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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-03-17 15:43:07 -0400

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16:02 ardissone: lag +++ :P
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16:03 ardissone: ok, everyone please open in your Camino 2.0.2 or newer
16:04 ardissone: first up, we released Cm1.6.11 on Monday and EOLed the 1.6.x series :D
16:05 ardissone: so far it seems to be doing well, with flash being 50% fo the crashes :P\
16:05 ardissone: i'll keep an eye on the crashes for a little while to make sure there's nothing obvious, and then let it go off into the sunset
16:06 ardissone: on the 2.0.2 crashes front
16:06 ardissone: the sendEvent crashes are making a surge
16:06 ardissone: :(
16:07 ardissone: nothing we can really do about them until we have an idea what they are and how to trigger them :(
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16:08 ardissone: anyone have anything else about 2.0.2?
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16:10 ardissone: ok, 2.0.3
16:10 ardissone: same outstanding issues there: flashblock exceptions list needs new patch from cl
16:11 ardissone: still waiting on someone to implement !clone so smorgan has time to have a day job, write features, sr patches, *and* investigate the nasty Flash-hiding bug on 10.6
16:12 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.3?
16:13 ardissone: ok, moving on to the exciting stuff :P
16:13 ardissone: if you've been under a rock or under snow or under rain or something
16:14 ardissone: we are Morkless!
16:14 Wevah: huzzah
16:14 ardissone: hendy's history patch went in over the weekend
16:15 ardissone: there's a 1-3% Ts hit
16:15 ardissone: and a 0.6% codesize increase
16:16 ardissone: hendy, smorgan: is the consensus on the Ts that there's nothing we can do to control the startup hit?
16:16 pinkerton: :(
16:16 smorgan: I don't know, I haven't profiled
16:16 smorgan: If hendy's core->objc loading code is currently run at startup, then there is something we can do
16:17 smorgan: (assuming that takes significant time, which I assume it does)
16:17 hendy: it's not run at startup, afaict
16:17 smorgan: Ah, bummer :(
16:18 ardissone: should we open a placeholder bug for having some profile that, or no?
16:19 smorgan: May as well I guess
16:19 ardissone: ok
16:19 smorgan: Worst case we'll profile startup and find nothing we can do differently
16:20 smorgan: Getting a current breakdown for how much time we spend on what during startup would be nice regardless of history changes :)
16:20 ardissone: :)
16:20 ardissone: ok
16:21 ardissone: on the 1.9.2 front, almost all of hendy's and my patches have been up for sr
16:21 ardissone: (except the Downloads ones, iirc)
16:22 ardissone: landed a bunch of them in the test repo
16:22 ardissone: kreeger's great Gecko macros are not so great about not lying to us, though ;)
16:22 ardissone: so hendy's got to redo the null checks
16:23 hendy: smorgan: i was thinking for my revised patches to just replace most of the NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS calls with NS_ENSURE_TRUE for pointers I will dereference. No sense in having both macros for the same object, right?
16:23 ardissone: (i think i've got that correct?)
16:24 smorgan: hendy: The advantage to having the rv check is that we would get more specific failure information
16:24 smorgan: hendy: I'm not sold on that really mattering that much, but kreeger seemed to think it's worth it
16:25 smorgan: hendy: if you do keep both, put the rv check first
16:25 hendy: k
16:26 ardissone: we're basically one patch away from having Camino buildable from the test repo (the Focus changes)
16:26 hendy: i'll respin that patch today
16:26 ardissone: going to try and land the core packaging patch today, insha'allah
16:27 smorgan: do we know how much work buildbots will be?
16:27 ardissone: (or insha'ashshajra, perhaps)
16:27 ardissone: no
16:27 ardissone: but i have madhatter that's mostly workable
16:28 ardissone: i have no clue where to begin with buildbot and completely redoing our infra from 0
16:29 ardissone: but i'm going to try and test-deploy madhatter on cb-x4 this week
16:30 ardissone: and keep filing Core bugs on broken things
16:31 ardissone: and follow up on the rest of the items in the to do section of my 1.9.x list
16:31 ardissone: once we're buildable from the test repo, i'll have philippe file the focus bugs and cc smaug and enn
16:32 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 1.9.2 or 2.1 right now?
16:34 ardissone: Ok
16:35 ardissone: pink went through the SoC list since last meeting :) and promoted some projects
16:35 ardissone: the big thing he skipped was checking out the Core draggable tabs patch to see if the api is embedding-friendly or not
16:35 pinkerton: i left a couple behind cuz i wasn't sure if we really wanted them, or that they'd be enough work
16:36 ardissone: i think the list looks good :)
16:36 ardissone:
16:36 ardissone: it's a bit beefier than last year's list
16:37 ardissone: i've forgotten my calendar, but I think student applications begin next week?
16:39 ardissone: tomorrow the approved orgs are announced
16:39 ardissone: monday-after-next student apps begin
16:40 ardissone: we'll still need to sort out the mentoring situation, though
16:41 ardissone: anything else on SoC now?
16:42 ardissone: ok
16:42 ardissone: ss: are you here?
16:42 ardissone: Generally, we've had a busy week, with lots of 1.9.2 patches generated and 12+ bugs landed in either cvs or the test repo :)
16:43 ardissone: smorgan's done a bajillion reviews, i think
16:44 ardissone: question: if pink sr+ the spotlight importer, would we want to try and take that in 2.0.x, since that's a "regression" thanks to Apple?
16:45 smorgan: I'd be okay with that. Even if it turns out to have problems, it'll be better that what we have now
16:45 ardissone: ok, that's sort-of where I was, too
16:46 pinkerton: k
16:46 ardissone: cl wanted some approval of the approach i outlined in bug 550816 comment 2 before he reviewed my patch
16:46 ardissone:
16:47 ardissone: which is basically "change the label name" and "bail if we find a places file"
16:47 smorgan: What does the user see if we bail?
16:47 ardissone: no Firefox option in the import pop-up
16:48 smorgan: Then I'm for it
16:48 ardissone: ok :)
16:48 ardissone: anyone have any other bugs or items?
16:50 ardissone: ok then
16:51 ardissone: we've had a productive week, so everyone enjoy themselves in moderation tonight, work on those 2.1 bugs and reviews, and have a good week :D