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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-07-21 15:37:16 -0400

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16:00 ardissone: smorgan: pink?
16:00 smorgan: Checking
16:00 smorgan: I need to fix calendar
16:01 smorgan: Looks like no pink
16:01 ardissone: calendar?
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16:01 ardissone: heh
16:01 smorgan: I had a calendar entry, but I forgot to extend it
16:01 ardissone: oh
16:01 pinkerton: i have another meeting now, so i won't be paying much attention
16:01 pinkerton: that too
16:01 ardissone: k
16:01 ardissone: we'll ping you when appropriate ;)
16:02 ardissone: which reminds me, i need to check the dates in crash-stats again :(
16:03 ardissone:
16:03 ardissone: We had a bad week this week
16:03 ardissone: i think this is the highest our crash total has ever been
16:03 pinkerton: suck
16:04 ardissone: the increase over last week can almost entirely be covered by the increase in Flash crashes over last week, though :P
16:04 ardissone: gah
16:04 ardissone: i forgot to update the %s again
16:05 ardissone: we have one topcrash we can entirely eliminate, thought
16:05 ardissone: though*
16:06 ardissone: which is the 10.1 version of Flash deallocating its windows too soon
16:06 ardissone: stuart has a patch for that, in pink's queue
16:06 pinkerton: sorry i know i have stuff in my q
16:06 ardissone: :)
16:07 ardissone: other than that, nothing really new; the baffling KeychainBrowserListener crash remains high
16:07 ardissone: last week's mysterious nsSimpleGlobalHistory crash had no new incidents
16:07 ardissone: so clearly it just didn't like July 9th :P
16:08 ardissone: there is a Growl-related crash
16:08 ardissone:
16:08 ardissone: :P
16:08 ardissone: stupid socorro urls
16:09 ardissone: i guess it's probably something in the OS
16:10 ardissone: not sure if Growl is doing all it can to avoid it or not
16:10 ardissone: (seems like it's crashing trying to get our app icon)
16:11 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.3?
16:12 ardissone: ok
16:12 ardissone: as mentioned last week, we pushed an additional update prompt for 1.6.x users on 10.4+
16:13 ardissone: we'll want to get some stats and see if it helped ;)
16:13 ardissone: sam provided his stats script over the weekend
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16:13 smorgan: I updated the graphs with the data you entered, at it looks like we have ~90% compliance on 10.4/10.5 at this point
16:13 smorgan: So that's not terrible
16:13 ardissone: ?
16:14 ardissone: i entered 3 random days in January
16:14 smorgan: 90% of people on 10.4/5 are using 2.0
16:14 ardissone: oh, nice
16:14 smorgan: There was something at the end that wasn't in the graphs
16:14 smorgan: I thought you'd updated more
16:15 ardissone: no, but sam did do week-before-last
16:16 ardissone: anyway, is full of fun, but it works
16:17 ardissone: :)
16:17 ardissone: anything else on 1.6.x or stats?
16:18 ardissone: on to 2.0.4
16:18 ardissone: i posted the 90%-fix for the unescaping bug
16:19 ardissone: I also went through and requested approvals on the new JEP and the vast majority of browser-based security bugs patched since MoCo stopped landing stuff on 1.9.0
16:20 ardissone: my understanding was that dveditz was going to try to get to them this week, but maybe i misunderstood or the recent outbreaks have got him elsewhere
16:20 ardissone: hendy: any news on Flashblock whitelist? ;)
16:20 hendy: gah, no. sorry.
16:21 ardissone: smorgan: wacky metadata bug is behind the 2.1a1 autocomplete perf bug on your list, i assume?
16:21 smorgan: Yes, and I haven't had time for either since last week I'm afraid
16:22 ardissone: mm
16:22 ardissone: the likely outcome is that we'll minus Flashblock and wacky metadata
16:22 ardissone: but we'll let them float while we wait on other stuff
16:23 ardissone: I still have to get to ad-blocking :(
16:23 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.4?
16:24 ardissone: ok, on to 2.1!
16:24 ardissone: murph posted a patch for restoring swipe!
16:26 ardissone: currently it's in smorgan's r queue; we talked informally over the weekend about whether we could find someone else to do the r in order to let stuart focus what time he had on autocomplete perf
16:27 ardissone: i guess we determined that hendy could do a code review, but he can't test, so…
16:27 ardissone: i guess we could ping kreeger, too?
16:28 smorgan: I'll try to get to the review
16:28 ardissone: ok
16:28 ardissone: missing gestures are one of the most common complaints from people, so it would be good to get at least some of them back for a1
16:29 ardissone: i don't think we have any other news on 2.1/a1
16:30 ardissone: we're basically down to the autocomplete perf issue and two bugs now with patches
16:30 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:30 smorgan: Hopefully I'll have more time for autocomplete this weekend
16:31 ardissone: crosses fingers :)
16:31 ardissone: (and for pink to have time for his queue, too) :)
16:33 ardissone: in terms of "bye-the-bye", that embedding crasher on m-c looks like it finally has a patch that would stop the crash, but pretty much the entire world has broken since then, so too little, too late
16:34 ardissone: anyone have anything else on anything else today?
16:35 ardissone: ok then
16:36 ardissone: everyone have a good week, and please work on 2.0.4/2.1a1 bugs/reviews :)