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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-08-18 15:27:39 -0400

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16:02 ardissone: any pink?
16:03 smorgan: checking
16:09 ardissone: heh
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16:11 pinkerton: sorry, was in the middle of a few things
16:11 ardissone: moof! :)
16:11 ardissone: ok
16:11 ardissone:
16:11 ardissone: in terms of 2.0.3 and crashes
16:12 ardissone: the interesting bit is the surge in old-flash+chatroulette crashes
16:13 ardissone: but also now KeychainBrowserListener is the #1 single crash, and the Flash 10.1+Exposé MakeKeyWindow crash is #2
16:14 ardissone: i wish we had some way of getting more useful data on the KeychainBrowserListener crash :(
16:14 ardissone: as for 2.0.4
16:15 ardissone: getting the Gecko security patches landed in js/ has been a nightmare
16:15 ardissone: so i'm just going to tag and build tonight
16:15 ardissone: if i have permissions to land them on the minibranch, i will; if not, we'll do without
16:16 ardissone: so build this week, release early/mid next week
16:16 ardissone: marcello's on vacation until saturday, and the l10n relnote situation is unclear
16:17 ardissone: but having a build and a deadline should clear it up ;)
16:17 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:18 ardissone: from updated stats, it seems like summer is starting to wind down
16:18 ardissone: but also that old Camino versions are starting to come back into circulation :P
16:19 ardissone: (and, i presume, old Flash versions, given the chatroulette surge)
16:19 ardissone: (in 2.0.3)
16:20 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:21 ardissone: on to 2.1
16:21 ardissone: smorgan: anything to report on autocomplete?
16:21 smorgan: It's not ready yet but I had some time to work on it
16:21 ardissone: :)
16:21 smorgan: I got the history loading mostly rewritten
16:22 ardissone: yay!
16:22 smorgan: Since it was all pre-new-world-order
16:22 ardissone: mm
16:22 smorgan: Once I have it compiling against trunk I'll post a WIP, then start on my review comments
16:22 ardissone: cool
16:23 ardissone: did you see philippe and i are waiting on feedback from you for bug (certError)?
16:24 smorgan: Yes, I just haven't had time to read the whole bug yet
16:24 ardissone: k
16:25 ardissone: assuming we want the button to do back-if-possible-else-home (which I think we do), that's really the only bit of code left to write
16:25 ardissone: (where by "write" I mean "copy murph's old method and put it where it needs to be for this")
16:26 ardissone: I could also use some thoughts on bug
16:26 ardissone: which is the menu/keyboard validation follow-up to the certError bug
16:27 ardissone: doesn't have to be stuart; could be pink, too ;)
16:29 ardissone: and i guess if we want to disable building toolkit crashreporter, i know how to do that now,and it's simple enough
16:29 smorgan: Having a method for each type that has distinct behaviors seems good
16:30 ardissone: so 3 methods?
16:32 smorgan: Are there more than 2 behaviors?
16:32 ardissone: is confused
16:32 ardissone: which bug and what behavior are we talking about? ;)
16:33 smorgan: sets of things that are disabled
16:33 smorgan: e.g., view source + reload, just view-source, etc.
16:33 ardissone: ah, ok
16:33 ardissone: so one for "the same as safebrowsing" and one for "safebrowsing minus reload"
16:34 ardissone: ok
16:34 ardissone: i think i can do that :)
16:35 ardissone: anyway, that's what i've been working on aside from the 2.0.4 release stuff; I'm probably getting to the limit of _useful_ things that I can fix, but I'll keep trying
16:37 ardissone: I'll try to touch base with murph and where he is on review comments on the gestures patch
16:38 ardissone: so that hopefully once 2.0.4 is wrapped up, we'll be ready to spin 2.1a1 with autocomplete perf, certError, and some gestures :)
16:38 ardissone: that's all i have today
16:39 ardissone: anyone else have anything else?
16:39 smorgan: Not I
16:39 ardissone: pinkerton: you?
16:39 pinkerton: nope
16:39 ardissone: ok then
16:39 pinkerton: dinner, gotta jet
16:39 ardissone: have a good week!
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