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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-03-03 14:50:23 -0500

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16:03 ardissone: smorgan: any pink today?
16:04 smorgan: yes
16:04 ardissone: ok
16:04 ardissone: brb
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16:05 pinkerton: i've gotta talk to ben about a few things, so i'm here but on the phone
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16:11 ardissone: heh
16:11 ardissone: ok
16:12 ardissone: everyone open in your Camino 2.0.2 or newer ;)
16:12 ardissone: we released 2.0.2 a week ago yesterday
16:12 ardissone: crashes went up, as expected
16:13 ardissone: i think i've finally gotten a straight answer about the funky % question
16:14 ardissone: so the 1353 crashes in the report are 75.54% of all 2.0.2 crashes
16:15 ardissone: Flash still #1
16:15 ardissone: then the docshell crash, whose patch has now landed everywhere
16:15 ardissone: then nativeThemeCocoa
16:15 ardissone: etc.
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16:16 ardissone: the other sad news is that smorgan's patch for didn't fix it :(
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16:16 ardissone: (that's the keychainbrowserlistener one)
16:17 ardissone: so i've reopened the bug
16:17 ardissone: but unless we get some more info, i'm not sure what we can do :(
16:19 ardissone: there's a new-to-top-10 crash involving IME
16:19 ardissone: nsQueryContentEventHandler::GenerateFlatTextContent
16:20 ardissone: happens sometimes on startup :P and sometime in usage
16:21 smorgan: More font fun?
16:21 ardissone: didn't think so
16:22 ardissone: i seem to have another character that needs to be encoded in that link :/
16:23 ardissone: oh, probably &
16:24 ardissone: yep
16:25 ardissone: (reload)
16:25 ardissone:
16:25 ardissone: nothing font-looking
16:26 ardissone: there's only one comment, so nothing very helpful in that
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16:27 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.2?
16:29 ardissone: on the 1.6.x front, nothing new on the 1.6.10 crashes; Flash still only 46% :P
16:30 ardissone: 1.6.11 is suddenly rolling; MoCo has Tb builds already :P
16:31 ardissone: there's one outstanding ad-blocking fix we probably want to take, even though it just landed (it fixes missing posts on vBulletin installs with an ad plug-in)
16:31 ardissone: probably also minibranch an error page fix
16:32 ardissone: last i heard is the Tb release is set for next Fri
16:32 ardissone: so we'll try to be ready then, too, and EOL 1.6.x!
16:32 ardissone: anything else on 1.6.x ?
16:34 ardissone: ok
16:34 smorgan: I deleted my 1.6 tree; it felt nice
16:34 ardissone: :)
16:35 ardissone: i'll be glad to gain back that 4 GB, since i have too many new trees :P
16:35 ardissone: on 2.0.3, we're tracking three bugs of interest besides the other crashes
16:36 ardissone: the Armen/docshell crash, which has now landeed
16:36 ardissone: cl's Flash exceptions list fix
16:36 ardissone: and the Fun Flash Window bug
16:37 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.3?
16:38 ardissone: on to 2.1
16:38 ardissone: the big news is kreeger spent his morning finishing the deMorkification review
16:39 ardissone: so aside from some Gecko style questions, I believe we're ready to make progress there again :)
16:40 ardissone: i haven't made any more progress on repo or automation
16:40 ardissone: or poking dan
16:40 smorgan: He said something on a bug though
16:40 ardissone: he did?
16:40 smorgan: So he hasn't forgotten about us :)
16:41 smorgan: Yes, bug 548476
16:41 ardissone: must be losing more of my mind than i thought :(
16:41 smorgan: The "why is this autocomplete window still here" bug
16:41 ardissone: oh, awesome :)
16:42 ardissone: ok
16:43 ardissone: anyway, getting no-Mork and the perf patch ready/landed will open up a lot more things
16:44 ardissone: pinkerton: you do have 1 patch in your sr queue right now
16:44 ardissone: (for a feature that works on 1.9.0 but which Gecko broke on 1.9.2, but still :P )
16:44 pinkerton: ok
16:45 ardissone: one new 1.9.2-related bug this week; Services are flaky on 10.6 using Core Services code :P
16:45 ardissone: pinkerton: :)
16:46 pinkerton: i'll look in a bit
16:46 ardissone: :)
16:46 ardissone: i think most of hendy's 1.9.2 patches still need to be r?
16:47 ardissone: once we get a test repo that Core people can pull from, i'll get philippe to start filing all the focus bugs
16:48 ardissone: and i'll be able to start untangling my build-related patches
16:48 hendy: do we need to get the repo up and running before the reviews begin?
16:49 ardissone: on the Camino patches, probably not
16:49 hendy: k
16:49 » cl is now known as cl|out.
16:50 ardissone: as a reminder, 1.9.2-related Camino bugs get the "1.9.2 branch" version
16:50 ardissone: and generally you can see the overall picture at
16:50 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1/1.9.2?
16:50 hendy: there are a few code changes that i'll need to file bugs for
16:50 ardissone: yeah
16:51 ardissone: focus, saving history...
16:51 ardissone: misspelled ;)
16:52 ardissone: Summer of Code: organizations must apply between March 8 and 12
16:53 ardissone: Student application period begins 29 Mar, ends 9 Apr
16:54 ardissone: so next week or so we should have pink and smorgan look at the scratchpad ;)
16:54 ardissone: and figure out if they can mentor
16:54 ardissone: but for once, we're ahead of the curve :)
16:55 ardissone: has the other vetted ideas from last year and a meaty (but fairly Gecko-y) scratchpad
16:57 ardissone: anything else on SoC?
16:58 ardissone: As you might have expected, we didn't win any contests; K-Meleon (latest release based on Gecko 1.8.1 :P ) took Independent Browser; Firefox took Mac browser :p
16:58 ardissone: (By way of comparison, Opera won best major browser adn best mobile browser :P ) ;)
16:59 ardissone: ss: poke poke poke sharp stick sharp stick
16:59 ardissone: AppZapper?
17:01 ardissone: it's been a slow couple of weeks between release stuff and otherwise being blocked on history stuff; hopefully we can start moving a bit in the next week
17:01 ardissone: We do need to take a sweep through UNCOs and do some CLOSEME stuff
17:02 ardissone: cl|out: ^^^
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17:02 ardissone: those have been creeping up while our attention has been elsewhere
17:02 ardissone: anyone have anything else on anything else today?
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17:05 ardissone: ok then
17:06 ardissone: everyone have a good week, work on your 2.0.x/2.1/1.9.2 bugs and reviews :)