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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-04-07 15:32:01 -0400

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16:07 ardissone: ok
16:08 ardissone: everyone please open in your Camino :P
16:09 ardissone: on the 2.0.2 front, between internet outages and other stuff, i didn't have time to get to the crash reports
16:09 ardissone: though they looked to be down slightly
16:10 ardissone: nothing interesting about 1.6.11; still need ss to sit down in one place and do stats work :P
16:11 ardissone: on the 2.0.3 front
16:11 ardissone: there's the menuspacers patch I need to land when i get a free moment
16:11 ardissone: and then there's flashblock exceptions
16:12 ardissone: hendy: no news since last night on that? ;)
16:12 hendy: nope, sorry
16:12 hendy: i may be able to find some time soon
16:13 ardissone: we should probably run the new approach by smorgan to make sure there won't be any surprises once it's written ;)
16:14 ardissone: other 2.0.x things: 10.6 flash hiding, Ts regression from spotlight, have had no movement
16:14 ardissone: anyone else have anything on 2.0.3/2.0.x?
16:15 ardissone: ok, on the 2.1 front
16:16 ardissone: kind-of an unhappy week there, too
16:17 ardissone: hendy's got his last 2 patches in pink's sr queue
16:17 pinkerton: ah ok
16:17 ardissone: mstange said he'd try and answer smorgan's questions about the printing patch today
16:18 ardissone: hendy wrote a new patch to stop the annoying autocomplete window reappearance/loading wrong pages/etc bug
16:18 ardissone: I put it in a build last night
16:19 ardissone: it looked promising in my debug build, but really needs to be run with actual history ;)
16:19 ardissone: filed the bug to get the Hg repo created
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16:19 ardissone: i suspect IT will get to it in the next few weeks-month
16:20 ardissone: to add to the insult of the tinderbox tests issue (, cb-x4 lost the ability to talk to the outside world this weekend :(
16:21 ardissone: IT will also look at that at some point :P
16:21 ardissone: so we're pretty dead-in-water for the moment
16:22 ardissone: (I did mail mento about the tests thing, but haven't heard anything from him; not sure if he got it or not)
16:23 ardissone: philippe's been making more icons; that's about it
16:24 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1 or 1.9.2?
16:26 ardissone: ok
16:26 ardissone: on the SoC front, there are ~2 days left for applications
16:27 ardissone: I put up a "reminder" post on my blog last night
16:27 ardissone: maybe can convince caminobrowser to tweet a reminder too
16:29 ardissone: on AppZapper and stats, no progress by Sam as far as I know
16:29 ardissone: we did fix one bug since the last meeting, though; better prominence for download links on relnote pages on the website
16:30 pinkerton: really tired, gonna go lie down
16:30 ardissone: k
16:30 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:31 ardissone: ok then
16:32 ardissone: everyone work on those 2.0.3/2.1a1 patches/reviews, and have a good week :)