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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-03-31 15:19:32 -0400

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16:00 ardissone: heh
16:01 ardissone: brb
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16:06 smorgan: I have to run at 1:30 unfortunately
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16:07 ardissone: smorgan: pink today?
16:07 smorgan: Nope, I haven't seen him
16:07 ardissone: k
16:07 ardissone: well, let's try to get to the important bits before 1:30
16:08 ardissone:
16:08 ardissone: nothing really new on the 2.0.2 crashes front
16:08 ardissone: nothing really interesting on 1.6.11 crashes
16:09 ardissone: 2.0.3
16:09 ardissone: the Gecko release was yesterday
16:09 ardissone: in terms of where we are:
16:09 ardissone: hendy was working on fixing cl's flashblock exceptions patch; how's that coming?
16:10 hendy: no movement on that since we decided on a strategy
16:10 hendy: i won't have a chance to work on it until next week
16:10 ardissone: ok :(
16:10 ardissone: smorgan: any idea about the Ts hit from the new spotlight importer?
16:11 smorgan: I didn't know we had one
16:11 ardissone: oh
16:11 ardissone: it was right before the bustage comments
16:12 ardissone:
16:12 smorgan: Sorry, I'm behind on bugmail
16:12 ardissone: k
16:13 smorgan: I'm surprised there's a Ts hit; I guess file a bug and I'll try to profile it when I can
16:13 ardissone: k
16:13 ardissone: can we move that creation to later?
16:14 smorgan: Probably; I'd have to think about bookmark edits
16:14 ardissone: k
16:14 ardissone: I'll file
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16:15 ardissone: on the behind-on-bugmail subject, I think we should take mstange's patch for for 2.0.3, too
16:15 ardissone: he seems to indicate our current code is just wrong, and the patch fixes the issue that I can repro on 10.5
16:16 ardissone: on the JEP issue, I'm now leaning towards not minibranching it, since it's user-installable
16:16 smorgan: waits for bugzila
16:16 ardissone: anyone hitting the bugs it fixes can do that, at least for now
16:16 ardissone: heh
16:17 ardissone: I may have a different opinion for when we get there
16:17 smorgan: I'll look at 1.9.0 too when I review the print settings patch
16:17 ardissone: k
16:18 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.3?
16:18 ardissone: I had hoped to be code-complete this weekend, but given the situation with the Flashblock patch, that's not going to happen
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16:19 ardissone: On to 2.1
16:19 ardissone: Did no one get my email monday night, or was it just that boring that no-one replied?
16:20 smorgan: I meant to email back and say "w00t!" but I haven't yet
16:20 ardissone: ok
16:20 smorgan: It's still sitting in my inbox for that purpose :)
16:20 ardissone: :)
16:21 ardissone: if anyone has any opinions on the real repo situation, please do reply
16:21 ardissone: (or yell if you didn't get the mail :P )
16:21 ardissone: on the good news-bad news front
16:21 ardissone: Core packaging patch is in
16:22 ardissone: madhatter can build a clobber build
16:22 ardissone: bug
16:22 ardissone: er
16:22 ardissone: freudian slip :P
16:22 ardissone: tests fail due to a very nasty issue in bug
16:23 ardissone: something is very broken with xpconnect registration/init when we're launched via the binary itself
16:23 ardissone: i really don't know where to go from there
16:23 smorgan: Can you put a build somewhere to play with?
16:24 ardissone: what sort of build?
16:24 ardissone: it only happens for dist-rooted binaries
16:24 smorgan: A build with this problem?
16:24 smorgan: Ah
16:24 ardissone: so you need either a debug or opt build
16:24 ardissone: of 1.9.2
16:25 ardissone:
16:25 smorgan: should set up a tree with the new repo then
16:25 ardissone: i'll try to poke mento and see if he can offer any insight, too, since i know he's not getting the bugmail
16:26 ardissone: still waiting on josh to start reviewing the "hack to stop the previous hack from crashing Camino all the time" patch
16:26 ardissone: he said this week
16:27 ardissone: once it's been reviewed, then we're 3-6wks out for branch landing
16:28 ardissone: and once that's fixed and this xpconnect thing, then we can produce dogfoodable nightlies
16:28 ardissone: smorgan: anything you need/want to say today?
16:28 smorgan: I don't think so
16:28 ardissone: anyone have anything for smorgan?
16:29 ardissone: phiw has some new icons for you, too
16:29 smorgan: I'll lurk in channel and read scrollback after my meeting
16:29 smorgan: Yep, I'll try to look soon
16:29 ardissone: k
16:29 smorgan: And get you the 10.6.3 symbols I didn't get to yesterday
16:29 ardissone: when you get to your f-mail
16:29 ardissone: :D
16:29 ardissone: ok
16:30 ardissone: continuing on the lesser-1.9.2-stuff
16:31 ardissone: we're getting most of the patches pushed to the repo; I think the only outstanding ones are hendy's prefmgr/dlfolder ones and the new printing one from mstange
16:31 ardissone: i'll try to get back on the plist/sourcestamp stuff
16:32 ardissone: now that i'm at a wall with tbox
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16:32 ardissone: (all 3 of those patches are up for sr from pink or smorgan, so they should be close)
16:33 ardissone: anyone else have anything on 2.1?
16:34 ardissone: new build last night, if you missed it:
16:35 ardissone: on the Summer of Code front, last week we blogged
16:36 ardissone: pink tweeted, cbo tweeted, and a couple of folks retweeted
16:37 ardissone: I'll aim to do a blog post for next monday or so to keep the idea fresh
16:37 ardissone: we had one potential student show up in channel Monday night
16:38 ardissone: he figured out how to build on 10.6 :) and gave me some feedback about better integrating the 10.6 notes into the build instructions
16:38 ardissone: so i updated both the 1.9.0 and 1.9.2 pages
16:39 ardissone: so we'll hopefully fend off 10.6 initial breakages better
16:39 ardissone: the only thing that's not on the page is the mozconfig and the shlibsign hack
16:40 ardissone: (they link bakc to the bug at the appropriate point)
16:41 ardissone: anything else on SoC (or build instructions)?
16:42 ardissone: overall, we had a good week, ~10 bugs landed in cvs or the test repo
16:43 ardissone: it's just frustrating to be so close and yet so far a way from nightlies :(
16:44 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:45 ardissone: ok then
16:46 ardissone: everyone please work on 2.0.3 patches and reviews, and have a good week :)