the other thing I meant to say up top
12:33 ardissone: the #2 and #3 individual Flash Player crashes for 2.0.1 are old and ancient Flash versions
12:33 ardissone: a 10.0 that's a few revs out of date
12:33 ardissone: and a 9.0 that's what shipped with 10.4 or something
12:34 ardissone: not quite that old, but I had to go back pretty far to find it
12:34 ardissone: so i'd really like to see us get Flash checking on start/welcome before 2.0.2
12:34 pinkerton: yeah, seems like a reasonable idea
12:35 smorgan: What's the blocker there?
12:35 ardissone: Someone doing it
12:35 ardissone: Sam having too many Mai-Tais on the beach?
12:36 smorgan: Can we just redirect to the Mozilla page or something?
12:36 ardissone: We could add a link
12:37 ardissone: but that's not as effective as having it actually on the page
12:37 smorgan: Yeah
12:37 ardissone: and the MoCo pages are explicitly very fx-centric
12:38 ardissone: so it's not the best experience when we get there
12:38 smorgan: I was thinking backup plan
12:38 ardissone: yeah, better than nothing, I guess
12:39 ardissone: ok
12:39 ardissone: where were we?
12:39 ardissone: 1.6.11?
12:40 ardissone: everything that's ours that's currently desired and patched has landed
12:40 ardissone: i did the last two ? last night
12:40 ardissone: There's been some movement on the Gecko front (minusing bugs), but there's still no date set
12:41 ardissone: anything esle on 1.6.x?
12:42 ardissone: on 2.0.2, we're basically waiting on a new patch from cl for the Flash exceptions list appearing broken bug
12:43 ardissone: i've got a trivial url-fix patch in pink's sr queue (which is mostly awesome dan 2.1 stuff)
12:43 ardissone: like i mentioned topside, be very good if we could get a C++ person to check bz's suggestion on the docshell crash
12:44 smorgan: I'll try to look soon
12:44 ardissone: ty :)
12:44 ardissone: I'll try to get to the Flashblock upgrade and try my last netError hack this week
12:44 ardissone: or this weekend, baring more floods and other not-fun
12:45 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
12:45 pinkerton: k i'll check my sr q
12:45 ardissone: :)
12:45 ardissone: on to 2.1
12:46 ardissone: dan's made some great progress in the last week or so
12:46 pinkerton: nice.
12:46 ardissone: the two most visible bugs have patches (one in pink's sr queue already)
12:46 ardissone: plus he's got a few others with patches
12:47 ardissone: there's a regression with the location sheet
12:47 ardissone: it no longer shows autocomplete
12:47 ardissone: dan suggested we drop the location/search sheets entirely and adopt the Safari model
12:47 ardissone: of showing the toolbar and hiding on return-press
12:48 ardissone: is there any objection to doing that?
12:48 ardissone: (granted we don't have any hidden-toolbar users among the dev team :P )
12:49 smorgan: WFM
12:50 smorgan: And anyone who has removed the widget gets what they deserve
12:50 ardissone: heh
12:51 ardissone: pinkerton: you're not a closeted no-toolbar browser, right? ;)
12:51 pinkerton: heh no
12:52 pinkerton: i wouldn't be adverse to that, as long as it animated :D
12:52 ardissone: something other than the standard toolbar show/hide animation?
12:52 ardissone: or just that
12:53 ardissone: hands the floor to hendy for exciting history updates all in one place
12:53 pinkerton: standard is fine
12:54 ardissone: k
12:54 hendy: i got the History menu working yesterday
12:54 ardissone: :D
12:54 hendy: next up is making a new history observer
12:55 pinkerton: yay!!!!!!
12:55 hendy: then the rest will be tidying up the code and making sure everything still works
12:55 pinkerton: awesomeness
12:55 ardissone: any estimate on ETA of a reviewable patch?
12:55 hendy: so maybe by the weekend i should have something
12:55 ardissone: :)
12:56 hendy: the momentum is building
12:56 ardissone: :)
12:56 ardissone: bye-bye mork!
12:56 pinkerton: :D
12:57 ardissone: ilya: any updates from you? you've got the one patch awaiting review, i think
12:59 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1?
13:00 ardissone: ok then
13:00 ardissone: anything else on anything else?
13:01 ardissone: alrighty!
13:01 pinkerton: it's tablet-o'click
13:01 pinkerton: er o-clock
13:01 ardissone: everyone have a good week, work on those 2.0.2/2.1 patches/reviews, and see you next week at a later time
13:01 ardissone: :)
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